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Published on August 20, 2007

Author: Hufflepuff

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Slide1:  Outreach and Education A Cooperative Effort by Federal, State, and Industry By: Leanne Ketterhagen Manager of Communications and Marketing Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium Track For Today’s Presentation:  Track For Today’s Presentation Goal of Implementing NAIS Lessons Learned in Communication Measurement Tools Overcoming Challenges Complicating Issues Implementing the NAIS:  Implementing the NAIS Goal is to have the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) in place to protect animal agriculture Common goal among groups USDA, states, industry, and species groups Communication is key for participation in a system of this magnitude Lessons Learned:  Lessons Learned Overview of how partnerships work Capitalize on established networks Communication tools Common understanding of need Pilot project demonstrations .. A few examples to share… Partnerships:  Partnerships Slide6:  Partnerships :  Partnerships Met to define roles and resources Created a communications plan Provided tools to both parties Networks:  Networks FoodOrigins Foremost Farms USA Global Animal Management Grande Cheese Company Holstein Association I.D.ology Land O'Lakes Leon Valley Veterinary Service, LLC Mandamp;I Marshall andamp; Ilsley Bank Manitowoc Milk Producers Cooperative MB Genetics Milwaukee Cooperative Milk Producers National Dairy Herd Improvement Assn. Packerland Packing Co. Peck Meat Packing Prof. Dairy Producers of Wisconsin ReQuest, Ltd. Research Management Systems Semex USA Veal Quality Assurance Program WI Beef Council WI Bison Producers Assn. WI Cattleman’s Association WI Commercial Deer andamp; Elk Farmers Assn. WI Dairy Goat Assn. WI Farm Bureau Federation WI Farmers Union WI Federation of Cooperatives WI Holstein Association WI Horse Council WI Independent Livestock Dealers WI International Poultry Club WI Milk Marketing Board WI National Farmers Organization WI PDCA WI Polled Hereford Assn. WI Pork Association WI Sheep Breeders Cooperative WI State Fair Park WI Veal Growers Association WI Emu Association Y-Tex/Agri-Sales Communication Tools:  Communication Tools A Communication Plan Vision and mission Many Useful Tactics A vast communication tool box …. Review a few successful tools… Slide10:  Literature Slide11:  Direct mail pieces from partners Also, veterinarian mailings, feed store info packet, bill stuffers with members, poster distribution, and market set ups were done. Media :  Media Keep media informed Press releases Media blitzes to targeted counties High interest in numbers On-site premises registrationduring trade showsand speaking events:  On-site premises registration during trade shows and speaking events Slide14:  Purple Triangle Spot Disease A youth activity about the NAIS Multiple ways to Register::  On-line registration Call WLIC at 1-888-808-1910 to request a form Forms and computers are available in all WI FSA Offices WLIC Agents MORE! Multiple ways to Register: Slide16:  Pilot Projects Important for producers to try and learn Producer groups are getting involved and taking leadership roles in project What does this mean to the farmer? Slide17:  Important to see the tools and how they function Slide18:  Pilot Projects Testing Animal ID and Tracking Testing tools, tags and systems Building state data collection infra-structure How does this work for the farmer? Slide19:  Measurement Tools:  Measurement Tools Map and track media Measure registrations Volume and locations Predicted total number of premises USDA’s numbers WI Ag Statistics Service No magic number (WI = 60-70,000) Currently WI has 17,500 Premises Registered Slide21:  Year 2004 andamp; Voluntary State Law Effective November 1, 2005 October 2003 system available for registrations April 2004 Governor signed the Bill Slide22:  Overcome Challenges:  Overcome Challenges Consistent Key Messages Shift Attitudes and Perceptions Funding Consistent Messages:  Consistent Messages Important for all partners to have input to and use Key Messages Created a collaborative Power Point Your key messages should be able to address objections and some issues Example: Premises registration is the foundation for a national animal ID trace back system. Keep a strong animal health message Slide25:  Animal Movement IN to WI in 2001 Slide26:  Animal Movement OUT of WI in 2001 Attitude and Perception :  Attitude and Perception Consistent messages will shift attitudes from: What is in it for me? I’m not sure it is a good thing What do I have to do? To attitudes of: It’ll work I will participate We need to work together Funding:  Funding Once system is developed the majority of money needs to go towards communications. It is one thing to have a system, it is another to have participation. **Amounts do not capture travel costs Complicating Issues:  Complicating Issues Fluid dynamic of the national effort is hard to communicate Cost for producers and government Confidentiality of data ID Devices vs. Technology Neutral Complicating Issues:  Complicating Issues Mandatory vs. Voluntary Value Added Opportunities Timelines National Message vs. State Message State specific message vs. general national message What does it mean for me in my state? Conclusion: StrongestLessons Learned:  Conclusion: Strongest Lessons Learned It doesn’t happen by itself, it takes cooperative efforts at the local level Received better response to communications under a mandatory program Cooperation is key! Thank you!

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