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Information about Outsourcing The Next Frontier In Editorial Workflow Shivaji Sengupta

Published on October 30, 2008

Author: shsengupta

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Outsourcing - The next frontier in Editorial Workflow Shivaji Sengupta – Vice President – Business Solutions WoodWing Publishing Conference 2007 Barcelona, Spain

Who is HOV Services? • We Process over 10,000,000 Business Transactions a Month • 70+ Processing Centers Globally. • Headquartered in Troy, MI • Service over 50% of the Fortune® 100 • Employ 12,000+ People 12 000+ • Regional Delivery with Global Footprint • Strong Platform with 4000 Customer Base • 20+ Years Experience • Six Sigma, ISO 9001, CMM Level 4 Certified Sigma 9001 • Redundant Configuration / Quick Scalability Canada HOVS ranked in the top 25 of the Global Outsourcing 100 List published in FORTUNE® magazine by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals and was recently named to the Global Services 100 distinguishing HOVS as one of the world’s most g g innovative outsourcing service providers. Mexico India China

Industry Opportunities?

Workflow Evolution Workflow in the 1970s Workflow in the 2010s Type text, edit and send to Copy text from manuscript, typesetter paste into layout and style Shoot photos, develop film, Select digital photos select from contacts, make Publish in Workflow glossies PDF proof for approval Read and correct proofs. Repeat. Create PDF/X for printer from Repeat again InDesign and eMail Design layout in pencil and submit for approval Stand by the Blackberry all night Paste text on boards. Make photostats of photos to size Retouch and scale photos Rt hd l ht Send boards to photoengraver Approve blues Stand by press all night

Redefined Workflow? Remote Workforces Outsourcing Media consolidation Fragmentation

Editorial Workflow Eco System Enterprise Wide Content Management System Applications: •Content Content Editorial Workflow System Management •Learning Archival System Management •Human Resource Human Resource Management Tools System •Archival System •Purchase / Finance Purchase Finance Performance Access Control Managem M Management and Rights ent System Extranet System Management System •Indent and Approval System.

Maintenance and Help Desk for Editorial Workflow Eco System. d to a o o co Syste Biggest hidden costs in the application space: • Maintenance of existing platforms. • Development of new features / bug fixes fixes. • Functional and Technical Help Desk for Users. Costs hidden away in: • Temp Programmers for set up who tend to stay long term. term • Onsite Contractors / Consultants for Help Desk needs. • Maintenance left up to in-house technology groups / depts. • Backlog of Development due to unavailability of in-house resources.

Typical Help Desk Scenario Level I Customer Support Application Application Application Application Application 1 2 3 4 5 Business Business Business Business Business Group Group Group Group Group Help Help Help Help Help Desk Desk Desk Desk Desk IT Infrastructure – Hosting Connectivity Servers etc Hosting, Connectivity, etc.

Some of the Challenges Involved • Staffing multiple teams of function and technical folks to f lk t maintain multiple systems in departments iti lti l t id t t like IT, HR, MIS, Editorial, Fulfillment, Systems etc. • Una ailabilit of skilled resources . Unavailability reso rces • Due to this Integration is virtually impossible and usually comes down to being a blame game when something goes wrong. • Absence of a common strategic and Tactical plan is handle integration and roll outs. • Lack of technical and functional documentation.

Seamless, Integrated & Effective Tech Custo e Suppo t ec Customer Support Business Business Business Groupp Groupp Groupp Level I, II Business Application ‘s / Portal ‘s and III Inbound Phone, Customer eMail and Web Application Help Desk for Bug Chat Queries Support Fixes, Change Requests IT Infrastructure – Hosting, Connectivity, S C Servers etc.

Integrated Support for Eco System Integration Tighter integration between the various Knowledge Exchange / application systems Documentation leading to higher uptime. Central Repository of Technical and Functional Knowledge of WoodWing and its Eco System. St Business Support Finally one customer support & tech group that th t can talk to various t lk t i Global Changes business groups to One team means one develop one strategy strategy and One Fix. to ensure satisfied No more indi id al individual customers and applications evolving business outcome. disparately.

