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Published on January 3, 2008

Author: Abhil

Source: authorstream.com

Oyster Culture in Georgia: Growout & Marketing :  Oyster Culture in Georgia: Growout & Marketing Alan Power, Ph.D. Marine Extension Service Shellfish Research Laboratory University of Georgia 20 Ocean Science Circle Savannah, GA 31411-1011 Tel: (912) 598-2348 Georgia Oyster Fishery:  Georgia Oyster Fishery Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea virginica 1908 Georgia led country in landings today virtually non-existent supplemental fishery- clammers, crabbers harvest oysters by manually gathering intertidally, break clumps up, labor intensive, poor appearance Georgia Historical Oyster Landings:  Georgia Historical Oyster Landings 0 20,000 40,000 60,000 80,000 100,000 120,000 140,000 160,000 180,000 200,000 1972 1974 1976 1978 1980 1982 1984 1986 1988 1990 1992 1994 1996 1998 2000 Ibs Raw Meat Value ($) Oyster Culture Techniques:  Oyster Culture Techniques Trays Stick Culture Bags on Racks Rafts Long Line British Columbia Shellfish Growers Information Resource System www.bcsga.ca/bcsgirs/main/sgmain.htm Half Shell/ Shucking/ Roast: Production Cycle:  Half Shell/ Shucking/ Roast: Production Cycle half shell requires single seed nursery: upweller, bags, trays growout: subtidal (LL/R)- trays, bags; intertidal- bags on racks shuck/ roast product from cultch set seed nursery: subtidal (LL/R)- trays, bags; intertidal- bags, sticks growout: subtidal (LL/R)- sticks, string shell cultch; intertidal- bags, sticks Oyster Culture in Georgia: Why & Why Not?:  Oyster Culture in Georgia: Why & Why Not? Advantages: market size (3”) in 18 mo. v’s 3 years north not spat limited unpolluted grow out areas Problems: oyster spat- densely packed clumps long spawning season- poor meat yields markets: long narrow oysters not suitable for shucking or half shell trade small home market- local oyster roasts Oyster Spat Fouling Problem:  Oyster Spat Fouling Problem overabundant spat- problems growing in floating rafts, intertidal trays, or suspended subtidally recruitment in Georgia- May to Oct spatial and temporal variability 300-7600 spat m2/mo., peak July-Sept higher subtidally than intertidally higher in smaller sheltered tidal marsh creeks than more open water areas Possible Solutions :  Possible Solutions triploid oysters grow faster = reach size before recruit? lower market size 3”-size at maturity up north, here in 1st yr would be cleaner but marketable? alternative culture techniques transplant during recruit. period regular thinning and spat killing new technology- “Oysterclear/Freshwrap” Transplanting: Shellfish Lab Experiments:  Transplanting: Shellfish Lab Experiments collect spatfall (or obtain single spat from hatchery) after peak recruit. period, grow in floating trays/ upweller/ suspended intertidal mesh bags transplant to areas of lower recruitment during spawning season to bags placed intertidally on the bottom to areas far up tidal creeks where % oyster cover is low (high tidal flushing rates) Thinning & Spat Removal: Queensland Australia:  Thinning & Spat Removal: Queensland Australia collect natural spatfall after peak recruit. period with “oystersticks” grow spat on these sticks, perform regular culling to ensure fast growth and regular shape during subsequent recruitment period remove excess spat manually or by a 3 second immersion in water heated to 82oC Oysterclear: New Australian Product:  Oysterclear: New Australian Product Wattyl Protective & Marine Coatings http://pcm.wattyl.com.au protective coating for oyster shell inhibit spat and other fouling hot melt coating, dip oyster, dries immediately, back in water oyster grows, areas exposed,however fouling more severe on older areas during harvesting coating falls off non toxic, not antifoulant, food based Summary: GA Possible Culture Techniques:  Summary: GA Possible Culture Techniques collect spatfall after peak/ obtain single spat from hatchery at this time grow in upweller/floating trays/bags (subtidally), or on collection sticks/mesh bags (off bottom intertidally) transplant up tidal creek/on bottom intertidally/kill excess spat with hot water dips/cover in protective “oysterclear” during next recruit. event. harvest:winter = fatter; summer = triploids Marketing: Gulf Outlook:  Marketing: Gulf Outlook Sept. 02 Seafood Business Gulf: production, price outlook good everywhere except Texas Louisiana- increase in farmed oysters Mississippi- production on upswing continued strong demand- price increase for Gulf oysters ($4.50-$5.50 a pound for meats) market for IQF oysters on halfshell grown rapidly (25-30 cents a piece), also pressure treated oysters (35 cents) Marketing: West Coast Outlook:  Marketing: West Coast Outlook Sept. 02 Seafood Business West Coast: market for live oysters never better live price remains stable ($2.75-$4 a dozen) market for shucked meats weak price fallen 20 percent last year Marketing: Is There a Demand?:  Marketing: Is There a Demand? Feb. 03 Seafood Business identify a need to increase supply to meet demand- Gulf harvest down 60%, Ches. Bay down, Pacific Coast stable, imports stable particular demand for “boutique” oysters = high quality, names and flavors reflecting local harvest areas promotion NB, e.g. regional oyster festivals- Oyster Olympics Marketing: Summary:  Marketing: Summary demand for high quality half shell oysters raw meat market dominating through cryogenic freezing/ pressure treating to reduce vibrio increase home roast market through promotion- 2001 SC v’s GA 257,568 lbs. meat, $1,066,578 versus 8,528 Ibs (1/30th), $ 22,254 (~1/50th)

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