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Published on July 16, 2009

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Slide 1: By Assignment (B-5) Customer Relation Management (CRM) SHIVA PRASAD Slide 2: "...the reason most of us haven't been able to run after our dreams is that we were wearing the wrong size shoes. All we have to do is discover what fits us, and chances are we'll do just fine.“ Slide 3: Introduction As a part of this project, I have selected a super market by name “Reliance Fresh” located in Hyderabad and visited on 10th January 2009. I have discussed with the Shop management and also with few customers, enquired the customers about their satisfaction with the facilities provided by the shop management. Discussed with the Shop management about the strategies followed to serve the customers in a better manner. Slide 4: Define Customer and Customer service. Describe External and Internal Customer with examples from the Project work… [P]. Customer A Customer is the most important visitor in our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outside in our business, he is part of it. We are not doing a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so. Slide 5: Define Customer and Customer service. Describe External and Internal Customer with examples from the Project work… [P]. Customer Example From my Project: The Customers to the Reliance Fresh Super market are of different kinds of people living in the nearby locality and few other small retail shop owners with whom I met during my visit to the Shop. Slide 6: Customer Service "Customer service is the ability to provide a service or product in the way that it has been promised“. "Customer service is about treating others as you would like to be treated yourself“ "Customer service is an organization's ability to supply their customers' wants and needs“ "Customer Service is a phrase that is used to describe the process of taking care of our customers in a positive manner“ Slide 7: Customer Service "Customer Service is any contact between a customer and a company, that causes a negative or positive perception by a customer“ "Customer service is a process for providing competitive advantage and adding benefits in order to maximize the total value to the customer“ "Customer Service is the commitment to providing value added services to external and internal customers, including attitude knowledge, technical support and quality of service in a timely manner“ Slide 8: Customer Service Example From my Project: Sales persons are provided in the shop to help the Customers in locating the required things with ease. Tags are provided on each item with Price details with discounts if provided. Trolleys of different sizes with wheels are provided for the customers to gather the goods. Carry bags of different size and good quality are provided to deliver the good to the Customers at free of Cost. Fast billing and delivery using modern computer applications. Slide 9: External Customer Entity who uses or is directly affected by a firm's products. The external customer is someone who signs a check, pays our employer, and ultimately makes our paycheck possible. External customers have choice, and if they don't like your product or service can take their business elsewhere. Slide 10: External Customer Example From my Project: The persons who are buying the goods from this Reliance Fresh Super market are defined as External Customers. I met few external customers with whom I discussed about the services provided in the Shop and how they are satisfied with the things and what extra facilities needs to be provided to improve their satisfaction. Slide 11: Internal Customer Internal customer can be a co-worker, another department, or a distributor who depends upon us to provide products or services which in turn are utilized to create a deliverable for the external customer. internal customers don't have a choice. ex, if the sales department doesn't like accounting's credit policies, they can't fire that department and hire another. Slide 12: Internal Customer Example From my Project: The Sales persons, Billing persons and Delivery boys forms the Internal Customers to the Shop. I discussed with all these people about their satisfaction with the facilities provided in the shop and what extra care is taken by these people in implementing the new ideas provided by the management to attract the customers. Slide 13: 2. Analyze and discuss the basic needs of a Customer and present your findings on the same from the project that you have done … [M1/M3] "Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning." Bill Gates Slide 14: Basic needs of a Customer The Customer Wants You To . . . Invite me back. . . . Listen to me. . . . Value me. . . . Greet me. . . . Help me. Common Excuses (1 of 2) For Service Lapses: : Common Excuses (1 of 2) For Service Lapses: I don't have enough time. I don't get paid to be nice. I am measured by my productivity and accuracy. How can we do a good job if the computer is always down? Every customer is totally bonkers today. My findings: Common Excuses (2 of 2) For Service Lapses: : Common Excuses (2 of 2) For Service Lapses: I can't deal with people who do not show me respect. How can we do a good job if the other experienced persons in the shop do not provide the back-up/ Help we need? I am having a bad day. People