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Published on November 21, 2007

Author: Olivia

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Overview of Roe Products:  Overview of Roe Products Bob Price, UC Davis 54th Annual PFT Meeting Reno, Nevada Aquatic Roe Products:  Aquatic Roe Products Definitions World Production Export/Import Values Commercial Roe Products Aquatic Roe Products:  Aquatic Roe Products FAO Classifications Caviar Caviar substitutes Processed roe products (not included elsewhere) 1999 Roe and Caviar Production (Metric Tons):  1999 Roe and Caviar Production (Metric Tons) Russian Federation 27,290 Sweden 8,835 China 6,100 Korea, South 4,639 Norway 1,877 Iceland 1,155 Germany 888 Denmark 571 Greece 199 Spain 188 Iran 97 USA 18 Aquatic Roe Products:  Aquatic Roe Products Whole ovaries Caviar Caviar substitutes Processed roe products Artificial caviar Whole ovaries:  Whole ovaries sea urchin roe (uni) Shad roe Caviar:  Caviar “…the term ‘caviar’ unqualified should be applied only to the product prepared by salting sturgeon roe.” [FDA Service and Regulatory Announcement No. 3, March 1917] Caviar:  Caviar California Osetra Beluga Huso huso Osetra Acipenser gueldenstaedtii colchicus Sevruga Acipenser stellatus Acipenser transmontanus Worlds Most Expensive Caviar:  Worlds Most Expensive Caviar The world's most expensive caviar is called Almas (Russian for diamond). This beluga caviar is white in appearance and comes from fish over 100 years old. Almas is extremely rare. Caviar House Almas Iranian caviar is packed in 24K solid gold tins and sells for $23,308 per kg. Caviar substitutes:  Caviar substitutes Caviar made from aquatic species other than sturgeon Aquatic Species Suitable for Caviar Substitutes:  Aquatic Species Suitable for Caviar Substitutes Alewife Bowfin Bream Capelin Carp Cod Flounder Flying fish Gobe Grenadier Haddock Halibut Herring Ling cod Lobster Lumpfish Mackerel Mullet Orange roughy Paddlefish Perch Pike Pollock Roach Saithe Salmon Shrimp Sole Trout Tuna Whitefish Slide14:  Capelin Cod Flying fish Lumpfish Salmon Smelt Trout Whitefish Paddlefish Color Variation in Lumpfish Roe:  Color Variation in Lumpfish Roe Processed Roe Products:  Processed Roe Products Dried Cured Fried Frozen Marinated Pasteurized Pressed Salted Sliced Smoked Slide17:  herring roe (kazunoko) Pressed sturgeon caviar Avgotaraho Bottarga Fish bait Artificial Caviar:  Artificial Caviar Eurocaviar Made from a paste of mullet, herring and salmon eggs, and gelatin Formed into 2-3 mm balls Infrared thermotreatment Cured in flavored brine Pasteurized Cavi*Art First vegetarian caviar (introduced 2000) Made from seaweed and alginic acid Caviar Quality Guidelines:  Caviar Quality Guidelines Beluga Caviar Grade 1: Large grain. Absolute top quality. 000 light gray. The most expensive and precious. 00 medium gray 0 dark gray  Grade 2: Smaller grain. Medium to light gray. Osetra Caviar Grade 1 Color A: gray gold Color B: dark gray Grade 2 Smaller grain Medium gray color Sevruga Caviar Grade 1 Dark gray to light gray Grade 2: Smaller grain Dark gray PRESSED CAVIAR  References:  References Sternin, V. and Dore, I. 1993. Caviar: The Resource Book. Cultura, Moscow, Russia. http://www.epicurious.com/ http://www.foodsubs.com/Caviar.html http://www.nvogue.com/nVogueFoods/Caviar/caviarguide.htm http://members.tripod.com/CaviarInc/a5.htm http://www.tsarnicoulai.com/index.html http://www.caviarchef.com/default.tpl https://secure.galisteo.com/pro-src/scripts/caviar-direct/pricelist.html http://www.farm-2-market.com/products/caviar.html#WILD http://www.igourmet.com/shoppe.asp?cat=3&source=pepperjam http://www.sterlingcaviar.com/ http://www.icaviar.com/american.htm http://www.latimes.com/features/food/la-000102107dec26.story?coll=la-headlines-food-manual http://www.ippi.com/dir_aaa/col_tobiko.html http://www.farawayfoods.com/tunaroe.html http://www.866-caviar6.com/American_Caviar.html http://www.freshcaviar.com/caviarprices.htm

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