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Published on February 5, 2008

Author: Durante

Source: authorstream.com

Eastern Region Cadet Command Bold Leader:  2006 Leader’s Training Course Planning Conference “Outbriefing” 10 March 2006 Eastern Region Cadet Command Bold Leader Agenda:  Agenda Bold Leader Warrior Navigation Leadership Development LTC S1 LTC S4 LTC S6 Medical Visitor’s Bureau Educator’s Visit LTC PAO Commandant of Cadets 1-46 IN Safety Chief of Staff Commander Bold Leader Committee:  Bold Leader Committee LTC Stenzel CSM Hixon Slide4:  Bold Leader phase is conducted in a “round robin” manner with three separate phases rotating every two days. Focus during each phase will differ slightly; however, the primary focus will be squad size tactics, core battle drills, and confidence training. Three groups will be developed from a four platoon company. Squad integrity will be maintained, but one platoon will be broken up to create three groups. Groups will have four to six squads. Purpose: Stress leadership challenges and motivating events while teaching the fundamentals of small unit tactics, personal growth, and team work, coupled with, skills, attributes and actions required for basic officership development. Key Tasks: Bold Leader Prep/In-briefing Field Movement/Vertical Descent Squad Attack/Defend STX Lanes Climbing Complex Water Operations Survival Training Foot March & Rites of Passage Ceremony Phase 1 DAY 1 DAY 2 Phase 2 DAY 1 DAY 2 Phase 3 DAY 1 DAY 2 Changes from LTC 05 Consolidation of all Squad Tactics to BW Conducting only Survival and Waterborne Operations During COW Adding a Rope Climb to WED BW – Bold Warrior (STX)) WED – Where Eagles Dare (Climbing) COW – Call of the Wild (Water Operations LTC 2006 Bold Leader Concept Slide5:  SQD STX 1 NCOIC Bold Leader Task Organization Chief Bold Leader NCOIC Bold Leader S3 S4 Driver NCOIC OPS NCO Driver Driver Driver Driver Driver Where Eagles Dare OIC Where Eagles Dare NCOIC Supply NCO Instructor Instructor Instructor Instructor Instructor Instructor Instructor = 5 = 7 Asst. Instructor Safety Asst. Instructor Safety Asst. Instructor Safety Asst. Instructor Safety Asst. Instructor Safety Asst. Instructor Safety Asst. Instructor Safety Asst. Instructor Safety Asst. Instructor Safety = 9 Bold Warrior OIC Bold Warrior NCOIC Supply NCO Supply NCO NCOIC Attack DAY 1 Battle Drills NCOIC: DAY 2 OPFOR / OC OPFOR / OC OPFOR / OC OPFOR / OC OPFOR / OC OPFOR / OC OPFOR / OC OPFOR / OC = 8 OPFOR / OC OPFOR / OC OPFOR / OC OPFOR / OC OPFOR / OC OPFOR / OC OPFOR / OC OC = 8 Call of the Wild OIC Call of the Wild NCOIC Boat Repair NCO OPFOR / OC OPFOR / OC OPFOR / OC OPFOR / OC OPFOR / OC OPFOR / OC OPFOR / OC Water OPNS Lifeguard = 8 Survival Supply NCO Supply NCO Water OPNS NCOIC Survival O/C NCOIC SQD STX 1 Officer Survival Officer OPFOR / OC OPFOR / OC OPFOR / OC OPFOR / OC OPFOR / OC OPFOR / OC OPFOR / OC Survival OC = 8 OIC CMT OIC NCOIC Team 1 NCOIC Team 1 Chief Team 2 NCOIC Team 2 Chief CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 = 17 = 17 118 Cadre TDA/Manning:  TDA/Manning Short 12 LT’s for BW on Overlap Days Request STO’s from Co. 1 & 2 to augment 2 LT’s move from COW to BW Changed report date for CMT OIC/NCOIC & Team Chiefs OIC/NCOIC to 9 June Add XO position back to TDA for LTC 07 Calendar:  Calendar Prep Phase 30 May – 27 June Execution Phase 28 June – 28 July Recovery Phase 28 July – 31 July Bold Warrior Committee:  Bold Warrior Committee LTC Eric Rydbom MSG Sidney LeJeune Slide9:  Bold Warrior (Day 1) Training Objectives Build Individual/Equipment Confidence Builds Personal Courage Promote Physical Stamina Refresher Training Prior to LD IMT Fire Team Movement React to Contact Linear Danger Areas Partisan Link-up Operations Battle Drills (2 and 5) 9 Line MEDEVAC First Aid Tasks Patrol