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Published on November 1, 2007

Author: Dennison

Source: authorstream.com

SUSY Analysis with the AOD:  SUSY Analysis with the AOD Nurcan Ozturk University of Texas at Arlington Midwest Physics Group Video meeting - March 21, 2005 Outline:  Outline Progress Since the Arizona Tutorial AOD Analysis with SUSYPhys Package Some Plots Plans Progress Since the Arizona Tutorial :  Progress Since the Arizona Tutorial The tutorial was very useful for me to get started I generated one of SUSY samples for Rome production using the Generators/GeneratorOptionsRome package in CVS: SU3 sample: DC1 bulk region model with new underlying event; generated with Jimmy, the isasugra file is the same as used in DC1 Model points: m0=100 GeV, m12 = 300 GeV, A0 = -300 GeV, tanbeta = 6, sgn(mu) = + 5K events in a file: rome.004403.evgen.SU3_Jimmy_bulk._000xx.pool.root with xx=01 to 40 200K events total, 10K events corresponds to an integrated luminosity of 517 inverse picobarns I recently got Atlfast running on the generated events: One file, FromPooltoAtlfasttoCBNT.py, needs to be modified to move one line up in Generators/GeneratorOptionsRome package One file, MissingET_jobOptions.py, needs to be modified in Reconstruction/MissingET package, to include only METPartTruthTool AOD Analysis with SUSYPhys Package:  AOD Analysis with SUSYPhys Package Currently I’m working with the PhysicsAnalysis/SUSYPhys package in CVS The default job option file, SusyExample.py, is under SUSYPhysUser directory Note: one line needs to be taken out to get it working: include( "AthenaCommon/SystemOfUnits.py" ) The input files are AOD’s (from DC2-A9 sample) produced by Frank Paige, stored at BNL: /usatlas/workarea/paige/susy-9.0.4b/ 1210 files, 60500 events currently Note: Frank Paige used a modified Electron class to make these AOD’s, so one package needs to be checked out to work with these AOD’s: PhysicsAnalysis/AnalysisCommon/ParticleEvent The one from CVS gave an error when compiling, so I copied it from Frank’s directory Some plots produced from DC2-A9 sample are on the next pages Some Plots (1):  Some Plots (1) Invariant mass of opposite and same sign electron pairs Invariant mass of opposite and same sign muon pairs Some Plots (2):  Some Plots (2) Invariant mass of opposite and same sign tau pairs Some Plots (3):  Some Plots (3) Transverse momentum of leading electron, muon and tau Some Plots (4):  Some Plots (4) Pseudorapidity of electron, muon and tau Plans:  Plans Still need to learn how to get the jet and Missing ET plots, they are currently empty when running the default job option file Work with AOD’s from Rome-SU3 sample: As of March 20, 6pm , 7400 events out of 10000 are reconstructed with 9.0.4, as I see from the production database Compare results with the ones in DC1 SUSY note

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