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Published on February 7, 2008

Author: Marietta1

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Eastern Region Cadet Command Bold Leader:  2007 Leader’s Training Course Planning Conference “Outbriefing” 8 March 2007 Eastern Region Cadet Command Bold Leader Agenda / Timeline:  Agenda / Timeline Slide3:  28 Day Program of Instruction 15. Orienteering 16. Squad Tactics 1 & 2 17. Stream Xing; Squad Tactics #3 18. R-BPFT; BL Prep; Ldrshp Panel 19. Reinforcement/Cadet Time Bold Leader Phase 20-24. Bold Leader FTX (RONx4) - Waterborne Ops; Climbing Complex - STX Lanes; BD# 1a, 2 – 4, 5, Fld Survival - Rites Passage: FM, & Ceremony Future Leader Phase Recovery & Cdr’s Outbrief Recovery; CIF & CIIP Turn-in Grad Rehearsal; Family Day Graduation; Outprocessing Soldier First Phase 1. Reception, Inprocess 1, Physicals 2. CIF/CIIP, Inprocess 2, Army Values, Wear the Army Uniforms, 3. Tm Development Crs, D&C, Warrior Ethos , Soldiers Creed 4. D-BPFT, BRM #1, TLP’s, Guidon Ceremony Warrior Leader Phase 5. BRM #2 & #3 6. BRM #4 7. Rappelling & CWST 8. BRM #5 9. BRM #9; DV Speaker 10. Reinforcement/Cadet Time 11. First Aid & Heavy Wpns 12. Map 1 & 2; Written Test 13. Land Nav PE; Night PE (RON) 14. Land Nav Test Legend: Leadership; Personal Development Officership; Tactics & Techniques; Values & Ethics; Overview & Assessment LTC S1:  LTC S1 LTC Reinhardt LTC Lusher S1 TDA/Manning:  S1 TDA/Manning Planned strength is sufficient All billets identified with names and sufficient overlap Communication Plan:  Communication Plan No issues with computers/ printers No issues with desk phones or fax No issue with copier 8 Nextel phones requested Logistical Requirements:  Logistical Requirements Vehicle support: Four 15 pax vans (increase of 2) 2LT in-processing/training Graduation support Two sedans Agency coordination Actions completed Actions Completed:  Actions Completed Reviewed S1 TDA Inspected/ walked through in-processing area Reviewed SOP and AARs Submitted deliverables to S3 Organized/ inspected offices Back Actions Pending:  Actions Pending Distribute cadre in-processing instructions with: Reporting information Directions to building POCs and phone numbers Coordinate casual pay procedures Review out-processing checklist Concerns:  Concerns Cadre not reporting to LTC- requires command emphasis at all levels Logistical Requirements:  Logistical Requirements Request vehicle support Actions Completed:  Actions Completed PLANNING CONFERENCE Building Inspections - yes TDA Review - yes Walk-through of cadet in-processing - yes SOP and AARs reviewed with previous LTC S1 and staff – yes All logistics requested LTC S4:  LTC S4 MAJ Miller LTC S4:  LTC S4 Mission Provide logistical support for LTC 2007 TDA 25 Personnel Scheduled (7) personnel will rotate out 4 ER personnel 2 Summer Hire 3 new personnel (LTC Haynes – 2008 LTC S4) Date changes to (3) billeting personnel slots to provide overlap for personnel transition Identify personnel to fill (2) current vacancies 340-04 (ER New Hire) & 340-15 (Summer Hire) Actions completed Actions Completed:  Actions Completed Review S4 LTC AAR and lessons learned Reviewed S-4 TDA Review SOP and procedures Established S4 personnel area of responsibilities Conduct staff coordination with LTC committee/company S4 personnel, post support personnel and CIF Inventoried committee/company equipment at warehouse Submitted S4 deliverables to S3 Composite Risk Management Worksheet to Safety Conducted terrain walk of all training sites with OIC/NCOIC Ammo coordination with ER Ammo Manager and Ammo Platoon Back Actions Pending:  Actions Pending Provide SOP update to S3 Consolidate and resource LTC logistical requests from PCC Update and add phases to Master Work Order from PCC (Beaver Pond at BW Day 2 site) Coordinate with Texas Gas (use of ROW in TA 12) Compile and complete LTC vehicle tasking request for COS approval Confirm Motel Contract Award (coordinate LTC billeting assignments) Coordinate bus schedules for family day, graduation