Base Activities Rappelling Stream Crossing DAY 1 Tactical training in planning bays 3,500 meter tactical movement to OBJ Dog (Insurgent Weapon Cache) React to Contact enroute Squad Attack [Enemy OP] (BD2) Partisan (Guide) Linkup Vertical Descent Stream Crossing Knock out Bunker (BD5) Patrol Base Activities PB OBJ Eagle React to Contact / Destroy Enemy OP’s PT1 – ET 88430229 PT2 – ET88540231 Day 1 Timeline 0730: Arrive 0730-0930:In-Brief / Planning Bays 0930: 1st SQD SP (1330 TOT) 0930: 4th SQD SP (1330 TOT) 1000: 2nd SQD SP (1430 TOT) 1000: 5th SQD SP (1430 TOT) 1030: 3rd SQD SP (1530 TOT) 1030: 6th SQD SP (1530 TOT) 1800-0600: PB Activities SQDs Encounter an Enemy Screen Line during tactical movement: Enemy OP. Continues to Partisan Linkup Partisan Link-up Vertical Descent OBJ Wolverine Knock out Bunkers ET 88990379 ET 88830386 Slide10:  Bold Warrior (Day 2) TOC DAY 2 OBJ Wolverine/OBJ Eagle 1- Break Contact (BD3) 2- React to Ambush (BD4) 3- Establish Ambush PB OBJ Eagle OBJ Wolverine DAY 2 Timeline 0600-0700: Chow 0700: 6 Squads to move to 6 different TAAs 0715: Shotgun Start (2 hours / lane) 1400: Move to TOC for AAR / Movement Prep TOC 1 3 2 2 1 3 LANE 1 – Break Contact LANE 2 – React to Ambush LANE 3 – Establish Ambush Personnel Shortfalls:  Personnel Shortfalls 2LT’s / OC’s (BOLD WARRIOR) 31 Required for overlap days / 19 for normal operations Continuous Operations (5 total) 2ea x 2 TOC’s (4 total) 1ea w/ Supply NCO’s Day 1 Operations 2ea x 2 React to Contact Lanes (4 total) 2ea Partisan Link-up 2ea x 2 Vertical Descent Lanes (4 total) 2ea x 2 Bunker Assault Lanes (4 total) Day 2 Operations 2ea x 6 Lanes (12 total) Personnel Shortfalls:  Personnel Shortfalls Request Commo NCO (received one last year through installation support, 100th Div) Call of the Wild Committee:  Call of the Wild Committee LTC Anderson MSG Camacho Slide14:  Call of the Wild (Day 1) TOC Survival Classes PB PB DAY 1 Survival Training Camouflage self and Equipment Field expedient shelters Water Procurement Edible and poisonous plants Snare / trapping techniques Build hasty individual fighting position Fires / Cooking Patrol Base Operations DAY 1 Timeline 0630-0800: Chow 0800-1500: 6 Squads receive initial survival training 1500-1600: Tactical Movement to Patrol Bases 1600-2200: Survival Training in Patrol Base 2200-0600: RON in Patrol Base 0600-0700: Administrative Movement to Tobacco Leaf Lake PB PB PB PB Training Objectives Build Leadership and individual self-confidence while conducting survival training 700 M Slide15:  Call of the Wild (Day 2) TOC DAY 2 Timeline 0700-0800: Chow 0800-1700: Waterborne Operations 1700-1800: Dinner/Prep for Buss Movement Training Objectives Build Leadership and individual self-confidence while conducting waterborne operations RB 15 Operations Flotation Device Training Junkyard Wars Squad Patrol Bases DAY 2 Waterborne Operations RB 15 operations / competition Create flotation device survival techniques (Poncho Rafts) Create field expedient flotation devises / competition (Junkyard Wars) AA Concerns:  Concerns Road grading and gravel into new patrol bases Widen route for boat race Need 2 GP Mediums Where Eagles Dare Committee:  Where Eagles Dare Committee LTC Holly MSG Fawbush Slide18:  Training Objectives Enhance individual self-confidence while developing teamwork and leadership skills Moore’s Mountain Merrill’s Marauder Rudder’s Ropes Green's Groto Ground School Rope Climb Basic mountaineering skills associated with the Forest Hills Climbing Complex Timeline 0630-0730: Arrive/Chow 0730-0800: AO Brief 0800-1800: Round Robin Training 1800-0600: PB Activities Where Eagles Dare (WED) Moore’s Mountain Merrill’s Marauder Rudder’s Ropes Green’s Groto Concerns:  Concerns MSG Fawbush on TDY status for Camp # of Region Personnel attending Climbing Cert MSG Shipman (COMTEK) CMT Committee:  CMT Committee MAJ Colley MSG Jones Slide21:  Coach Mentor Trainer (CMT) OIC CMT OIC NCOIC Team 1 NCOIC Team 1 Chief Team 2 NCOIC Team 2 Chief CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 CMT TEAM 1 CMT TEAM 2 = 17 = 17 CMTs Mission: Coach, mentor, and train cadets using dynamic physically and mentally challenging training opportunities during a six-day field training exercise. Enhance cadets’ squad interaction, personal growth, character foundation, and leadership development using leadership principles, squad tactical movements, and field training concepts. CMT Cadre must be familiar with FM 7-8 and must not have any profiles or physical problems that prohibit participation in lifting, rock climbing, foot marching, rappelling, swimming or tactical field training operations. Darby Merrill Rites of Passage Ceremony TDA/Manning:  TDA/Manning 90% of CMT’s Contacted and are a go No Medical Problems Noted Unable to make positive contact with 4 personnel ISSUES:  ISSUES DX Capability on Prep Day for BL QUESTIONS?:  QUESTIONS? Warrior Committee:  Warrior Committee Committee OIC: LTC Van Vliet Committee NCOIC: MSG Torre Concept of the Operation:  Concept of the Operation PREP PHASE (Timeline) 30 May – Report/In Process 1 June – Site Prep Starts (Focus = Rappel & CWST) 6 June – Committee Rappel Certification 3 – 6 June – Lifeguard Certification 15 June – CWST/Rappelling Rehearsal 21 June – FLRC rehearsal 24 June – Stream Crossing Rehearsal PREP Certification/Deliverables Range Control Certification – 2 for committee Lifeguard Certification/CLS Certification Sign for Supplies and Equipment Deliver Sand Bags, Gravel, Bleachers, Dumpsters, Conex, Latrines, Camo Nets Concept of the Operation:  Concept of the Operation EXECUTION Synchronized all Lieutenants with hot days & additional training Cross-training for Stream Crossing & Rappelling All LT’s at Rappelling thru 1st Hot Day Training Day Routine Morning Iteration: 0800-1230 Evening Iteration: 1300-1700 Remedial Swim Training: 1900-2000 (2 nights per company) Inclement Weather Plan: Rappel: Wooded Designated Area Stream Crossing: Wooded Designated Area CWST: Exit Water, Remain in Building FLRC: Wooded Designated Area Concept of the Operation:  Concept of the Operation RECOVERY Rappel/CWST: 13 July – Educator visit is last “hot” day LT’s will move to Stream Crossing upon closure of Rappel/CWST Stream Crossing: 18 July – Educator Visit is last “hot” day FLRC: 21 July – Last “hot” day Focal Points: Equipment & Supply Turn-in Awards and Certificates Letters of Input Personnel Out-processing TDA/Manning:  TDA/Manning 30 LT’s (same as 2005). Cross-training between Rappel & Stream Crossing LTs Allows flexibility with cross-training No FORSCOM SPT for AA qualitied NCO’s Request – 1 Additional NCO’s ISO Rappelling Operations (Tower Safety) Communication Plan:  Communication Plan Stream Crossing: No Issues Challenges with OE-254 in 2004. Resolved in 2005 Land Line & SINCGARS (with Power Amp) Commercial Generator for Power Source CWST/Rappelling: No Issues Rappelling with land line & SINCGARS manpack CWST with land line and cell phone FLRC: No Issues Land Line & SINCGARS Logistical Requirements:  Logistical Requirements Material Requirements (Same as 2005): No significant issues pending/requiring resolution Engineer Requirements Stream Crossing – Engineer squad for gravel & sandbags Rappelling – Gravel Site Evacuation/Safety:  Site Evacuation/Safety CASEVAC Ground Support for Cadre – Internal Assets Ground Support for Cadets – Company Provided Initial Risk Assessment: Low for CWST, Stream Crossing, & FLRC Moderate for Rappelling Actions Completed:  Actions Completed OICs & NCOICs Range Certified Inventoried Equipment Recon/Inspected all 4 sites Validated TDA Developed LT Synchronization Matrix (Work Load) Coordinated