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Published on October 18, 2010

Author: AnilDhankhar

Source: authorstream.com

OZONE LAYER DEPLETION ANIL DHANKHAR : OZONE LAYER DEPLETION ANIL DHANKHAR agenda : agenda What is ozone? Importance of ozone layer. Effects of UV radiations. Ozone production. Ozone destruction. Ozone hole formation. How to stop ozone depletion? Conclusion What is Ozone? : What is Ozone? Ozone is a triatomic form of oxygen (O3). Unlike oxygen (O2), ozone has a strong scent and is blue in color. Ozone exists within both the tropospheric and stratospheric zones of the Earth’s atmosphere. Continue…. : Continue…. Importance of ozone layer : Importance of ozone layer Protect the earth from harmful radiations. Ultraviolet Filter. Polar ice shifting. Helpful to reduce temperature. Effects of ultraviolet Radiations : Effects of ultraviolet Radiations 1. Effect on eyes….. Eye Cancer Continue…… : Continue…… 2. Skin cancer 3. Accelerate aging of skin due high exposure 4. Risk of malignant melanoma has increased 10%. 5. Risk of nonmalignant melanoma has increased 26%. Continue….. : Continue….. 6. Polar ice melting. Ozone Production in Stratosphere : Ozone Production in Stratosphere Ozone destruction : Ozone destruction Ozone hole formation : Ozone hole formation Chemical method. How to stop it? : How to stop it? 1. Stop pollution. 2. Raise awareness. : 2. Raise awareness. 3. Plant more trees. : 3. Plant more trees. 4. Use public transportation. : 4. Use public transportation. 5. Use renewable sources : 5. Use renewable sources conclusion : conclusion Most ozone depletion is the result of human activities. Making small changes in our habits can make a huge difference in our future.

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