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Published on January 14, 2008

Author: Soffia

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Asthma in Philadelphia :  Source: PHMC Household Survey 2000 Asthma in Philadelphia 1 in 8 children in Philadelphia has asthma. That is more than 51,000 children. In Philadelphia, African American and Latino children have the highest percent of asthma cases. Certain neighborhoods, like South Philadelphia, North Philadelphia, and West Philadelphia, have higher rates of children with asthma. What Is Asthma?:  What Is Asthma? Asthma is a chronic lung disease that can be life threatening if not treated and controlled. The cause of asthma in unknown, but some things make asthma worse. What Is Happening During an Asthma Attach ?:  What Is Happening During an Asthma Attach ? When someone is having an asthma attack the following is happening: The lining of the airway is swollen and irritated. The muscles around the airway tighten and make it hard to breathe. The airway makes a thick mucus. What Is Happening During an Asthma Attack in the Lungs?:  What Is Happening During an Asthma Attack in the Lungs? Asthma Warning Signs :  Asthma Warning Signs Warning signs are clues that your child’s asthma may be getting worse. Runny stuffy nose Headache Tickle in throat Child’s has a cold or flu Coughing Restless What Are the Symptoms of Asthma?:  What Are the Symptoms of Asthma? Not all people with asthma have the same symptoms The most common symptoms are: Coughing – a cough that may not go away or may be worse at night Wheezing – a whistling sound that is usually heard when breathing out What Are the Symptoms of Asthma?:  What Are the Symptoms of Asthma? Shortness of breath – feels like not being able to catch a breath Tightness or pain in the chest – feels like something heavy has been placed on the chest What Causes Asthma Attacks? :  What Causes Asthma Attacks? AN ASTHMA TRIGGER IS… anything that sets off asthma symptoms TRIGGERS :  TRIGGERS Ways to Avoid Triggers :  Ways to Avoid Triggers Dust, dander, and house mites Dust the house with a damp cloth, especially in the child’s bedroom. Use a damp mop to clean the floor. Cover pillow, mattress, and boxspring with special dust-mite–proof covers. Ways to Avoid Triggers:  Ways to Avoid Triggers Smoke Try to make the home smoke free by Never allowing smoking in the home or car Never allowing smoking around the child Quitting smoking Avoid burning incense or candles. Ways to Avoid Triggers:  Ways to Avoid Triggers Pets If possible, remove pets from the home or limit the child’s contact with the animal. Never allow pets in the child’s bedroom. Ways to Avoid Triggers:  Ways to Avoid Triggers Strong odors and scented products Avoid heavy scents, like perfumes, hairsprays, and certain household cleaners like bleach or ammonia. Don’t use room deodorizers. Ways to Avoid Triggers :  Ways to Avoid Triggers Cockroach dander Keep all food in closed containers, and keep trash bags closed. Clean up moist areas such as kitchen and bathroom. Clean areas where roaches have been with hot soapy water to remove dander previously dropped by roaches. Asthma Medications and Devices :  Asthma Medications and Devices Types of Medications:  Types of Medications Long-term “controller” medicine Quick-relief “rescue” medicine Long-Term Medications:  Long-Term Medications Long-term “controller” medicine prevents swelling and inflammation of the airway and should be used every day, even when feeling well. Quick-Relief Medications:  Quick-Relief Medications Quick-relief “rescue” medicine works quickly to open the tightened airway. Quick-relief medicine is usually used on an as-needed basis. Asthma Devices :  Inhaler “the pump” Delivers inhaled medication in a spray mist form Asthma Devices Asthma Devices :  Inhaler with Spacer A spacer catches the mist and holds it so it can be breathed in slowly. This allows the medicine to reach the person’s lungs. Asthma Devices Asthma Devices:  Asthma Devices Nebulizer A machine that delivers medication in a mist. Asthma Devices:  Peak Flow Meter A device used to measure how air flows from your lungs in one “fast blast.” Asthma Devices What Is an Asthma Action Plan?:  What Is an Asthma Action Plan? An asthma action plan is a tool for patients that helps families manage asthma. It tells exactly how and when to take medicines. It also tells how and when to use the quick-relief medicine and what to do when the child develops symptoms or has an attack. An Example of an Asthma Action Plan:  An Example of an Asthma Action Plan Tips About the Action Plan :  Tips About the Action Plan The action plan should be completed by your child’s medical provider. Every child with asthma should have an asthma action plan. Who Should Have Copies of the Asthma Action Plan?:  Who Should Have Copies of the Asthma Action Plan? Medical providers Parent and/or caregiver School nurse or daycare provider Camp (during summer time) or after-school program Babysitter Controlling Asthma :  Controlling Asthma Getting Asthma Under Control :  Getting Asthma Under Control See a health-care provider for regular asthma checkups at least twice a year. Follow an Asthma Action Plan. Learn how to take the right medicine at the right time, the right way. Getting Asthma Under Control:  Getting Asthma Under Control Learn about asthma triggers and how to avoid them. Talk about peak flow monitoring with your health-care provider. A Child With Well-Controlled Asthma:  Sleeps through the night Goes to school every day Is able to play, take gym, and participate in sports A Child With Well-Controlled Asthma Acknowledgments:  8/2003 Acknowledgments Developed by Jessica Anglin with input from the Philadelphia Allies Against Asthma Community Intervention Committee Sponsored by the Philadelphia Allies Against Asthma Coalition For More Information on Asthma:  For More Information on Asthma You can call : The American Lung Association at 1-800-586 - 4872 Asthma and Allergy Foundation of American at 1 –800-727 - 8462 Allergy & Asthma Network: Mothers of Asthmatics at 1-800-878-4403 The Philadelphia Allies Against Asthma Project at (215)731-6150 For More Information on Asthma :  For More Information on Asthma You can go to the following websites : Allies Against Asthma at www.asthma. umich.edu Asthma Allergy Foundation of America at www.aafa.org American Lung Association at www.lungusa.org National Blood Lung and Heart Institute at www.nhlbi.nih.gov American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology at www.aaaai.org School Asthma Allergy at www.schoolasthmaallergy.com

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