and Cadet day off Coordinate with post DFAC for Cadre dining use Coordinate for water testing at Tobacco Leaf Lake LTC 2006 End Of Year Spending:  LTC 2006 End Of Year Spending LTC S6 (IMO):  LTC S6 (IMO) LTC Lee S6 TDA/Manning:  LTC augmentations to Region IMO Staff S6 Commo NCO Supply Tech All other positions filled S6 TDA/Manning Slide20:  Communication Plan S6 Logistical Requirements:  S6 Logistical Requirements Nextel Contract - Nextel Motorola Radio System Contract - Radioland Tactical Radio Equipment & Technical Spt – UMA – Post tasking (approved) 2x GSA vehicle – LTC S4 Pickup (training area comms spt) Full-size van (audio/visual spt) Actions Completed Actions Completed:  Actions Completed Personnel Requirements: Validated Equipment Inventory: Complete Computer Distribution: Published Single Channel FM freqs: Request submitted Nextel Contract: Requirements validated, user directory compiled Hand Held Radio: LMR: distribution validated, service provider (DOIM) aware of LTC timeline Motorola Contract: distribution validated Tactical Equip & Spt Reqs: Validated Back Actions Pending:  Actions Pending Mobile Phones: update distribution and directory, let Nextel contract, submit directory, set up devices (at the start of contract activation) Hand Held Radio: Motorola: add clause to permit early ending (all/partial use), let contract, install repeater, BPT turn off service LMR: follow up with DOIM when system is accepted and date available Automation: processing of USAAC Form 101s (e-mail accounts & network access) Coordinate and implement service for external users (company cadre) access to RSN/RSNI network Telephone: update and publish phone book Concerns:  Concerns Hand Held Radio - $$ penalty to use all/part of Motorala contract Communications NCOIC – Filled Leadership Development Committee:  Leadership Development Committee LTC Felkel CSM Valdez TDA/Manning:  TDA/Manning Chief NCOIC - LTC Rob Felkel - SGM Valdez Deputy Administrative - Mr. Kip Horstmann - Ms. Judy McCuan (Region Staff) Inspectors/Instructors CCIMS - LTC Wendell Harris - Mr. Richard Avelis - MAJ Scott Macksam (Region Staff) - CPT John Ballard Stats Officer - 2LT (To be Filled) Communications plan Communication Plan:  Communication Plan Nextel Phones: - 1 LDC Chief - 1 NCOIC - 3 Inspectors / Instructors - 5 Total Telephones: - In place Computers: - E mail/CCIMS/Internal request submitted Back Logistical Requirements:  Logistical Requirements GSA Vehicles: - 3 Vehicles required ( 2 vans and 1 sedan increase) Computers: - 16/2 computers requested Office supplies: - LDC 07 office supplies secured in LDC room 314/314A - Black notebook ordered (Football Complete) TSC: - 2007 tracking calendar Actions completed Actions Completed:  Actions Completed Committee interface w/COS Support request packet submitted Offices organized Logistics coordinated Reviewed AAR / changes incorporated Updated committee in-brief Back Actions Pending:  Actions Pending Cadre (STO/DS) training - Revising instructional support material Completion of TDA - Move up inspector/instructor report date to 30 May (1 day) GSA vehicle assignments Add 157R training hour for STOs prior to Bold Leader STX Kits (order new kit for LDC) Concerns:  Concerns LTC Medical Operations:  LTC Medical Operations LTC Rice TDA/Manning (Med Ops):  TDA/Manning (Med Ops) TDA filling TBD-Most likely Civilian Contract Brigade Nurse Counselor rotation schedule set Request 1-2LT Med Service Corps Actions completed Actions Completed (Med Ops):  Actions Completed (Med Ops) Reviewed Med Ops TDA Set up Med Ops area of responsibility Reviewed SOPs and procedures Ongoing coordination complete with IACH, Margetis Clinic, S1 Sick call contingencies planned Reviewed CL VIII and equip inventory Submitted deliverables Med Pre screen form complete and validated CLS courses planned through MEDDAC back Actions Pending (Med Ops):  Actions Pending (Med Ops) TDA fill Identify physician and PA or NP to coordinate credentialing at IACH Review, finalize, and submit logistic request documents