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Published on April 19, 2018

Author: Epackingsupply

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Slide1: Epack Suppliers Food Oven bags Auckland Slide2: Why to  oven bags ? The trend for cook-less meals is increasing day by day due to the consumers’ increasingly busy lifestyles. Hence, they are looking for a convenient way of cooking which demands less effort and time. Microwave cooking or oven baking is the trendiest cooking method when it is a time for cook-less meals. While consumers may prefer microwave and oven cooking, they are also conscious about the food nutrition. In this scenario, microwave and oven bags play the perfect role. Moreover, consumers are experiencing exotic and gourmet food preparation using microwave and oven bags. How Microwave and Oven bags work in preparing foods? : How Microwave and Oven bags work in preparing foods? One can easily cook using microwave and oven bags by simply putting the food product in the oven without much preparation. You may just need marinating the food depending on the cuisine and then leave it for cooking with the specified temperature and time. The bag keeps the moisture intact during cooking, hence the nutritional values, the flavor of the food and color being retained. Moreover, the food can maintain its succulent texture. Epack’s high-quality oven bags: Epack’s high-quality oven bags Some people’s opinion is if you cook food in Oven Bags that doesn’t taste as good as normal roasting, and that the food usually tastes steamed. But I never get such experience with Epack’s high-quality oven bags. These are 90-micron plastic material so there is no chance to get your food burnt in high temperature. Epack’s microwave and oven bags come in two unique features – one is normal bag and another is the bag with a tie which is very handy while roasting turkey. They are quite large as well, around 600 mm inside volume. Slide5: MICROWAVE AND OVEN BAG – Self Venting Bag MICROWAVE AND OVEN BAG – Self Venting Bag  allows you to heat your food straight from its original pack may it be frozen or chilled. As you can see, it lessens the burden of transferring it from the pack to another tray or microwavable container. It also enhances the natural flavor of the food when cooked since it is heated but sealed thus keeping the juice and sauce inside. It’s also flexible, you can use it along to heat up meat, fish, and vegetables.

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