STO/Company Cadre Training Dates Risk Assessment Completed Submitted all support requests Actions Pending:  Actions Pending Additional 1 ea NCO for rappel safety Additional 1 ea officer for committee operations Monitor Gammon Gym renovations Navigation Committee:  Navigation Committee LTC Vacchi/ MAJ Perkins The New Orienteering Course:  The New Orienteering Course Land Navigation Committee:  Land Navigation Committee 1LT Boyd/ SFC Fannin Concept of the Operation:  Concept of the Operation PREP PHASE (11 Feb 06 – 19 Jun 06) Range Control Certification (All E6 and Above – Feb 06) Site Preparation (05 Feb 06 – 19 Jun 06) POI Development Point Verification and Validation Dumpster, Connexes, Latrines, Camo Nets, Bleachers Gravel Police Areas of Trash and Refuse Rehearsals (19-21 May 06 & 19 Jun 06) Classroom Map Reading (Day 1) Terrain Walk / Night Land Navigation P/E Test (Day 2) Day P/E Test (Day 3 - AM) Concept of the Operation:  Concept of the Operation EXECUTION (20 Jun 06 – 17 Jul 06) 15 x Training Days (3 “Hot Days” x 5 COs) at 3 sites Training Routine Day 1: Map Reading Classroom Instruction - AM: Map Reading POI Instruction - PM: POI Instruction / Map Reading Test Day 2: Terrain Walk w/ Day & Night Practical Exercise (HA 13,14) - AM: Safety Brief / Terrain Walk - PM: Day Land Nav Practice / Safety Brief / Night Land Nav Day 3: Day Land Nav Test (HA 15) - AM: Day Land Nav Test Inclement Weather Options – Train in the Rain! Concept of the Operation:  Concept of the Operation RECOVERY (18 - 25 Jul 06) AAR Prep / Completion Equipment & Supply Turn-in Awards and Certificates Letters of Input Personnel Out-processing TDA / Manning:  TDA / Manning Classroom (14 PAX) - OIC - NCOIC - Primary Instructor (2) - Assistant Instructor (10) Terrain Walk and Day / Night Land Nav (26 PAX) - OIC - NCOIC - Terrain Guides (16) - Evaluation Team / TOC (4) - Range Safeties (3) - Medic / CLS (1) Communication Plan:  Communication Plan Range Control: 1 x SINCGARS w/OE-254 Primary Power Source – Vehicle Alternate Power source – Generator LTC TOC: 1 x SINCGARS w/ OE - 254 OIC / NCOIC / TOC: 3 x Motorola Brick Radios 2 x NEXTEL Cell Phones Terrain Guides: 20 x Motorola Brick Radios Cadets? Walkabout Radios Logistical Requirements:  Logistical Requirements Initial requirements list provided to BN S4 in Feb 06 Continuously updated as shortages / needs are identified during plan refinement CL V (Pyro) request for use during completion of night portion and during “Lost Cadet” recovery. Star Cluster & Red Smoke. Must ensure each Cadet is provided the following equipment by CIF to reduce quantity request by Committee: Compass, L-Shape Flashlight, Whistle w/ Lanyard, Road Guard Vest, D-Cell Batteries. Site Evacuation/Safety:  Site Evacuation/Safety CASEVAC - Primary- M998 FLA with Medic - Alternate- GOV Van with seats removed - Stretcher and CLS bag on site with CASEVAC vehicle - Primary means is ground evac to Ireland due to close proximity to hospital - Aero CASEVAC unavailable unless casualty required to be transported to Louisville. - All CASEVAC conducted through Range Control Initial Risk Assessment is: MODERATE - Risk focused on heat, weather, terrain, wildlife, and traffic related threats to training Actions Completed:  Actions Completed Reviewed POI and training schedules (Feb/Mar) Reviewed TDA and manning chart (Feb/Mar) Reviewed rehearsal schedule (Feb/Mar) Conducted site recon (Feb/Mar) Coordinated range utilization with Range Control (Feb) Conducted inspection/inventory of training aids (Feb/Mar) Requested logistical support (Feb) Prepared initial risk assessment (Mar) Actions Pending:  Actions Pending Printing of Practical Exercises and Tests Validation of WGS 84 points on the ground Concerns:  Concerns none Orienteering Committee:  Orienteering Committee CPT PJ Micale / 1SG