Ongoing meetings with Margetis Clinic OIC Meet with IACH Pharmacy OIC Meet with IACH LOG Chief Meet with Prev Med-LT Francis Med Pre-screen form commo to schools CLS course CL VIII supply Concerns (Med Ops):  Concerns (Med Ops) Either getting physician and PA or NP identified in time for credentialing purposes or contract initiated with civilians 68W shortage/fill TDA/Manning:  TDA/Manning Planned strength is sufficient All billets identified with names and sufficient overlap Communication Plan:  Communication Plan No issues with computers No issues with Nextel phones No issues with desk phones or fax No issue with copier LTC Safety:  LTC Safety LTC Pat Johnson MAJ Bob Foy Actions Completed:  Actions Completed Coordination meeting with Post Safety Receipt of RMWS from LTC Committees back Actions Pending:  Actions Pending Change to Safety Annex of SOP (Severe Weather Plan) Hands-On Drivers Trng TSP Actions completed Commandant of Cadets:  Commandant of Cadets COL Valerie Border Slide43:  COC 2x2LT Commandant of Cadets TF 1-46 IN Trans Cell (2/3/2) Chaplain Holding Co 100th KARNG LNO Cell (2/2/1) Deputy COC COC SGM COC OPSO COC DAC C Co 2-46 IN A Co 1-46 IN B Co 1-46 IN C Co 1-46 IN D Co 1-46 IN TDA/Manning:  TDA/Manning Female CTO/PTO slots Company 2 & 3 (personnel unavailable in Cadet Command) Recommend company cadre arrive at Ft. Knox the same day Communication Plan:  Communication Plan Recommend STO communication resource; e.g. hand held radios Nextel phone distribution plan adequate Logistical Requirements:  Logistical Requirements Transportation plan for female drills; authorize rental car on orders Recommend on post billeting for female drills Increase company transportation assets by 1 Sedan/Pickup Actions completed Actions Completed:  Actions Completed Commandant’s In-Brief Leadership Development Committee brief Meeting with 1-46 IN key personnel Barracks walk-thru Equipment inventories Training schedules scrubbed/changes submitted LTC sync matrix scrubbed Recon training sites Validated TDA, automation, commo, and transportation requirements Back Concerns/Challenges:  Concerns/Challenges Female drill sergeants receive packing list and LTC uniform / TA-50 requirements Mail LTC Cadet & Cadre Handbook to Universities with candidate & 2LT projections prior to 1 May 2007 Conduct land navigation awards in lieu of milestone ceremony Distribute camelbacks prior to land navigation Concerns/Challenges (2of2):  Concerns/Challenges (2of2) Family day sign out; 1-46 handles cadet sign out at Patton Museum; uniform for cadets BDU or cadets bring change of civilian clothes Recommend barefoot CWST; only 1 pr of running shoes on list Recommend STO option of TDY Enroute or TDY & return to HOR 1-46th Infantry:  1-46th Infantry LTC QUILLIN Training and Support Issues:  Training and Support Issues Training All 1-46th IN companies will conduct gender integrated training NLT 15 March 07. Routine weapons accountability, personnel accountability, and the status of all facilities are monitored through daily open/close reports. Support LTC cycle push packages are due to 1-46th IN S4 on 09 March 07 and will be submitted through LTC S4. Gender integrated training doors – installation timeline. C Company, 2-46th IN building inspections will be conducted NLT 15 March 07 and remediation will begin contemporaneously. Work orders pending on 2 washers, 3 dryers, and 2 toilets. Extra weapons scheduled in RATSS from Holder on 06 March 07. FMO – 1-46th IN will be prepared to accommodate 260 Cadets per cycle NLT 15 April 07. Warrior Committee:  Warrior Committee Committee OIC: LTC Ken Romaine Committee NCOIC: MSG John Torre Slide53:  To conduct Rappelling, Stream Crossing, and CWST training that stresses self-confidence, personal courage, and teamwork, through challenging and fun activities that will enhance their overall course experience and better prepare them for their future as prospective Army leaders. Purpose: Increase cadet self-confidence and leadership attributes in order to better prepare them for lateral