Components of Help Desk •Functional Help: When Users Functional need to know feature sets and how to navigate them. •Technical Help: When a set up of the application or modules of it are required. required •Development: When new changes are requested for by the g q y business groups. •Maintenance: Include regular activities like database maintenance and troubleshooting bugs. bugs

The Support Model Incoming Support Calls for Workflow Eco-System Support. Co-ordination with WoodWing and other partners Level 3 Co- Highly Productive Level 1 - Diagnostic Application coordinating Internal and Support & Development Team Engineering Level External User Level 2 - Advanced Support pp Base. Technical Support pp Respond to Improved Individual Needs Product / Service Quality Identify Sources of Dissatisfaction Feedback on Prevention Conduct Root Cause Analysis

Levels of Engagement

Business outcomes for customers are the basis for services. “People d ’t b quarter-inch “P l don’t buy tih drills. They buy quarter-inch holes.” - Theodore Levitt

Top 4 Drivers for Outsourcing Take on Short-Term Trials Before Making Long- Term Commitments. Look for ‘Thinking Out of the Box partners to Thinking Out-of-the-Box’ drive Knowledge Process Outsourcing. Look for Pre-configured Solutions to Enable g Speed and Agility. Global Delivery is the Way Forward.

Things to Avoid Avoid any design that is known to introduce inefficiencies. Also avoid any unnecessary step or steps that are likely to have a negative impact on y p p y g p customer satisfaction. • Sorting. In a “sorting” model, calls are routed to groups of specialists. specialists • Gatekeeper. A “gatekeeper” model forces customers to go through some intermediary group before they speak it di bf th k with an individual who may solve their issue • Callback. W li i C llb k We live in a world of instant ld f i t t gratification, and supporting customers in “callback” mode is no longer acceptable. acceptable • One size fits all. Customers have different needs and expectations.

Best Practices Certain models and processes have been proven, over time, to deliver good results. Industry studies have found that support centers providing world- class service have a number of common traits. • Define the level of service that In the service and support world, your contact-handling process is contact handling the triage process must include intended to deliver, and then defined escalation paths and design a model that will achieve thresholds that ensure customers this objective. j will receive the appropriate level of pp p attention. • Skills-based routing (SBR) is a technique that essentially • “Call Center” approach - Think matches customer needs to agent about your service/ support skills. operation as a “call/contact center,” as opposed to a “technical • Triage support methodology resource center.” A typical call or yp determines the urgency and contact center manager believes complexity of each incident so that the key to running a smooth that treatment decisions can be operation is efficient call-flow and made accordingly. call-handling processes.

Application Support Phases Service Optimisation Service Alignment Decision Center Service Knowledge Control Management Service Service Level Help & Change Management Establishment Requests Catalogue Mgt Change Mgt Service/Help Desk Business Intelligence Problem Mgt Incident M t I id t Mgt Release Mgt Configuration Mgt Discovery Reporting

Creating Valued Partnerships Adding Value g Building Virtual through Innovative ODC’s thus and Convergent retaining talent and Technologies and building Initiatives accountability Ensuring high Engaging clients productivity on by addressing core solutions executed l ti td business issues thru motivated with focused teams. solutions. “Ideas won’t keep. Something must be done about them. When the idea is new, new its custodians have fervour, live for it and if need be, die for it.” fervour be it Alfred Whitehead

The HOV Services’ Global BPO Advantage • Business Process Knowledge • End-to-End Solutions End to End • High Quality Skills & Resources • Flexibility • Commitment to Quality & Continuous Improvement • Common Technology Technolog Platforms with Load Balancing & Disaster Recovery • Security

Gracias Russian Thai Traditional Chinese Thank You Spanish Obrigado Ob i d Arabic Brazilian Portuguese Grazie Danke Merci German Italian French Simplified Chinese Tamil Korean Hindi Japanese eMail: ssengupta@lason.com M il t @l Call: 1 C ll +1 248 835 0939

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