Angel Rivera Actions Completed:  Actions Completed Reviewed MTP and training schedules Reviewed TDA and manning chart Reviewed rehearsal schedule (full walk-through scheduled for 22 June 2006) Conducted site recon. All engineering requirements have been determined and submitted Coordinated range utilization with Range Control Range certification complete Gator certification complete Conducted inspection/inventory of training aids – missing items have been requested Requested logistical support Updated Battle Roster Submitted initial risk assessment Actions Pending:  Actions Pending Conduct train-up with cadre members using the new concept. Scheduled for 1 and 2 April and 15 through 21 May. Drivers Training (list submitted to supply) Defensive Driving Communications 50 Walkabout Radios, 35 Bricks, 1 SINCGARS, 2 NEXTEL. MEDEVAC rehearsals from points 25 and 12 Concerns:  Concerns none Leadership Development Committee:  Leadership Development Committee LTC Felkel TDA/Manning:  TDA/Manning Chief LTC Rob Felkel Arrive 4 June 06 Deputy Robert Nichols, Region Staff Inspectors/Instructors MAJ Mark Vavrosky CPT Russell Stewart CPT John Ballard NCOIC SGM Valdez Administrative NCO / GS / COMTek Mr. Russell Rosati Mr. Richard Eastwood CCIMS Richard Avelis, Region Staff, COMTek Stats Officer To Be Filled Communication Plan:  Communication Plan Nextel phones: 1 Chief LDC 1 NCOIC 3 Inspector/Instructors 5 total (+2 over LTC 05) Telephones: Phone request submitted for room 314/314A Computers: 8 Computers w/ 5 Printers (No change from LTC 05) 8 additional laptops for STO TNG and final assessments Email / CCIMS / Internet request submitted Logistical Requirements:  Logistical Requirements GSA Vehicles: 3 vehicles required (prefer 2 vans and 1 sedan) Computers: Requested 8 w/ 5 Printers (complete) 8 Laptops for STO TNG and Assessment Data Input Office Supplies: LTC 06 office supplies secured in LDC Rooms 314/314A TSC: Requested signs, classroom aids, tracking calendar Three requests Black notebook order / supply (Football complete) Actions Completed:  Actions Completed Committee Interface w / COS Support Request Packet Submitted Offices Organized Logistics Coordinated Reviewed instruction material Reviewed AAR Updated Committee In-brief Actions Pending:  Actions Pending Cadre (STO) training Revising Inst support material-sending slide deck to instructors for review CCIMS Passwords Completion of TDA GSA vehicle assignments Concerns:  Concerns None LTC S1:  LTC S1 LTC Elrod LTC Meeks TDA/Manning:  TDA/Manning Planned strength is sufficient All billets identified with names Communication Plan:  Communication Plan Need one color printer No issues with computers No issues with Nextel phones No issues with desk phones or fax No issue with copier Logistical Requirements:  Logistical Requirements No issues identified Actions Completed:  Actions Completed PLANNING CONFERENCE Building Inspections - yes TDA Review - yes Walk-through of cadet in-processing - yes SOP and AARs reviewed with previous LTC S1 and staff – yes All logistics completed - yes Actions Pending:  Actions Pending CRC unit coordination Will provide cadre inprocessing instructions prior to departure for LTC to BDEs: Reporting information Directions to new building / map POCs and phone numbers Concerns:  Concerns 3rd Company cadre LTs report on a Friday – ID cards not issued until following Monday COMTEK personnel in Reserve/Guard units on deployment alert (Deputy S1) CRC units not identified (with S3) Phone # on webpage COMTEK awards Meyer Briggs Type Indicator Courtesy patrol Cadre in-processing checklist prior to arrival Weigh-in LTC S4:  LTC S4 MAJ Miller TDA/Manning:  TDA/Manning Request (2) Billeting Contract NCO S4 (92Y) positions eliminated from TDA Para Lin 340-17A Para Lin 340-17B Actions Completed:  Actions Completed