Overview - Helping Agencies Scale In-location Engagements

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Information about Overview - Helping Agencies Scale In-location Engagements

Published on January 10, 2014

Author: KrisMcGlone

Source: slideshare.net


Shopper and Experiential Marketing Agencies are often faced with some unique challenges when scaling in-location deployments. As the number of kiosks, digital signs, locations and regional variations increase, managing all aspects can become time consuming and costly. Toushay helps agencies overcome all of these hurdles with one cloud-based solution. Built upon a hybrid architecture, we offer the flexibility of HTML5/CSS/JavaScript with the benefits of accessing native device components and features

Cloud Services for Scalable In-Location Engagement Overview for Digital Agencies The true value of an agency is their ability to help their clients differentiate with immersive, engaging one-on-one experiences that build brands. As clients develop an understanding of the valuable role that in-location experiences play in brand building, they are asking more of their digital agencies. Do these questions sound familiar? How can we integrate in-location devices like tablets and digital signage in to the campaign? How do we scale from a pilot campaign with one device in one location to 1000’s of devices across multiple locations? How will we manage the devices as well as have the freedom to update our creative content easily? That’s where Toushay comes in. Scalability Challenges Our in-location engagement services for digital agencies are scalable, manageable and designed to address the issues you are facing. (As well as a few more you may have not considered yet!) Scaling from 10 devices to thousands of devices Managing multiple devices in many different locations Worried that you don’t have the resources, time or money to achieve the scale you need for your customers? Toushay’s solution means you can easily ramp up from a pilot project into a full, multi-location, multi-device deployment – with no downtime. As the scale of projects increase, so does the impact of managing multiple devices across multiple locations. With Toushay, you can manage all devices, applications, locations and content from one single interface. info@toushay.com www.toushay.com

Frequently refreshing features, content or entire applications Customizing content for different regions, specific devices or individual clients Digital agencies are all about creative content! You need to be able to make changes to template layouts, functionality, content or entire applications, any time, from anywhere, as often as you like. Toushay delivers the flexibility and functionality you need. Whether it’s real-time promotions, custom content for a specific geographic area or time zone, or optimization of content based on availability, Toushay allows you to make changes as frequently as you like with no penalty, cost or degradation in performance. Perform updates instantly, without involving your IT department Gaining precise control over each individual device and its content Re-using application templates to reach new potential customers Create unique content experiences on a per-device basis or the same experience on all, or any combination in between. Manage all of the content and devices from one central cloudbased interface. It’s entirely up to you! While every client has unique requirements there are often common denominators that tie them together. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time. Re-use templates to save valuable time and money instead of starting from scratch each time. Performing updates instantly, without involving your IT department Scheduling content and application updates days, weeks, even months in advance Template changes, content updates, limited time promotions – you can do it all through our self-service cloud solution. Take control; refresh content in realtime without having to wait for IT to get around to it. Real-time updates are great but it also helps to plan content and application updates in advance. Scheduling updates well ahead of time improves efficiency, and gives you more time to focus on the work that drives value. Providing clients with self-service accounts to manage their own content whenever they want Measuring and improving your campaigns with analytics After the project is a success and the high-fives subside there is the question “Who is going to manage the updates moving forward?” Toushay has everything you need to consistently optimize and improve your campaign results. From real-time A/B testing of content to integrated analytics, you get the insights you need to drive key marketing and business decisions. Or use the power of the Toushay platform to do A/B testing for the optimal location of devices. Empower your clients to self-service a few or all aspects of their campaigns with minimal training and no technical background. www.toushay.com 2

The Four Pillars of a Successful In-Location Platform Application Management At Toushay, we understand that the need to make changes is inevitable. That’s why we have created a scalable method of effectively managing modifications to templates and applications. Changes to general functionality as well as versioning updates and fixes are all fundamental aspects of Application Management. Device Management While many solutions offer Mobile Device Management this is only one aspect of a successful in-location experience. Toushay considers the big picture. We also factor in the implications of managing hundreds or thousands of devices most likely located in different geographical areas. Imagine using the same intuitive cloud-based service you use to manage your content to also monitor, manage and support all of your registered devices. We thought you might appreciate that. The successful deployment of an in-location experience is built upon four key pillars. Content Management The ability to change and refresh content remotely, either in real-time or through scheduled updates, allows agencies and their clients to effectively manage content with minimal impact on internal resources. You can also easily create campaign variations, including geo-targeted content or a range of other parameters. Integration with external data sources such as Point of Sale (POS) systems, inventory management tools and databases gives you the flexibility to create powerful, consistent brand experiences. Analytics We have all heard the adage “you can’t manage what you don’t measure”. That’s why Toushay gives you the ability to track usage statistics while performing on-site A/B testing. You can measure and optimize your campaign in real-time to ensure you achieve your goals. You can also generate management-level reports and get the valuable insight necessary to make data-driven business decisions. www.toushay.com 3

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