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Published on May 2, 2008

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RFID Lab in CASIA Yu LIU:  RFID Lab in CASIA Yu LIU RFID Lab @ CASIA 中科院自动化所RFID研究中心 Oct. 26, 2006 Slide2:  CASIA CASIA: Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, established in 1956 The first Chinese national research institute in the field of automation, now key member institute of CAS “Knowledge Innovation Program” Premier national center of excellence in Automation and Information Technology Faculties: 350, postgraduates: 500+ Research topics: Pattern recognition, Visual information processing, Biometrics, Data mining, Robotics, High-performance IC analysis and design, RFID technology RFID Lab:  RFID Lab Established in July 2004 supported by MOST National Hi-Tech Program (“863 Plan”) Personnel: 19 faculties(3 Prof, 7 Associate Prof,), 22 postgraduates Funds: 863 Program, Enterprises Directions:  Directions Test: RFID device and environment test technologies, to build a National RFID Test Laboratory PSI: Public Services Infrastructure (PSI), to establish RFID information and service infrastructure APP: Applications in multiple levels, especially in manufacturing, supply chain and public health Test Program:  Test Program Test Procedure Test the effect factors of environments with different medium, humidity, and electromagnetic wave etc. Test the difference between HF and UHF frequency, 96 bits and 2K bytes volume, active and passive tag, and the compatibility with bar code and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) etc. Repeatable and non-relativity Test Specifications “A Test Method of Adhibiting Tag on Thing’s Surface” Static Spectrum Analyzing Test, to confirm five candidate places Dynamic Power Test, to find the best place on thing’s surface Medium Replacement Test, to suggest the casing material Test Lab:  Test Lab RFID Test Lab is aim to give end users more advanced operation process to enhance the enterprise efficiency, and recommend appropriate RFID solutions to them By the proper test approach and apparatus, it may facilitate the user to evaluate RFID investment, determine whether or not the product or system meets the enterprise’s need It brings forward a total solution of testing data capture and information process; enables different end users to change configuration in different environment; provides the third party product performance test result, application plan, and feasible test result to end users Test Environment:  Test Environment Scenarios: to simulate the real environments, we have logistics distribution center, manufactory production line and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Apparatus: signal generator, display device, real-time RF signal analyzer, thermometer, speed measurer, speed- adjustable conveyor, network analyzer etc. Static Test:  Static Test Distance Test→ ←Anti-Collision Test Conveyor based Dynamic Test:  Conveyor based Dynamic Test ↓Orientation Test Speed Test→ Anti-Collision Test --Gate Entry Control Scenario:  Anti-Collision Test --Gate Entry Control Scenario 13.56MHz Rapid passing Identification and security Read Rate Test -Traffic Scenario:  Read Rate Test -Traffic Scenario Antenna Test:  Antenna Test Analysis to the antenna structure and the environmental influence factors to the antenna performance Simulation based Solution Test:  Simulation based Solution Test Objective: simulate and evaluate RFID system solution IBM RISE system: based on Eclipse platform, the first RFID application solution design tool, good scalability, operated on WSDD(IBM WebSphere Studio Device Developer ) Challenges:spatial feature considered due to limited read range of reader and multiple readers; electromagnetic interference; multiple reader-tag protocols Key Features: modeling based on test data; 3D system platform; multiple readers collaboration support RFID PSI:  RFID PSI We firstly present “Public Services Infrastructure (PSI) ” and build a model of three-layer framework to make information stream fluent and secure To validate this Infrastructure, we designed a Blood Tracing Management System based on web service, it can share the data and cooperate with each node By information collection and retrieval, RFID system and PSI network will help blood banks track and distribute their items better than before PSI Architecture:  PSI Architecture Searching and Tracking Service:  Searching and Tracking Service Slide17:  RFID PSI Console RFID Blood Management System:  RFID Blood Management System Experimental System:  Experimental System RFID in Textile Industry :  RFID in Textile Industry Garment Manufacturing Controller RFID Tags Replace Barcodes:  RFID Tags Replace Barcodes RFID in Tobacco Industry:  RFID in Tobacco Industry Tobacco Logistics RFID in Tobacco Logistics:  RFID in Tobacco Logistics RFID Solutions:  RFID Solutions We provide several solutions to the enterprises in industry, logistics and public security, such as: Food Safety Management and Traceability With low-cost RFID tags and bar codes, sensor-integrated readers, trace information platform, and quality evaluation, it makes the dream of “from farm to fork” come true Electronic Product Lifecycle Management Add an RFID module in the design process, and use it as an inalienable part in the product manufacturing, logistics, retail, post-sale service and recycling, it can carry on a long-term track management RFID takes role in 2008 Olympic Games Use RFID electronic ticket to identify the athletes, reporters and visitors, even the vehicles Pork and beef safety traceability management in food supply chain RFID + Biometrics:  RFID + Biometrics RFID and Biometrics based Intelligent Identification Authentication Bank Terminal The RFID tag stores biometric information of card holders, double authentication ensures high reliability The information system provides customized notification and add-value services The multi-level security system realizes access control management RFID + Robotics:  RFID + Robotics CASIA has developed RFID robots, low-cost warehouse inspecting robot, robot assembly system. Accuracy: 1 millimeter Restriction by robot joints Assembly Robot Mobile Warehouse Robot Open and Cooperative:  Open and Cooperative Universities and institutes MIT Auto-ID Lab, HKUST, Hong Kong Univ., … Huazhong S&T Univ., Shanghai Jiaotong Univ., Fudan Univ., … Companies SAP, Alien, IBM, BEA, … NEC, Omron, Fujisu, … Haier, Vision, Yuanwanggu, … Media CCW, RFIDInfo, … Next:  Next National RFID Test Lab 11th National “5-Year Plan” Program Deploy RFID applications Strategic Research R-NET – China RFID Benchmarking Center Work Together, Promote RFID Together! Thanks! liuy@rfidlab.cn:  Thanks! liuy@rfidlab.cn www.RFIDlab.cn www.RFIDinfo.com.cn RFID Lab @ CASIA Oct. 26, 2006

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