Reviewed S-4 TDA Establish S-4 personnel area of responsibility Reviewed SOPs and procedures Conducted staff coordination with other staff elements (LTC, 1-46 IN, and Post) Buildings inspected and equipment inventoried Automation/Communication requests submitted Received work order requests Received logistic and transportation requests Actions Pending:  Actions Pending Relocation of (T28) to Bldg 6900 NLT (1 Apr) Coordination and follow-up with 1-46 INF S-4 Review and finalize logistic request documents Update and add phases to Master Work Order Submit vehicle requirement document to S-3 Finalize billeting assignments Finalize CIF equipment recovery cleaning plan Finalize bus schedule Sandbags filled at Regional Correctional Facility Concerns:  Concerns Fort Knox Garrison Commander training requirement for 15-Pax van drivers. LTC S6 (IMO):  LTC S6 (IMO) LTC Noyes S6 TDA/Manning:  S6 TDA/Manning No Communications NCOIC UMA Commo Technical Support Darryl Brown (primary mission AV Support) Requirement for two S-6 2LTs not necessary as long as Bold Warrior is manned with two 2LTs to monitor SINCGARS Retrans Site All other positions filled Slide73:  Communication Plan S6 Logistical Requirements:  S6 Logistical Requirements Nextel Contract Motorola Repeater Contract Motorola Radio & Battery Contract Tactical Radio Equipment & Technical Spt Actions Completed:  Actions Completed Personnel Requirements: Validated Equipment Inventory: Complete Computer Distribution: Published Single Channel FM freqs: Approved Nextel Contract Requirements: Validated Motorola Contract Reqs: Validated Tactical Equip & Spt Reqs: Validated Actions Pending:  Actions Pending SINCGARS Technical Support Request Approval (UMA Commo) Nextel Contract Nextel Phone Set-Up (at the start of contract activation) Motorola Contract Motorola Repeater Installation Processing of USAAC Form 101s (e-mail accounts & network access) Completion of Phone Book Concerns:  Concerns Communications NCOIC – Filled Post Approval of UMA Commo Tech Spt LTC Medical Operations:  LTC Medical Operations LTC Ryan TDA/Manning (Med Ops):  TDA/Manning (Med Ops) FORSCOM filling 1-1-4 Brigade Nurse Counselor rotation schedule set Actions Completed (Med Ops):  Actions Completed (Med Ops) Reviewed Med Ops TDA Set up Med Ops area of responsibility Reviewed SOPs and procedures Final coordination complete with IACH and S1 Reviewed inventory at T-28 Automation/Communication requests submitted Submitted wall hanging request Actions Pending (Med Ops):  Actions Pending (Med Ops) Submit supply request for exam room Identify physician and PA or NP to coordinate credentialing at IACH Review and finalize logistic request documents Submit vehicle requirement document to S4 Brief IACH Command team Meet with Margetis Clinic OIC Meet with IACH Pharmacy OIC Meet with IACH LOG Chief Concerns (Med Ops):  Concerns (Med Ops) Getting physician and PA or NP identified in time for credentialing purposes VISITOR’S BUREAU:  VISITOR’S BUREAU LTC Samek LTC Flood TDA/Manning:  TDA/Manning No Issues 4 Mil ROTC Cadre 1 Civ ROTC Cadre 1 NCO/3 EM Drivers Ft Knox PP 6 2LT Escort Officers Need close eye on tasking of drivers from Fort Knox Possible ability to release one FG early VB Supply Requests:  VB Supply Requests Need two EA metal lockers for office supply storage Requesting storage room for VIP TA 50, water, MREs and other items Need ACU Kevlar Covers with 1/2/3/4 Star, COL and CSM Need 3 EA Igloo 5 GAL containers for transport of bottled water Need new table flags 1/2/3/4 Star and U. S. Flag; current flags are worn and unserviceable Request four EA 6 foot partition walls GSA: Currently authorized 4 EA 15 PAX Vans: need one sedan and need to use ER “Rear Seat” Van Request one digital camera for escort to take candid photos Request one meeting table (approx 8’ x 3’) for VB