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Published on September 17, 2015

Author: ajtivol

Source: slideshare.net

1. Thursday, Sept. 17 • Announcements • Project Management

2. Announcements • Project 2 Metal: 1/8” aluminum, 24” x 16” • Tuesday - Cool weather = energy up, feeling good – How do I manage class without killing creativity? – Regroup and refocus on Tuesday • Homework videos – please watch them – Discussion is RE-inforcement – Questions about video topics on exams – Multiple videos – present info differently • Have project 1 ready to share on Tuesday – Does NOT need to be perfect – Share with class and predict cut outcome

3. Project Management • What is the goal of project management? – Create and monitor a plan to complete a project • What is a project? – Anything that has a starting date and an objective • What is a project plan? – What has to be done – How it’s going to get done – Who’s going to do what • How do you figure out what the project plan will do? – Meet with client, brainstorm with team

4. Planning • Before committing to the project – Define the project – be very specific about deliverables • Client sets parameters – List the tasks – brainstorm with team, do research • Make sure all possible tasks have been identified – Estimate cost and time for each task  for entire project – Determine the order in which things need to get done • Timeline – Determine the resources needed – staff, tools, materials – Figure out possible risks and plans to resolve • Don’t promise (not even maybe) what you can’t deliver

5. Execute the project • Monitor time, costs, quality • Adjust plan if necessary – Usually means lowering quality – Or raising the costs • When finished – review the project process – Good – Bad – Better

6. Review: What’s Important? • Break projects down into smaller processes • Good, cheap, fast – pick 2 • Monitor the project for cost, time, and quality

7. Homework for This Week CorelDraw • Text Tool Design • Wake Up, Smell the Fonts • Font Design • Typography: Off Book • Type Matters: Font Documentary • Typography Matters

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