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Information about Overpopulation

Published on October 17, 2013

Author: mpliss

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Largest cities

20th largest metropolitan city in the world – Beijing, China at 12 million

19th place is Rio de Janeiro at 12,100,000

18th is Dhaka, Bangladesh with 13,100,000 inhabitants

17th is Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a pop. of 13,400,000

16th place goes to Moscow, Russia with 13,750,000 people

At No. 15 is Karachi, Pakistan with 14,125,000 inhabitants

14th largest is Manila in the Philippines at 14,850,000

13th is Cairo, Egypt with 15,450,000 people

12th is Kolkata, (Calcutta) India with 15,550,000

Osaka, Japan is 11th largest with 16,800,000 people

10th is Jakarta, Indonesia with 17,150,000 people

9th largest by population is Shanghai, China with 17,900,000

8th largest is Los Angeles with 18,100,000 in its metropolitan area.

7th largest city by population is Delhi, India with 19,500,000 people

6th place goes to Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India at 19,700,000

The 5th largest is Sao Paulo, Brazil with 20,200,000 inhabitants

4th is New York City at 22 million

In 3rd place is Mexico City with 22,650,000 in its metropolitan area

2nd place goes to Seoul with 25 million

1st place is Tokyo, Japan with over 34 million inhabitants

Aspects of living in Asia Recreation

Tokyo Water Park, where their slogan reads …



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