mtgs Request 3 cases of MREs and 72 EA bottles of water for VIPs May need to replace graduation seating boards; can work in beginning of June Actions Completed:  Actions Completed Initial Contact with ER and Fort Knox POCs Reconnaissance of Fort Knox cantonment area and training areas with incoming VB staff Provided feedback to S4 on road conditions Validate supplies, communications, and automation Validated LTC 2005 AAR Inspected work areas and Identified logistical requirements Conducted coordination for support to Educator Visit Conducted initial coordination for identified Distinguished Visitors Reviewed SOPs and procedures (No Issues- Ceremonies Annex Pending) Actions Pending:  Actions Pending Continue information flow with ER Staff and incoming VB cadre Back brief to detail 2 VB Chief Follow-up on storage area and storage room requests Follow-up on outstanding supply requests (graduation boards, GSA Vehicles, CL I) Outstanding Issues:  Outstanding Issues Storage Area Water and MREs Sedan for VB Section Road access for 15 PAX Vans Graduation Seating Boards Concerns:  Concerns NO ISSUES Educator Visit:  Educator Visit Ms. Dottie Krause Educator Visit:  Educator Visit 10 – 14 July 06 MOI issued 4 Nov 05 154 Slots, allocated to 14 BDEs, 7 Educators, 4 Nurse Suspense for name submissions from BDEs 28 Apr 06 Agenda planned by S3, based on MTS, same as LTC 05 Sufficient Cadre to support mission, 4 Escort Officers, 1 NCO Briefed support staff on requirements. Worked a plan of action for events and assigned duties. Walkthru area of operation Reviewed logistical support, PPIs, transportation, lodging, & social events. Coordination w/Museums for Period Uniforms. Coordination for Guest Speaker Coordination w/VB for transportation of Educators/Panel Discussion/Parade of Flags Incorporating 05 AAR into this year’s program; BDUs at hotel, water on buses, food available at hotel, day of arrival. 1st IPR to Region CDR 14 Mar 06 Subsequent IPRs 24 Jun, 1 Jul, 8 Jul Visit Agenda:  Visit Agenda Day 1 Arrival Day 2 Training LTC 06 Day 3 Frazier Museum/Panel Discussion Banquet Day 4 Training LTC 06 Day 5 Graduation/Out processing Concerns:  Concerns Possible budget shortfall, Cost estimate to CC, no decision yet. LTC PAO:  LTC PAO Mr. Arel TDA/Manning:  TDA/Manning ISSUE: No deputy PAO; addition preempted by hiring freeze. DISCUSSION: Permanent position strength at 50%. Deputy is key in the planning that leads up to LTC. During the summer, person in the position runs Leader newspaper, works directly with summer interns and orchestrates much of the material posted on the LTC Web site. RECOMMENDATION: Farm out some PAO duties to other sections and divisions if position is not filled. Logistical Requirements:  Logistical Requirements 2 GSA vehicles 5 rental vehicles Desktop photographic software (already purchased; awaiting installation) DVD duplicator (already purchased and awaiting arrival and installation) Actions Completed:  Actions Completed Acclimated OIC and NCOIC to support plan Extended OIC’s stay 6 days, putting him here through first Family Day and graduation NCOIC familiarized with training sites Shared speakers/DV rosters with VB Made Hometown News Release forms part of in-processing Added platoon photo block to training schedule Pinpointed phone jacks Actions Pending:  Actions Pending Decision on deputy PAO Hiring of summer interns (Leader) and Web operations Installation of computer software and DVD duplication equipment 100th Division (IT) :  100th Division (IT) Billets (Bldg 2734):  Billets (Bldg 2734) Building identified (but not in writing) Undergoing renovation; brick with basement for inclement weather Cadets on first floor; female rooms have bathrooms/showers Multiple building entrances Renovation completion date ? Resourcing for furniture, washers & dryers Commandant