entry into the Advance Course, and to inspire them to continue their commitment to ROTC and future service as an Officer in the United States Army. Mission Intent:  Intent For Cadets: Inspire Cadet prospects to remain in ROTC Safely train on all three sites - no lost training injuries - physically rehearse evacuation procedures For 2LTs Ensure a smooth transition into the Army Continue to develop them as Officers For Cadre Resource to facilitate mission success Ensure quality of life is maintained thru summer Slide55:  Warrior Committee TDA (44 Total Cadre) LTC Romaine Committee Chief Rappelling MAJ Bergeron OIC CWST LTC Pugh OIC Stream Crossing LTC Marinich OIC 14 Cadre (11 2LTs) 14 Cadre (11 2LTs) 14 Cadre (11 2LTs) LTC Sargent Deputy MSG Torre NCOIC Concept of the Operation:  Concept of the Operation PREP PHASE (Timeline) 29 May: Report/In Process Sign for Supplies and Equipment Deliver Sand Bags, Gravel, Bleachers, Latrines, Dumpsters, Camo Nets, Vehicles 1 June: Site Prep Starts (Focus: Rappel & CWST) 4 June: Range Certification – 2 per committee 31 May-3Jun: Lifeguard Certification 10 June – CWST/Rappelling Rehearsal 16 June – Stream Crossing Rehearsal CLS Certification Concept of the Operation:  Concept of the Operation EXECUTION Cross-training for Stream Crossing & Rappelling Training Day Routine Morning Iteration: 0800-1230 Evening Iteration: 1300-1700 Remedial Swim Training: 1900-2000 (2 nights per company) Inclement Weather Plan: Rappel: Designated Wooded Area Stream Crossing: Designated Wooded Area Alt Site (Dry Crossing) not yet built CWST: Exit Water, Remain in Building Slide58:  Concept of the Operation D+5-11: D+17-18: Rappelling Combat Water Survival Training Stream Crossing ½ Day (switch at noon) 1st & 2nd Platoon – Rappelling 3rd & 4th Platoon – CWST 0800-1230 1300-1700 1st & 2nd Platoon – CWST 3rd & 4th Platoon – Rappelling Morning - Concept of the Operation:  Concept of the Operation RECOVERY Rappel/CWST: 10-12 July / Educator visit is last “hot” day LT’s will move to Stream Crossing upon closure of Rappel/CWST Stream Crossing: 10-12 July / Educator Visit is last “hot” day Equipment & Supply Turn-in Awards and Certificates Letters of Input Personnel Out-processing Communication Plan:  Communication Plan Stream Crossing: No Issues OE-254 w/ Base Station (2 radios) Land Line (x2) Commercial Generator for Power Source CWST: No Issues Land line and cell phone Rappelling: No Issues Land Line & SINCGARS manpack Logistical Requirements:  Logistical Requirements Material Requirements No significant issues pending/requiring resolution Engineer Requirements Stream Crossing Gravel & sandbags Stump/tree removal Rappelling – Gravel, mulch and sandbags Communication Plan No issues Site Evacuation/Safety:  Site Evacuation/Safety CASEVAC Ground Support for Cadre – Internal Assets Ground Support for Cadets – Company Provided Stretcher and CLS bag on site with CASEVAC vehicle Primary means is ground evac to Ireland due to close proximity to hospital All MEDEVAC conducted through Range Control Initial Risk Assessment: Low for CWST, Stream Crossing Moderate for Rappelling Actions completed Actions Completed:  Actions Completed OICs & NCOICs Range Certified (except Stream Crossing) Inventoried Equipment Recon/Inspected all training sites Validated / Updated TDA Coordinated STO/Company Cadre Training Dates Risk Assessments Completed Submitted all support requests Back Concerns:  Concerns CO 1 STO Training too early (site prep) Lifeguard Certification Dates (vs 2LT In-processing) Educator Visit plan (Rappel/Stream Crossing) Navigation Committee:  Navigation Committee LTC Vacchi / LTC Koebrich Navigation Committee Task Org:  Navigation Committee Task Org Navigation Training Footprint:  Navigation Training Footprint Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Bivouac 1 Day Break Orienteering Committee:  Orienteering Committee 1LT Green / 1SG Angel Rivera Orienteering Actions Completed:  Orienteering Actions Completed Reviewed MTP and training schedules Validated TDA and manning chart