Overview on IFX Standards

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Information about Overview on IFX Standards

Published on February 16, 2014

Author: PinakiGuha

Source: slideshare.net


In this presentation I've provided an overview on IFX forum, messaging standard, and the basic components.
I sincerely thank Judith Vanderkay from IFX Forum for providing me lots of vaulable information and allowing me to use the resources from ifxforum.org website.

Overview on IFX (Interactive Financial eXchange) Pinaki Guha http://www.linkedin.com/in/pinakiguha

Outline  Why Industry Standards  What is IFX  IFX Framework  IFX Objects  IFX Messages  Resources

Why Industry Standards? Banking and Financial Service Industry is steadily emerging as a practical, serviceable, mobile and seamlessly usable service when and where we need it. However, the challenges are:  Several IT application vendors following their own standards to solve problems in the same domain/sub-domain.  Within the organization closed-end applications obstructing internal communications.  Possibilities of interactions increasing exponentially, surpassing national and geographic boundaries.

Why Industry Standards? (cont..) All these lead to the problems like:  Difficulty in merger and acquisitions  Slow to adapt business changes  Unable to bring in new technology  Difficulty to create combined IT environment  Lack of single point of truth  Inability to operate seamlessly across the channels

Why Industry Standards? (cont..) What Industry Standards do?  Defines a common business language, which is required to cost-effectively integrate business processes between systems.  Builds for business process interoperability particularly with respect to the exchange of funds with same or other financial networks.  Enables business process flexibility by providing concrete rules for integration.

What is IFX ? IFX means Interactive Financial eXchange IFX Forum, Inc. is the formal name of the organization The IFX Forum maintains the IFX Standard a Business Message Specification (BMS) Website: www.ifxforum.org

What is IFX ? (cont..) The IFX Business Message Specification (BMS) is designed to meet the business requirements of the global financial services industry in the areas it addresses. The standard is based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and object-oriented design principles. It is technology neutral but generally implemented using XML. Key concepts in IFX Framework  Communication Framework  Reusable objects  Service Oriented Architecture

What is IFX ? (cont..)  In 1997 IFX Forum, an international not-for-profit industry association was founded to • develop the IFX Business Message Specification (BMS) • promote its adoption as an open, interoperable standard for financial data exchange.  In 2008 IFX 2.0 was released – fully supporting the technical principles of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web Services. Current release in 2.3.  In 2011 IFX formed the Liaison and Interoperability Work Group (LIWG) for managing interoperability with other standards and to spearhead efforts such as: • Submitting content to the ISO 20022 Registration Authority • Proof of concept with BIAN to implement their defined services using IFX  In 2013 IFX formed the SOA Work Group.

What is IFX ? (cont..) Historical and current working groups include:  Business Banking  ATM/POS  Branch Banking Services  Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment  Web Services Card Management Services  Liaison & Interoperability Working Group  SOA Working Group

What is IFX ? (cont..) The IFX standard is based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and objectoriented design principles. It is technology neutral but generally implemented using XML. Features of IFX Specification          Open Interoperable Flexible Secure Reliable Platform- and transport-independent International support Service oriented principles Batch and Interactive sessions

IFX Framework Overview of Framework  A Service Provider offers Services to the client  A Service Provider is uniquely identifiable.  Each service is uniquely identifiable within the service provider’s domain.  IFX Objects are "owned" or “managed” by the Service that creates or instantiates the object.  A service has a schedule and consists of one or more IFX message(s)  IFX Messages are directed to a Service Provider, who may in turn redirect the message(s) to another service provider.

IFX Framework (cont..) Overview of Framework Messages can be routed to SvcProvider at URL ServiceProvider <SvcProvider> has SvcProvider Profile <SvcProviderInfo> Identified by SvcProviderName (globally unique URL) Offers 1 or more SvcName Account Identified by PrcSched has Draws from Party has Service <Svc> Subscribes to May be an Instance of Interface (Design) Composed of Composed of accepts has Terms & Conditions (Disclosures) <Disc> manifests Optional Behavior <OptionProfile> Composed of Composed of Operations <OperSupt> Composed of Messages <MsgSupt> Manifests OperRules * Diagram taken from ifxforum.org

IFX Objects  A set of common objects creates the foundation of the IFX standard.  An IFX object is a set of data that is organized according to a consistent pattern and supports a well defined set of operations.  An IFX object must have a name and some properties associated with it. There are several types of properties that an object may have

IFX Objects (cont..)  IFX Objects are constructed based on following building blocks: • Element - single pieces of information with defined data types. An element has  Name  Definition  Usage rule (optional) • Aggregate - groups of related elements identified by a single name for convenience. IFX Object Element Aggregate

IFX Objects (cont..)  IFX objects are defined as a collection of segments.  A segment is usually defined by an aggregate or, in the case of the Id segment, a variable of type Identifier. A segment is a collection of properties that have similar operational characteristics.

IFX Objects (cont..) Following diagram shows serialized representation of a full object (represented by a "Rec" aggregate). xxxRec Segment 1 xxxId (type: Element) Provides unique identifier or name Segment 2 xxxInfo (type: Aggregate) Contains client managed data. Example: name, address etc. Segment 3 xxxEnvr (type: Aggregate) Segment 4 xxxStatus (type: Aggregate) Contains environmental data including computed properties. For example, CreatedDt, LastUpdateDt etc. Indicates the status of the object. Segment 5 xxxAuth (type: Aggregate) Contains authentication and authorization information

IFX Objects (cont..) A full object xxx can be represented by an "xxxRec" aggregate that consists of: *Source: IFX Specification ver 2.3 ifxforum.org

IFX Objects (cont..) Example of IFX object specification - Party Object* Defines the object and its characteristics, usage Lists the elements, and structures that the object can contain Lists the methods, request and response codes can be applied on the object *Source: IFX Specification ver 2.3 ifxforum.org

IFX Messages  All IFX messages are patterned after a common set of conceptual IFX messages. These message implement a well defined set of actions on IFX objects  Messages always act on a particular object  Optionally any method can be added to any Object message.

IFX Messages (cont..) Examples: • Add Messages - The xxxAdd message supports creating a new instance of an xxx object. • Cancel Message - The xxxCan message is used by a client to cancel a previously added instance of an xxxobject, or cancel an existing scheduled object. Party + Add + Request = PartyAddRq Account + Cancel + Request = AcctCanRq

IFX Messages (cont..) IFX Message specification (Example) xxxAddRq (Add method request/invocation) xxxAddRs (Add method response/completion) *Source: IFX Specification ver 2.3 ifxforum.org

Resources • • • Visit www.ifxforum.org Register to access the IFX Business Message Specification. IFX Forum members and paid subscribers can additionally access the automated XSD generator Join IFX Forum face to face meeting ( meeting fee for non-members) Membership information: www.ifxforum.org/join/ Subscription information: www.ifxforum.org/standards/ifx_subscriptions/ Reference Document: IFX Standards Online: http://www.ifxforum.org/standards/standard/

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