of Cadets:  Commandant of Cadets COL Humphrey TDA/Manning:  TDA/Manning Female PTO slotting 2 Female Drill SGTs per company Ft. Knox certification requirements for female Drill Sergeants Must adjust CTO/PTO report date: one day earlier Communication Plan:  Communication Plan Nextel phone/radios plan adequate Requested two faxes and one copier 1-46 will provide computer and office space to 1-46 LNO Logistical Requirements:  Logistical Requirements Compasses/training M-16s/M-4 rifles for F/2-81 AR ( 2 Company) Broken-in boots/athletic shoes for JMC students who did not attend pre-LTC training Laundry contract Actions Completed:  Actions Completed Commandant’s In-Brief Leadership Development Committee brief Meeting with 1-46 IN key personnel Barracks walk-thru Equipment inventories Training schedules scrubbed/changes submitted LTC sync matrix scrubbed Range safety briefings Recon training sites Validated TDA, automation, commo, and transportation requirements Concerns/Challenges:  Concerns/Challenges Accurate and complete Stay-Back rosters for all battalions and brigades STO (and other 2LTs) inprocessing Religious coverage plan for cadets On post billeting for key personnel Physical separation of 2 Company (F/2-81 AR) Cadet time-off plan (shuttle, route, activities, etc.) Two PTOs/Company – daily assessments Change in Ft. Knox weapons clearing SOP? Parking for GOV’s 1 – 46 Infantry:  1 – 46 Infantry LTC QUILLIN Training:  Training Need to ensure training schedule reflects CO 2 location Female DS certification Support Male/Female breakout for billeting Bold Leader LOGPAC Compasses for every cadet the entire cycle? TA-50 cleaning contract confirmation CIF menu for cadets (goggles, IBA, ?) LTC Safety:  LTC Safety MAJ Foy Actions Completed:  Actions Completed Site Recon: CC/Armor Center Safety Visit to FLRC, WED, Stream Crossing, Rappelling 15 PAX Driver Improvement Course CC/AC Approval for WED Rope Climb Reviewed SOPs, AARs, Safety Files Coordination CAC Card/ Completed USAAC Form 101 for computer use Established Work Space Actions Completed:  Actions Completed RMWS Completed: Warrior CWST Stream Crossing Rappel Tower FLRC Bold Leader WED COW BW Navigation Committee Orienteering Land Navigation S4 Actions Pending :  Actions Pending Civilian Training Waiver Integrating 15 PAX Van Driver Improvement Trng and Gator Trng (SELPER), and Accident Avoidance Training LTC Chief of Staff:  LTC Chief of Staff COL Knauff Observations:  Observations Very impressed with the work done by HQ Eastern Region to build upon and integrate lessons from LTC 05. High energy and dedication shown by all this week. Early synchronization of staffs, committees, cadre, and installation a big success. Very effective Planning Conference. Concerns:  Concerns No major concerns – we are far ahead of last year. Chaplain support. Must be ready to fight to keep our Educator Visit from the budget chopping block. Need to keep our sites on facilitating LTC 07 success as we execute LTC 06 … big personnel/experience turn over expected. LTC Commander:  LTC Commander

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outbrief - definition and meaning

I was under the impression that Lt. Gen. Henry "Trey" Obering's briefing to Pentagon reporters on Tuesday was his "outbrief" - since the Army's Maj.
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4' t OUTBRIEF - LONG LIFE ROCKET ENGINE PANEL Jason Eugene Quinn NASNMSFC Huntsville, AL ABSTRACT This whiie paper is an overview of the JANNAF Long Life ...
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What is the meaning of outbrief - Answers.com

Making the world better, one answer at a time. The meaning of out brief is the final brief that an aircrew get before boarding the plane. This will entail ...
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