Reviewed rehearsal schedule (full walk-through scheduled for 15 June 2007) Conducted site recon. All engineering requirements have been determined and submitted Coordinated range utilization with Range Control Range certification complete Gator certification complete Conducted inspection/inventory of training aids – missing items have been requested Requested logistical support Updated RC Battle roster Submitted risk assessment Revised Map Sheet Orienteering Actions Pending:  Orienteering Actions Pending Internal Dress Rehearsals (Apr/May BAs) Install course points (2-3 Jun) Committee Chief Rehearsal (3 Jun) Printing of new signage (S3) Printing of OC Books (S3) Printing of maps (S3) Requisition of Incentive Items (S2) Land Navigation Committee:  Land Navigation Committee 2LT Dorsey / SFC Chrisman Land Navigation Actions Completed:  Land Navigation Actions Completed Reviewed/Updated POI (Feb/Mar) Validated TDA and manning chart (Feb/Mar) Reviewed rehearsal schedule (Feb/Mar) Conducted site recon (Feb/Mar) Coordinated range utilization with Range Control (Feb) Conducted inspection/inventory of training aids (Feb/Mar) Requested logistical support (Feb) Prepared initial risk assessment (Mar) Revised Map Sheets Land Navigation Actions Pending:  Land Navigation Actions Pending Internal Dress Rehearsals (Apr/May BAs) Install course points 2-3 Jun Committee Chief Rehearsal (3 Jun) Printing of new signage (S3) Printing of new maps (S3) Printing of PEs and Tests (S3) Overall Committee Issues:  Overall Committee Issues ID NCOIC from USAR Complete Rehearsals Reprint Maps ID Incentive Items GP Medium tents at Night Land Nav? De-conflict Pinwheel Road w/BOLCIII Additional Water Turtle Bold Leader Committee:  Bold Leader Committee LTC Holly (New) CSM Hixon (Returning) Slide76:  Bold Leader phase is conducted in a “round robin” manner, training at 4 locations. Daily rotation between the four training sites. Primary focus will be squad size tactics, core battle drills, and confidence training. Three groups will be developed from a four platoon company. Squad integrity will be maintained, but one platoon will be broken up to create three groups. Groups will have four to six squads. Key Tasks: Bold Leader Prep/In-briefing Field Movement/Vertical Descent Squad Attack/Defend STX Lanes (6 different STX lanes available, 4 mandatory) Climbing Complex Water Operations Patrol Base Activities (Opportunity Training for CMT’s, set up at each site) Early morning Foot March & Rites of Passage Ceremony (0500) LTC 2007 Bold Leader DAY 2 DAY 3 DAY 4 DAY 1 Slide77:  Bold Leader Task Organization Chief Bold Leader NCOIC Bold Leader S3 S4 Driver NCOIC OPS NCO Drivers X 5 Where Eagles Dare OIC (X 2) Where Eagles Dare NCOIC Supply Tech Instructor X 8 Asst. Instructor Safety X 8 Bold Warrior OIC Bold Warrior NCOIC Supply Tech X 2 NCOIC Attack DAY 1 Battle Drills NCOIC: DAY 2 OPFOR / OC X 13 OPFOR / OC X 13 Call of the Wild OIC Call of the Wild NCOIC Boat Repair NCO Log Officer X 2 Water OPNS Lifeguard X 8 Supply NCO Water OPNS NCOIC OIC CMT NCOIC CMT Team 1 NCOIC Team 1 Chief Team 2 NCOIC Team 2 Chief CMT TEAM 1 X 17 CMT TEAM 2 X 17 130 Cadre Deputy Bold Leader Log Officer X 2 Log Officer LOG LNO X 2 LNO Supply Tech Squad STX officer X 2 Squad STX NCOIC Coach Mentor Trainer (CMT) Committee:  Coach Mentor Trainer (CMT) Committee MAJ Powell (Returning) MSG Kirkpatrick (New) Slide79:  Coach Mentor Trainer (CMT) OIC CMT OIC NCOIC Team 1 NCOIC Team 1 Chief Team 2 NCOIC Team 2 Chief CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 = 17 = 17 CMTs Mission: Coach, mentor, and train cadets using dynamic physically and mentally challenging training opportunities during a four-day field training exercise. Enhance cadets’ squad interaction, personal growth, character foundation, and leadership development using leadership principles, squad tactical movements, and field training concepts. Darby Merrill Rites of Passage Ceremony Coach Mentor Trainer TDA/Manning:  Coach Mentor Trainer TDA/Manning Contacted 80% of CMTs only 1 has medical