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Published on September 8, 2015

Author: ajtivol

Source: slideshare.net

1. Tuesday, Sept. 8 • Announcements • Positive and Negative • ~~10-minute Break~~ • Review/apply CorelDraw tools • Work period (min. 1 hr.) • 20-min. Challenge • Review • Preview Homework

2. Announcements • Congratulations! Caught up on assignments • Lecture and Lab (computer lab class) – Lab = apply the skill • Independent work • Guided work – Lecture = gain the knowledge • Flipped classroom • Some lecture = homework • Project-in-progress reviews – Email or Canvas Message a copy of .CDR file • Bookkeeping article: http://business.tutsplus.com/tutorials/a-freelancers-guide- to-basic-bookkeeping--cms-24630

3. Positive and Negative - Design • Define – Positive – Negative

4. Where it really matters - Signs

5. The Cookie? Or the Cookie Dough?

6. Apply this idea to this project

7. BREAK: 10 Minutes

8. Applying CorelDraw Tools • Objective – Combine all elements into one closed shape • How do you get it into one shape? – Shaping Tools • How do you know it is closed? – Fill object • But first – Scaling vs. Zooming

9. Applying CorelDraw Tools • Shaping Tools – Weld – Trim – Intersect – Simplify – Front Minus Back – Back Minus Front – Boundary • Move nodes with Shape Tool • Fill Shapes with Color • Property Bar – Ellipse – Rectangle – Polygon • One more thing… – Position: x, y – Size: width, height • Export .DXF, .SVG

10. Project Work Time What To Do If Your Design Is Done •Help others with their designs •Work on notebook •Create another design •Do homework

11. 20-MINUTE CHALLENGE Tools You May Use: Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Shaping, Fill, Property Bar, Select,

12. Review: What’s Important? • How to discuss what gets cut out – positive or negative – challenging • Design choices but, more importantly, structural issues – making things hold together • Objective with CorelDraw is to combine shapes into one element for export

13. Homework for This Week CorelDraw • Layer Organization • Guidelines Design • How to Price Your Work – 45:00 about CNC mill-work pricing (other considerations) – Or all 4 videos about general art pricing • Calculate what you should charge per hour – https://web.archive.org/web/20120102012155/h ttp://freelanceswitch.com/rates/ • Project management – Any 4 of the videos

14. If you want to know more… • Excellent list of articles about pricing your work – http://business.tutsplus.com/categories/pricing • Articles about project management – http://business.tutsplus.com/categories/project- management • Articles about bookkeeping – http://business.tutsplus.com/categories/bookkee ping

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