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Published on February 7, 2008

Author: Rainero

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Samurai 侍 (those who serve):  Samurai 侍 (those who serve) The Rise of the Samurai:  The Rise of the Samurai Mounted archers appeared in early Japan are regarded as ancestors of the samurai In early 7th century, Japanese emperors began to use conscript army on Chinese model In Heian Japan (894-1185), kondei (strong men) were recruited These men were descendants of elite warriors belonging to the class of local powerful landowners and military elite The Samurai in Action:  The Samurai in Action The 10th century, the government was forced to grant power to its provincial governors to levy troops to serve emperors Warriors of powerful clans recruited for the purpose became known as the samurai Prominent clans: (offshoot of the imperial family) Taira clan—Taira no Masakado Masakado rebelled but was quelled and beheaded Fujiwara clan—Fujiwara Sumitomo Sumitomo also rebelled and was beheaded Minamoto clan (also called Genji)--Minamoto no Yoshitomo Killed at the Heiji Rebellion in 1159 Taira and Minamoto:  Taira and Minamoto Conflict of these two powerful clans resulted in a series of wars during which the Taira, headed by Kiyomori, sided with Emperor Go-Shirakawa and defeated the Minamoto in early time but was defeated in later time 1156, The Hogen Rebellion (Hogan no ran) Minamoto Yoshitomo, allied with the Taira Kiyomori, fought with his father, Minamoto Tameyoshi, and brother Tametomo 1160, The Heiji Rebellion (Heiji no ran)—Kiyomori supported new emperor Nijo Yoshimoto attacked the Tairas while Kiyomori was away Yohimoto was defeated and killed, most of his family were executed; only young children spared; Yorimoto was exiled 1180, The Gempei Wars Minamoto Yoritomo narrowly escaped, but eventually led his army to defeat Taira family Yorimasa was allied himself with warrior monks of Miidera but was defeated at the Uji River. He committed suicide by performing harakari 1183, Minamoto Yoshinaka defeated the Taira expeditionary force at the battle of Kurikara 1184-1185, members of the Minamoto family fought against one another, while fighting with the Taira The Minamoto Family Feud:  The Minamoto Family Feud 1184, Yoshinaka became Yoshitsune’s enemy after defeating the Taira expeditionary force Second battle at Uji River was a fight between Minamoto Yoshinaka’s and Minamoto Yoshitsune’s armies Yoshinaka was defeated, apprehended, and beheaded Minamoto Yoshitsune could now concentrate on defeating the Taira Samurai under Daimyo:  Samurai under Daimyo Samurai were most active during the time called Sengoku jidai (the Age of Warring States) between 1467 and 1600 Regional lords, Daimyo, fought with one another Famous examples: Takeda and Uesugi families fought five times at Kawanagajima and the fourth battle in 1561 caused many casualties Minamoto Yorimoto Reigned:  Minamoto Yorimoto Reigned 1185, Yoshitsune finally defeated the Taira at the sea battle of Dan no Ura and annihilated its force While claiming the prize of victory accomplished by his brother, Yorimoto, who was in Kamakura, now looked upon Yoshitsune as his rival 1189, Yoshitsune was outlawed, pursued, and finally caught at the battle of Koromogawa He committed suicide, leaving Yorimoto’s rule unchallenged Yorimoto proclaimed himself “Shogun,” establishing his stronghold in Kamakura, which was called bakufu He was named Seii Taishôgun (Great General Who Crushes Barbarians) The Samurai began to actually rule Japan The Onin War:  The Onin War The growth of daimyo’s power led some to challenge the Ashikaga Shogunate (Muromachi Period) in Kyoto Imagawa Yoshimoto, a powerful daimyo who wanted to take Kyoto but was stopped by Oda Nobunaga Although his army outnumbered that of Oda Nobunaga (12:1), then a minor daimyo loyal to the Ashikaga Shogunate, but was defeated Oda Nobunaga deposed shogun in 1568 and defeated Takeda Shingen at the Battle of Nagashino in 1570 Takeda shingen, known as the finest leader of mounted samurai in Sengoku Japan Japanese movie, “Kagemusha” (The Shadow Warrior) is about him and his double. Takeda’s flag displayed "Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan" (wind, bush, fire, mountain) which speaks of the ability of his army: “Move like a wind, sneak up on like bush, fight like a fire, and wait for a chance like a mountain.” Slide9:  Oda Nobunaga The Shokyu War:  The Shokyu War Background: Emperor Go-Toba wanted to restore imperial throne to the position it had originally enjoyed Denounced Minamoto shogun’s regent Hojo Yoshitoki as an outlaw Result: The Hojo troops marched on Kyoto and attacked imperial troops The third battle of Uji took place, where the imperial troops were defeated Emperor Go-Toba surrendered and was exiled Warrior rule of Japan was further confirmed

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