issues Problems with the TDA No phone numbers or e-mail addresses Where Eagles Dare Committee:  Where Eagles Dare Committee LTC Pickett (New) MSG Clark (Returning) Where Eagles Dare Concept of the Operation:  Where Eagles Dare Concept of the Operation PREP PHASE (4 June – 24 Jun) 4 June – all cadre report / in process 5 June - Sign for Vehicles and equipment 5-6 June – Site inspection by contractor 7-11 June – Instructor certification by contractor 12 June – JROTC training 13 June – Site maintenance Where Eagles Dare Concept of the Operation:  Where Eagles Dare Concept of the Operation PREP PHASE (Cont.) 14-24 June – LT training/certification Site preparation Range Certification (all NCOs & LTs not certified) CLS training 3 day pass (internal) 14/16/21/23/25 June STO training 18/21 June CMT training 18 June Commander’s Rehearsal Where Eagles Dare Concept of the Operation:  Where Eagles Dare Concept of the Operation EXECUTION (25 June – 16July) 1 day per training rotation Day 1 0730 – Cadets arrive and set up bivouac site 0815-0900 – OIC/NCOIC safety brief and course demo’s AM (0900-1230) A team (3 squads) – Ground training/High ropes course B team (3 squads) – Belay site/Alpine Tower/Climbing wall PM (1330-1700) B team (3 squads) – Ground training/High ropes course A team (3 squads) – Belay site/Alpine Tower/Climbing wall *Note - Day 2 – 0700 – Buses arrive to move cadets to Bold Warrior Where Eagles Dare Concept of the Operation:  Where Eagles Dare Concept of the Operation RECOVERY (16-18 July) Prior to recovery dates AAR Prep Awards and certificate nominations Letters of Input Equipment maintenance 17-18 July – Equipment turn-in 19 July – Out-process / depart Actions completed Where Eagles Dare Communication Plan:  Where Eagles Dare Communication Plan FM Primary MAG Drop Alternate Cell Phone/Nextel – OIC/NCOIC Brick hand held – 6 ea. Where Eagles Dare Logistics Requirements:  Where Eagles Dare Logistics Requirements 1 ea. water trailer Firewood Pad for cargo net (start of ropes course) Vehicles 5 ea. 15 PAX vans (1 is EVAC vehicle) 1 ea. ¼ ton truck (supply) Where Eagles Dare Site Evacuation / Safety:  Where Eagles Dare Site Evacuation / Safety CASEVAC 1 ea. 15 PAX van w/out seats Evac by ground directly to IACH Inclement weather–Lightning/tornados Internal - move to low ground until clear Extreme - as per guidance from higher Initial Risk Assessment is LOW Where Eagles Dare Actions Completed:  Where Eagles Dare Actions Completed Equipment inventory/inspection Equipment requests submitted Site recon TDA scrub Revised continuity book Risk Assessment Coordinated CMT/STO Training Dates Submitted all Support Requests Back Where Eagles Dare Actions Pending:  Where Eagles Dare Actions Pending Post safety inspection of climbing complex. Must be completed NLT 5 June. Call of the Wild (COW):  Call of the Wild (COW) LTC Manning (New) MSG Foor (Returning) Call of the Wild:  Call of the Wild PREP PHASE (10 June-22 July) All report 10 June (In Process) Range Control Certification (8 LT’s, SFC McCabe recertification) Mail Handlers (2 LT’s) Site Preparation (12 June - 22 June) Sign for Supplies and Equipment (11 – 12 June) Deliver Dumpster, Latrines, Camo Nets, Portalets Connex on site Jon Boats w/gas engines from Outdoor Rec “Train the Trainer” (16 June - 20 June) Rehearsals (21-22 Jun) Slide93:  EXECUTION ( 25 June - 17 July ) 3 X Training Days 20 Platoons Certified Training Day Routine INTRO / SAFETY / WEATHER PONCHO RAFT, JUNKYARD WARS, ZODIAC TNG CULMINATION EXERCISE – ZODIAC RACE TRAINING ITERATION: 0800-1530 Call of the Wild Call of the Wild:  RECOVERY ( 16 - 17 July ) AAR Prep / Completion Equipment & Supply Turn-in (16 – 17 Jul) Awards and Certificates ( 15 Jul) Letters of Input (18 Jul) Personnel Out-processing (18 Jul) Call of the Wild Commo plan Logistic requirements Call of the Wild Communication Plan:  EXTERNAL 1 - FM (SINCGARS) to Range Control 1 - OE254 1 - Land Line 5 - Nextels INTERNAL 6 - Motorola Call of the Wild Communication Plan Back Call of the Wild Logistical Requirements :  Call of the Wild Logistical Requirements 01 – Dumpster 01 – Milvan 20 – Portalets 30 – Camo Sets 04 – GP Medium 02 – GP Small 30 – Burn Barrels 24 – 55gl Barrels 02 – 4x4 Trucks w/Reese Hitch Adapter 03 – 15 Pax Van 01 – Gator Back Call of the Wild Site Evacuation/Safety:  Call of the Wild Site Evacuation/Safety CASEVAC 1 ea. 15 PAX van w/out seats Evac by ground directly to IACH Initial Risk Assessment is: Moderate Inclement weather–Lightning/tornados Internal - move to low ground until clear Extreme - as per guidance from higher Initial Risk Assessment is Moderate Actions completed Call of the Wild Actions Completed:  Call of the Wild Actions Completed Site Survey Site Maintenance Requests Initial Equipment Check Initial Support Requests Range Control Certification TDA Date Adjustments Requests IMO Support Requests Back Call of the Wild Actions Pending:  Call of the Wild Actions Pending Lifeguard Qualification Site Maintenance Rehearse Ground Casualty Evacuation Route Range Recertification for SFC McCabe Small Boat Repair Course Bold Warrior Committee:  Bold Warrior Committee LTC Rydbom (Returning) MSG Moctezuma (Returning) Bold Warrior Training Objectives:  Bold Warrior Training Objectives Build Individual / Equipment Confidence Build Personal Courage Promote Physical Stamina Squad Tactics – Actions on Contact / Attack / Knock out Bunker / Defend Vertical Descent Slide102:  Bold Warrior (DAY 1) Training Objectives Build Individual/Equipment Confidence Builds Personal Courage Promote Physical Stamina Refresher Training Prior to LD IMT Fire Team Movement React to Contact Linear Danger Areas Partisan Link-up Operations Battle Drills (2 and 5) 9 Line MEDEVAC First Aid Tasks Patrol Base Activities Rappelling Stream Crossing DAY 1 Tactical training in planning bays 3,500 meter tactical movement to OBJ Dog (Insurgent Weapon Cache) React to Contact enroute Squad Attack [Enemy OP] (BD2) Partisan (Guide) Linkup Vertical Descent Stream Crossing Knock out Bunker (BD5) Patrol Base Activities PB OBJ Eagle React to Contact / Destroy Enemy OP’s PT1 – ET 88430229 PT2 – ET88540231 Day 1 Timeline 0730: Arrive 0730-0930:In-Brief / Planning Bays 0930: 1st SQD SP (1330 TOT) 0930: 4th SQD SP (1330 TOT) 1000: 2nd SQD SP (1430 TOT) 1000: 5th SQD SP (1430 TOT) 1030: 3rd SQD SP (1530 TOT) 1030: 6th SQD SP (1530 TOT) 1800-0600: PB Activities SQDs Encounter an Enemy Screen Line during tactical movement: Enemy OP. Continues to Partisan Linkup Partisan Link-up Vertical Descent OBJ Wolverine Knock out Bunkers ET 88970387 ET 88840380 One Rope Bridge or RB-15 Crossing Patrol Base Classes / Tasks: Squad Sector Sketch Range Cards 3. Establish an LP/OP Slide103:  Bold Warrior (BW) TOC DAY 2 OBJ Wolverine/OBJ Eagle 1- Break Contact (BD3) 2- React to Ambush (BD4) 3- Establish Ambush PB OBJ Eagle OBJ Wolverine DAY 2 Timeline 0600-0700: Chow 0700: 6 Squads to move to 6 different TAAs 0715: Shotgun Start (2 hours / lane) Patrol Base AAR / Night Ambush Patrol 1 3 2 2 1 3 LANE 1 – Break Contact LANE 2 – React to Ambush LANE 3 – Establish Ambush Bold Warrior Communication Plan:  Bold Warrior Communication Plan 2 x OE-254 2 x Vehicle Mounted SINGARS 21 LAND MOBILE Radios (CMT Compatible) 9 x NEXTEL Cell Phones 1 x OIC 1 x NCOIC 1 x Day 1 NCOIC 1 x Day 2 NCOIC 1 x TOC NCOIC 3 x Supply Personnel 1 x TOC’s Bold Warrior Vehicle Plan:  Bold Warrior Vehicle Plan GSA Vehicles (7 total) 4 x 4x4 pick-up trucks (2 x Supply, 1 x OIC, 1 x NCOIC) 3 x 15 pax Vans (1 x Supply, 3 x CADRE & LT’s) Military Vehicles (4 total) 2 x HMMWV (COMMO) w/ Radios 2 x GATORs Bold Warrior Certification Requirements:  Bold Warrior Certification Requirements CLS 2 NCO’s / 4 LT’s (1 NCO currently certified) Range Certification 8 LT’s (TOC Staff) GATOR ALL (32 personnel) Rappel OIC, 4 x NCOIC’s, 27 LT’s (TOTAL 32) WVAA 5 Cadre, 2 GS, 28 x LT’s (Total 32) Bold Warrior Site Evacuation/Safety:  Bold Warrior Site Evacuation/Safety CASEVAC 5 ea. 15 PAX van w/out seats Evac by ground directly to IACH Inclement weather–Lightning/tornados Internal - move to low