are basically stupid. I am always too busy. My findings: Slide 17: Basic Customer Needs.... My Findings I found the following things in the Reliance Fresh Super market which they have implemented in satisfying the basic customer needs… Greetings – A person is appointed at the entrance to the Super market to guide the vehicle parking of the Customers. A person is appointed at the outside of the main entrance to keep the personnel belongings of the Customers and identification tags are supplied to the Customers. A Person is appointed at the main entrance to wish the incoming Customers and helping them in finding the routes for different sections. Slide 18: Basic Customer Needs.... My Findings I found the following things in the Reliance Fresh Super market which they have implemented in satisfying the basic customer needs… Value / Respect – All the Customers are treated in the same manner even if they buy a single item or huge number of items. All the sales persons are trained in how to maintain the good customer relations, receive the Customers with SMILE and how to help the Customers in finding the things with ease. Special care is taken for the Elderly people, ladies and kids. Slide 19: Basic Customer Needs.... My Findings I found the following things in the Reliance Fresh Super market which they have implemented in satisfying the basic customer needs… HELP – In all the sections sufficient number of Sales persons are provided to help the Customers. All the items are arranged in a systematic manner in different racks with rate tags, discounts if any. Items are separately placed depending on their type like all the Cosmetic items at one place, Soaps at one place, etc. Trolleys/ bags of different sizes are provided to all the Customers to collect the items. Slide 20: Basic Customer Needs.... My Findings I found the following things in the Reliance Fresh Super market which they have implemented in satisfying the basic customer needs… Response – Good and quick feed back is provided on the problems raised by any of the Customers during their visit to the Store. Computerized billing system is provided to eliminate the common human errors and quicken the process of goods delivery. Slide 21: "It is common sense to make a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.” Franklin Delano Roosevelt Slide 22: 3. Discuss the different ways your expectations as a Customer were met/ not met during your visit to the respective outlet, focusing on Customer satisfaction. Correlate Customer expectation, customer satisfaction and further, Customer Delight in the process.. How do you think Customer perception is related to Service evaluation [M2/M3] ”Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” Greg Anderson, author Slide 23: Customer Expectations Define customer expectations at the beginning of a relationship. This process can be a challenge, and there is no guidebook to follow; you just have to try everything you can think of until something works. You can learn customer expectations by asking clients directly. You will need to help them talk openly about how they look at meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Slide 24: Customer Satisfaction Slide 25: Customer Delight Slide 26: Customer Expectations – Satisfaction - Delight Any customer expects the good quality goods in a reasonable price with quick service. The present Reliance Fresh shop which I visited is adopting the best customer service strategies to improve their sales and make good reputation in the market. They have implemented the fixing of prices for all the items on Kilo gram basis and purchased items are charged accordingly – This making the Customers to buy only the required quantity rather than purchasing in a lot. My findings Slide 27: Customer Expectations – Satisfaction - Delight The prices for all the items in this Shop are maintained at a lower price than the present outside market. The entire shop is provided with Air conditioning which making the customers cool and also the items fresh. The items are arranged in a systematic manner in different sections for easy identification by the Customers which making the Customers happy to take the required quantity in a less time. Sales persons are provided for each section to help the Customers in finding the things – This is making the Customer focus and satisfaction. My findings Slide 28: Customer Expectations – Satisfaction - Delight All items like vegetables, cloths, kitchen items, food items, etc are provided in the same Shop thereby making the Customers to get all the required goods at one place and thus saving lot of time and making the Customer happy. Delivery of goods in different size bags making the Customer delight and avoids the unnecessary tension if they forgot to bring the carry bags. Computer billing process making the quick delivery and avoid s the human mistakes in making the calculations thus making the Customers delight. My findings Slide 29: 4. Assess the different Customer service skills that you noticed (external and internal) during your Project. Evaluate your own aptitude towards serving another human being. [D1] "Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”Leo F. Buscaglia Slide 30: To Satisfy the CUSTOMER.... Service skills needed are... My findings are presented in the following slides which needs to be followed in satisfying the Customer … Slide 