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Information about Output devices

Published on March 12, 2014

Author: ABUBAKAR270

Source: slideshare.net


This is about output devices of computers. Enjoy.

OUTPUT DEVICES Output devices are hardware devices that allow data to be output from a computer. 1 BY VIGNESH, ABUBAKAR AND KARE

CRT Monitors • CRT monitors are the least expensive type of monitor and they use an electron gun to fire against a phosphor screen to create a picture. • USES: They are used with light pens, for example to allow designs to be created on screen. • ADVANTAGE: The angle of viewing is still better than with a TFT monitor. • DISADVANTAGE: They run very hot and can cause fire if left unattended. BY VIGNESH, ABUBAKAR AND KARE2

TFT MONITORS • TFT monitors have screens made up of many tiny pixels which are made up of transistors controlled by a microprocessor. • USES: They are an integral part of laptop computers. • ADVANTAGES: They consume much less power and don’t generate as much heat as a CRT monitor. • DISADVANTAGES: The definition is sometimes not as good as CRT monitors. BY VIGNESH, ABUBAKAR AND KARE3

LASER PRINTERS • Laser printers produce a very high quality hard copy output. They rely on large buffer memories where data for the whole document is stored before the pages can be printed out. • USES: They are the best option for fast high quality and high volume printing. • ADVANTAGES: They can handle very large jobs and the quality is consistently high. • DISADVANTAGES: They are fast only for several copies printed. BY VIGNESH, ABUBAKAR AND KARE4

INKJET PRINTERS • Inkjet printers are used to produce good quality hard copies. These printers don’t have to have large buffers, so printing is done a bit by time. • USES: Inkjet printers are used where low output volumes are required. • ADVANTAGES: They are very lightweight and have a small footprint. • DISADVANTAGES: Printing can smudge if not used carefully. BY VIGNESH, ABUBAKAR AND KARE5

3D INKJET PRINTERS • These are a new type of printer that produce solid 3D models using modified inkjet technology. This technology is known as ‘tomography’, thin layers of fine powder are bounded together as a 3D model. • USES: Inkjets are used to produce prototypes which are actually work from CAD packages, Photograph images, stored drawings, etc. • ADVANTAGES: The powders used can be often grouped and reused. • DISADVANTAGES: 3D inkjet printers are expensive to buy. BY VIGNESH, ABUBAKAR AND KARE6

DOT MATRIX PRINTERS • Dot matrix printers are a type of impact printer, where a print head presses against an inked ribbon. They tend to be noisy, slow and the output is not of good quality. • USES: They can be used in noisy environments and in applications where print quality is not very important. • ADVANTAGES: They are very cheap to run and maintain. • DISADVANTAGES: They are very slow and the printing quality is of poor quality. BY VIGNESH, ABUBAKAR AND KARE7

PLOTTERS • Plotters are devices that produce hard copies, but operate in a different way to printers. They produce highly accurate, very large drawings and posters. • USES: They are used to produce large pictures for use on billboards or giant posters. • ADVANTAGES: The print quality is extremely high. • DISADVANTAGES: They are expensive both to buy and maintain. BY VIGNESH, ABUBAKAR AND KARE8

SPEAKERS • Speakers can be connected directly to a computer or are built into the monitor or casing. Digital data from the computer is converted into analogue form, using a digital analogue converter (DAC). • USES: They are used to play downloaded sound files. BY VIGNESH, ABUBAKAR AND KARE9

MULTIMEDIA PROJECTORS • Multimedia projectors receive signals that can be either analogue or digital. The signal source is usually from the computer, television or DVD player. • USES: Multimedia projectors are used for training presentations. • ADVANTAGES: They enable many people to see a presentation rather than all of them crowding round a small computer screen. • DISADVANTAGES: Images can sometimes be fuzzy BY VIGNESH, ABUBAKAR AND KARE 1 0

CONTROL DEVICES • Control devices are another type of output device that are used to control processes in conjunction with sensor devices. BY VIGNESH, ABUBAKAR AND KARE 1 1

ACTUATORS • Actuators are transducers and are used to take signals from a computer and convert them into some form of motion, for example operating motors, pumps, switches and valves. BY VIGNESH, ABUBAKAR AND KARE 1 2

MOTORS • USES: Motors are used in many domestic appliances such as cookers, water pumps and automatic greenhouses to open windows. • They are used to control robot arms in industry • In computers, they operate fans, disk drives and DVD drives. BY VIGNESH, ABUBAKAR AND KARE 1 3

BUZZERS • Buzzers are switched on or off by the actuator. • USES: Buzzers are used in cookers and microwave ovens to tell the operator when the cooking process is complete. • They are used in burglar alarm systems to warn if intruders are present BY VIGNESH, ABUBAKAR AND KARE 1 4

LIGHTS • The actuator is connected to the switch that turns the lights on or off. • USES: They are used for security lights. • Lights are used in greenhouses to control the lighting conditions. BY VIGNESH, ABUBAKAR AND KARE 1 5

HEATERS • Actuators are connected to switches which turn the heater on or off. • USES: They are used in automatic washing machines, cookers and central heating systems. • They are used in automatic greenhouses to control the temperature. BY VIGNESH, ABUBAKAR AND KARE 1 6

THANK YOU. CREDITS Abubakar – Animator Vignesh – Slide Designer Kare – Editor I.C.T Project BY VIGNESH, ABUBAKAR AND KARE 1 7

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