ground until clear Extreme - as per guidance from higher Initial Risk Assessment is Moderate Slide108:  TA12 Beaver pond Bold Leader Committee Issues Visitors Bureau:  Visitors Bureau LTC Flood (3rd Year) SFC Johnson (2nd Year) Concept of Operations:  Concept of Operations Provide 24-hour support to military, civilian VIPs/DVs (from arrival to departure) TDA provides 4x Escort/Driver Teams with 15-pax GSA 2LTs escort O-7/O-6 and civilian DVs/VIPs VB Chief escorts all flag officers O-8 and above VB NCOIC escorts all CSMs Support Family Day activities, Graduation Ceremonies (add’l 2LT ushers/VIP escorts) Tied in with Post Protocol, USAREC Protocol Actions completed TDA/Manning:  TDA/Manning No Major Issues 4 Mil ROTC Cadre (3 require CLS) 1 Civ ROTC Cadre 1 GS Admin Tech 1 NCO/4 EM Drivers Ft Knox PP 5 2LT Escort Officers Need close eye on tasking of drivers from Fort Knox 1st Half VB Chief (LTC Flood) extended two days to 01 JUL 07 (allow 5 days total BHO time) Equipment:  Equipment No Major Issues Vehicles: 4x 15-pax GSA Vans, 1x GSA Sedan Commo: 6x NEXTELs Automation: 7x PCs w/peripherals, 1x desktop color printer requested Office Set-Up: no issues Actions Completed:  Actions Completed Initial Contact with ER and Fort Knox POCs Reconnaissance of Fort Knox cantonment area and training areas Validated supplies, communications, and automation Validated LTC 2006 AAR issues (all resolved) Inspected work areas and identified logistical requirements (submitted to Region G4) Reviewed SOPs and procedures (No Issues) Back Actions Pending:  Actions Pending S2 - Conduct coordination/confirm support to Educator Visit (NLT COB THURS 08 MAR 07) S2 - Conduct initial coordination for identified Distinguished Visitors (NLT COB 08 MAR 07) HQ ER - Review info flow for prep for graduation w/Patty Klockow (NLT COB 08 MAR 07) S2 - Continue information flow with ER Staff and incoming VB cadre (thru 29 MAY 07) VB Chief - Back brief in detail 2nd VB Chief (O/O) S4- Follow-up on outstanding supply requests (corkboards, GSA Vehicles, CL I, desktop color printer, etc.) (thru 29 MAY 07) EDUCATOR’S VISIT:  EDUCATOR’S VISIT Educator Visit:  Educator Visit 9 - 13 July 07 MOI issued 23 Jan 07 140 Slots, allocated to 14 BDEs, 6 Educators, 4 Nurse Suspense for name submissions from BDEs 27 Apr 07 Agenda planned by S3, based on MTS, same as LTC 06 Sufficient Cadre to support mission, 8 Escort Officers, 1 NCO, 1 Banquet OIC Briefed support staff on requirements. Worked a plan of action for events and assigned duties. Walk-thru area of operation Reviewed logistical support, PPIs, transportation, lodging, & social events. Coordination w/Museums for Period Uniforms. Coordination for Guest Speaker (Bill Beesting, Assistant Dean, FIU) Coordination w/VB for transportation of Educators/Panel Discussion/Parade of Flags Incorporating 06 AAR into this year’s program; BDUs at hotel, water on buses, food available at hotel and shuttle to local restaurants/stores, day of arrival. 1st IPR to Region CDR 23 Mar 07 Subsequent IPRs 30 Apr, 10 May, 21 May LTC PAO:  LTC PAO Mr. Arel TDA/Manning:  TDA/Manning --- 2 GS civilians (PAO and supply tech) --- 1 NCO (COMtek SGM) --- 2 special projects officers (split slot with 2 MAJs) --- 2 contractors (deputy PAO and writer) --- 1 2LT --- 13 interns (college students) Actions completed Logistical Requirements:  Logistical Requirements 2 GSA vehicles 5 rental vehicles (interns) 1 radio Actions Completed:  Actions Completed Acclimated NCOIC to support plan and outlined PAO functions during LTC NCOIC completed 15 pax training NCOIC familiarized with training sites, company areas and post Completed office risk assessment Made contact with various committees PAO will interface with during LTC Shared speakers/DV rosters with VB Back Actions Pending:  Actions Pending Hiring of summer interns Contact special projects officer Awarding of rental vehicle and photo support contracts LTC CoS:  LTC CoS COL IPPOLITO REGION COMMANDER:  REGION COMMANDER COL FRUSHA

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