Overcoming Overwhelm Through NLP

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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: PTCIptyltd

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We all experience overwhelm most of the time. It is difficult to focus on what we should pay attention to when there is too much happening at once. www.nlppowertraining.com.au

This causes frustration and confusion that can lead you into grumpiness, shouting or other behavior resulting in a situation that we can’t be able to deal with. We also tend to procrastinate once the feeling of overwhelm becomes so threatening or intense. www.nlppowertraining.com.au

The root cause of being overwhelmed is when your mind receives too much information making it difficult to process in a given time. This results when there is too much occurring at the same moment or the information you receive is being presented too fast making it difficult for our mind to process. Another symptom is when your planned activities overlap, it all will be too much and there won’t be enough time to do anything. www.nlppowertraining.com.au

When you feel overwhelmed, you feel stress and creates distressing feelings that may become unproductive, unhealthy and gives you less time to enjoy life. time to enjoy life. www.nlppowertraining.com.au


1. Take a moment of your time to identify the task or things that overwhelm you. If you feel that your life is in shambles and don’t know where to start on a certain task, then that’s a sign of being overwhelmed. Try not to ignore your feelings in this initial stage. www.nlppowertraining.com.au

2. Determine the thoughts, behavior and feelings that make you feel overwhelmed. You can even document it to help recognize what you think and feel. After you have identified what overwhelms or stresses you, focus and try to see what led you to these feelings. Cross-examine yourself with relevant questions like “what have I been doing? Or how did I get here?” www.nlppowertraining.com.au

3. Separate your uncomfortable feelings, negative thoughts and delusions of your own self. Being in the state of negativity is not you per se or the essential you. NLP believes that the essential you is one with a potential that is pure and able to deal with stress and overwhelm. By looking into our pure potentials rather than delusions, it will be easier for us to face the problem more objectively. www.nlppowertraining.com.au

4. Get more specific with the issue, chunk it down or divide it into smaller pieces so that you can easily address the specific problem rather than the larger issue. www.nlppowertraining.com.au

5. No matter how overwhelming you are feeling about the situation, bear in mind that what you are feeling may eventually dissipate or die down as the day progresses. www.nlppowertraining.com.au

6. Visualize the overwhelming task and take note of the sub modalities of the image you have created or the characteristics of the picture want to see. Move the picture away from you to make it smaller so that it will reduce the magnitude of being overwhelmed and eventually make you think more clearly about how to do the task. www.nlppowertraining.com.au

7. Find the time to sit for at least 2 minutes and try to get in touch with your feelings. Try to see whether you can discern its positive intention. Focus and try to see what led you to these. www.nlppowertraining.com.au

8. Bear in mind that feelings are merely sensations in the body that we give a meaning to. Under the NLP technique, you can easily shift your feelings in such a manner that will make you more clever to overcome difficulties. www.nlppowertraining.com.au

9. After undergoing this process, reflect and take control of the situation. Disassociate yourself from the overwhelming situation to allow you a more pleasant experience. Imagine seeing yourself in a movie screen in the present situation and think of something that will make you feel better.

10. Think that there are more people who have far worse sufferings than you and by shifting your focus off yourself to others, you will have a much more peaceful state of mind and compassion. www.nlppowertraining.com.au

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