31: Make a good First Impression Be everything you would expect and want to your customer as you would for yourself Slide 32: Let them hear your smile Welcome them with your tone and greeting Listen activelyuse acceptance responses so they know you are listening repeat all critical elements so they know you understand paraphrase to confirm understanding ask clarifying questions when necessary Slide 33: Be prompt Answer the Customer with quick response. You’re not a turtle Slide 34: If you don’t know It is okay, it’s not the end of the world. No one knows everything… Slide 35: But… NEVER, EVER say that you… It’s our responsibility to get the answersthey need. That’s frustrating! When we say we do not know the answer it is a dead end to the user. Slide 36: Use all of your TOOLS Use your resources: your knowledge base, internet, yourSubject Matter Experts, your co-workers, and anything else you need to in order to get them their answer. Slide 37: Don’t be afraid We have all been there & walked the same roads. Slide 38: to ask for You won’t have the answer for everything, so ask someone to help you when you need it. Slide 39: from your manager …or seek Slide 40: Check that there aren’t missing pieces Give your notes a good review to make sure you haven’t missed any important bits of information. Fill in any piecesthat need clarity. Slide 41: Keep Smiling Build a good customer relationship. Create a devoted customer. Slide 42: and a good attitude… because you Can Do It! Slide 43: Don’t forget To have Take a deep breath. Sometimes theydon’t know, so you have to teach them. Say and Because everyone likes to be thanked. Slide 44: Go the extra mile & Always It helps to create the devoted customerthat wants to come back. Slide 45: Is there anything else I can help you with? … and one last thing …make them happy they called Slide 46: 5. If you were in the place of the service provider that you noticed in the project, how differently would you render service to your customers? What changes would you try bringing in and how would you implement the same? [D2/D3] “Everything starts with the customer.” Louis XIV Slide 47: Provision of Services – My STYLE The vehicle parking place is not sufficient and there is a little space for the four wheeler parking – So I will plan a wider parking place with the separation marks for two and four wheeler vehicles. There is no proper security provided to the Vehicles parked – I will plan an anti-theft security system with proper checks. The surrounding places around the Super market are not neat and rain drainage system is improper – I will make a good and underground drainage system around the shop and clean the surface daily two times. Slide 48: Provision of Services – My STYLE There is no check at the entrance for the anti-social elements may enter into the Shop – I will provide proper security with metal detectors at the entrance. Boards highlighting the major sections in the shop are not provided at the entrance to each section – I will provide the Huge hoardings with the section names at the entrance of each section. Lighting & Ventilation arrangements are not proper – I will plan a good ventilation and lighting arrangement. For this I will utilize the natural sunlight source using the transparent building top covers at some places. Slide 49: Provision of Services – My STYLE Dress code is not strictly implemented for the sales persons which making the Customers inconvenience to identify the sales persons for taking help – I will plan the Proper dress code for the sales person and pass the orders to implement it strictly and I will provide initial training to all the sales persons regarding the manners and the procedures to be followed while dealing with the Customers. There is no special care for the elderly people or kids – I will engage some persons to help the elderly people or kids in buying the items needed for them. Slide 50: Provision of Services – My STYLE All the racks are arranged in a close distance and the items which are sold out are not furnished with the new ones at the earliest – I will plan a good layout for the racks and see that all the items are furnished fully in the racks at all the times without any delay. Complaint/ Suggestion box provided in the shop but it is difficult to find that for the Customers – I will provide a Complaint / suggestion box at a proper place with easy access. Slide 51: Acknowledgement I am very much thankful to the Frank Finn Management for providing me this opportunity to complete this project successfully. My special thanks to the Manager of Reliance Fresh Shop Mr. Sriram for allowing me to make this survey regarding Customer Relation Management in their outlet. Slide 52: "Be everywhere, do everything, and never fail to astonish the customer.” CONCLUSION Slide 53: Provision of Services – My STYLE Proper check is not provided before delivery of the goods, which causing missing of some goods for the Customers – This I will plan with care and I will train the billing and delivery people not to repeat these type of mistakes. These things I already intimated to the Shop management – They are very much satisfied with my findings and congratulated me for giving such a super ideas – Now they are in the process of implementation of few of my suggestions. BIBLIOGRAPHY : BIBLIOGRAPHY THANKS TO

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