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Published on May 26, 2008

Author: frraul

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Myths of Overpopulation : Myths of Overpopulation Cairo Conference : Cairo Conference Pakistan's Prime Minister speaks to delegate Dignity Through Development : Dignity Through Development Ancient Hostility Towards Life : Ancient Hostility Towards Life PHAROAH SAID: “Look how numerous and powerful the Israelite people are growing, more so than we ourselves. Come, let us deal shrewdly with them to stop their increase.” (Ex. 1-9) The Powerful Fear the Poor : The Powerful Fear the Poor The Great Polluters : The Great Polluters 80% of the World’s Goods are Consumed by 20% of the World’s Population The Conference on Population and Human Development at Cairo : The Conference on Population and Human Development at Cairo Human Rights: True Champion? : Human Rights: True Champion? Friend or Foe? Babies: Burden or Blessing : Babies: Burden or Blessing Be Fruitful and Multiply and Fill the Earth! : Be Fruitful and Multiply and Fill the Earth! Is the World Overpopulated? : Is the World Overpopulated? False Prophets : False Prophets Thomas Malthus 1798 World Population : World Population Source: United Nations, World Population Prospects, The 1998 Revision; and estimates by the Population Reference Bureau Causes of Population Growth : Causes of Population Growth Total Fertility Rate : Total Fertility Rate Europe: Population by age groups, 1950-2050 : Europe: Population by age groups, 1950-2050 Healthy Population Distribution : Healthy Population Distribution Declining Fertility : Declining Fertility Sweden 1999-2050 : Sweden 1999-2050 Sweden 2005 : Sweden 2005 The World’s Population in Texas : The World’s Population in Texas Can We Feed All These People? : Can We Feed All These People? “Jesus asked Phillip: ‘Where can we buy some food for the people to eat?’ He said this to test him, because he himself knew what he was going to do.” (Jn 6:5-6) And the Multiplying Continues… : And the Multiplying Continues… Are We Running Out of Resources? : Are We Running Out of Resources? A 1949 U.N. Scientific Conference predicted that the world would run out of: ● Lead by 1968 ● Zinc by 1971 ● Chromium by 1975 ● Tin by 1985 Almost half a century later, none of these predictions has come true! Economists Welcome Population Growth : Economists Welcome Population Growth Statistics on Population and Prosperity:Is There an Effect? : Statistics on Population and Prosperity:Is There an Effect? Source: Gale Lyle Pooley, Environmentalism and the Gospel, Analytica, Sun Valley, Idaho, 1995, p. 92 A Telling Comparison : A Telling Comparison What About the Environment? : What About the Environment? Abusive Population Control Policies : Abusive Population Control Policies Male Births per 100 Female Births in China : Male Births per 100 Female Births in China Source: The Economist, Dec. 19, 1998 and 2000 Chinese Census African Women Protest : African Women Protest “I am distressed that there seems to be a conspiracy to keep women in the dark, especially the African women, regarding the many dangerous side effects of contraceptives, some of which are irreversible and life-threatening. I especially abhor the experimentation and dumping methods of untested and harmful drugs in Africa and other developing countries.” DR. MARGARET OGOLA, KENYA, in address delivered at the Fourth International Congress on Women in Beijing, Sept. 8, 1995 Norplant and Bangladesh : Norplant and Bangladesh Eyesight disorders, strokes, persistent bleeding, problems with removal - many women have no such side-effects, but thousands are now taking legal action in the West. Norplant was studied for 20 years in the West, but mostly in developing countries. After standard clinical trials of Norplant had been completed, pre-introductory clinical trials were held to assess the drug's safety, efficacy and acceptability in local conditions. Horizon went to Bangladesh to investigate one such trial. In the mid-80s, stories had begun to emerge from women's health campaigns. In the slums of Dhaka, Farida Akhter heard of women with Norplant in their arms who were desperate to get it removed. She realised she had stumbled on a drug trial. Education of Females : Education of Females Out of Wedlock Births : Out of Wedlock Births Percentage of out of wedlock births Source: William J. Bennett, The Index of Leading Cultural Indicators NFP: Safe and Effective : NFP: Safe and Effective

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