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Published on November 12, 2007

Author: LM3LABS

Source: slideshare.net



Outdoor Ad: the Future is Interactive Asia Outdoor Advertising 2007 Singapore October 24th, 2007 Nicolas Loeillot MD, LM3LABS www.lm3labs.com

Your Speaker and LM3LABS - Bridging Technology innovations to Business - Young & Rubicam (USA), Publicitas (CH),... - Nortel Networks, Gartner, Accenture,... - Interactive TV - LM3LABS: interactive Offline advertising - Japan, France - Singapore: Mosaic Solutions - At the heart of 3 SOOA2007 Awards Best of Show: CK (Ubiq'window) Most Innovative Idea: CK/IN2 (Ubiq'window) Best Mobile Phone Campaign: O2 (Catchyoo) www.lm3labs.com

Web 2.0 internet made by people, for the people www.lm3labs.com

Advertising 2.0! Ads made by (more) people, for the (good of) people www.lm3labs.com

Internet looks by the window down to the street Outdoor Advertising Internet World - Digital !! - interconnection - LED! - broadband for nothing - Plasma... ? - web speed - fast content creation - social - web 2.0 - mobile - pervasive What about... interactivity? - ubiquity - virtual worlds - profiling - personalization - tracking - 1-click purchase - user interface - Really simple syndication www.lm3labs.com localization - - Intelligent agents - messaging

Outdoor Advertising interactivity: moving from 1.0 to 2.0 www.lm3labs.com

Floor interactivity 2.0 1.0 2.0 Reactrix Gesturetek ... Too expensive Too rigid Professional Not versatile enough Fast content creation Too exclusive Versatile “for the mass” ROI in weeks Networked www.lm3labs.com

But what is interactivity? www.lm3labs.com

Outdoor Advertising 2.0 Remote Digital Interactive Versatile Fast change Statistics Management Yes Yes Yes minutes Yes worldwide Catchyoo Plasma screen Yes No Yes minutes No Yes Billboard No No No days No No TV ad Yes No Yes Days/Hours No No Video game ad Yes Yes/No Yes Days/Hours Yes/No Yes/No Web ad Yes Yes Yes/No minutes Yes Yes Phone ad Yes Yes/No No minutes Yes national Newspaper No No No days No No it is time for internet age ! www.lm3labs.com

Engage people 5 mn Average exposure time by media 300 280 260 240 220 200 180 160 140 120 100 80 30 sec 60 2 sec 40 20 0 Mobile phone ad Billboard Web site ad Radio spot TV Spot Catchyoo www.lm3labs.com

What is your “catch” today? - Customers must require for web-grade analytics - Web standards are becoming advertising standards - “TV guess” is not acceptable - Only interaction can provide accurate analytics www.lm3labs.com

Kill Outdoor Ad Production and Operation Costs - Create Interactive campaigns in minutes - Broadcast in one click - Control and Report www.lm3labs.com

New supports are possible - Shop windows - Public places tables... - ... Bowling !! - and more www.lm3labs.com

Help people! They will remember The Nike example: “We want to stop distracting people, we want to provide them a service” - Interactive show window - Interactive city guides - Weather, Health.... - e-commerce/ad are blurring www.lm3labs.com

The Secret Trick: Bridging Outdoor and Online The Chanel Example: - Step 1: DEPLOY and SHOOT in 5 majors city in a month: Paris, London, Tokyo, New York, Hong Kong - A complete new web site in real time: http://www.mademoiselle-chanel.com - Buzz campaign with 50 TOP BLOGGERS www.lm3labs.com

Example 2: XBox OOH Campaign in Japan Client: Microsoft XBox - Set up in complete new location in Shibuya: interactive, huge, connected - 1 day event: weeks on the web. www.lm3labs.com

“By-pass !! Reach Anywhere !! Create a new Order !!” “Who wants to advertise in Shibuya or Time Square for S$ 5.000 / month ?” Parco by-passes all Shibuya ad establishment Place owners embrace interactivity to get back the control on their real estate ad value. www.lm3labs.com

New Alternative Ad Agencies are here - They break the rules: FASTER ROTATION, LOWER BUDGETS, in NEW PLACES - They give the power to “people”: place owners, communities,... - They adapt to NEW BILLBOARD REGULATIONS - Open Outdoor advertising media to SMALLER CUSTOMERS - They FEDERATE ! www.lm3labs.com

Our 10 Recommendations - Digital has limited justification, Interactivity has - Kill your costs with digital - Justify with web-grade analytics - Cross media, bridge offline to online - Prepare for fighting a new kind of competition - Adapt to people new mindset to media - Be useful - There is always a v2.0... - The market is a Far West in 2007: professionalism will be the filter - Take position, make mistakes and try again... www.lm3labs.com

See you on SMRT Media booth! nicolas@lm3labs.com www.lm3labs.com www.lm3labs.com

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