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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: ankimakwana



 Born : Mary Anne Evans 22 November 1819  Died : 22 December 1880 (aged 61)  Pen name : George Eliot  Occupation :Novelist

She was a leading Victorian Novelist. Mary Anne Evans known by her pen name George Eliot. She also translator , Journalist , poetist. She used a male pen name. The philosopher and critic George Henry Lewes met Evans in 1851, and then 1854 they had decided to live together.

She wrote seven major well known Novels….. Which were described as under….. 1).Adam Bede 2).The Mill on the Floss 3).Silas Marner 4).Middlemarch 5).Daniel Deronda 6).Romola 7).Felix Holt , The Radical

 Publication date 1859.  The story's plot follows four characters.  The novel revolves around a love "rectangle“ between Hetty , Arthur , Adam , Methodist.  Adam is a local carpenter who loves Hetty.  She (Hetty ) is attracted to Arthur.

Adam Bede : Adam is strong, intelligent, and fairly well educated for a peasant. Adam believes that working hard is a way of doing God’s work and is at least as important as religion itself. He hates all evil and does Hetty Sorrel : Her downfall is the primary action of the nove Hetty wants everyone to notice her beauty. Hetty is a foil to Dinah’s character. Captain Arthur Donnithorne : Captain Arthur Donnithorne A young regimental soldier, heir to the Chase. Seth Bede : Adam’s brother, a Methodist carpenter. Although Seth is not as intelligent as Adam, he is motivated by love and acts well in all things as a result. Both gentle and kind, he is com

“ A Study of Provincial Life.” Publication date 1874 Middlemarch is a work of realism. It is a name of the Town Yoke of the marriage. The novel also divided into 3 part.

Three love problems Dorothea and Will Fred and Mary Lydgate and Rosamond

Characterization Dorothea Brook : she is smart, and beautiful By giving money to Lydgate’s hospital, she is able to help the less fortunate, and by giving money directly Lydgate, she frees him from his debt to Bulstrode. Tertius Lydgate : Doctor. Although he is of high birth, Lydgate wants to be a country doctor. Rosamond is the most genteel

Celia Brooke : She marries Sir James Chettam. Mary Garth : She loves Fred, but she refuses to marry him if he becomes a clergyman and fails to find a steady occupation. Will Ladislaw : Will Ladislaw is the grandson of Casaubon’s. Fred Vincy : Fred Vincy is the oldest son of Walter and Lucy Vincy. Arthur Brooke : He hires Will Ladislaw to write for his paper, the Pioneer.

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