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Information about Our Future Living Planet

Published on January 22, 2014

Author: Sharonyah

Source: slideshare.net


This slide is about our future living planet kepler 22b, Why Mars is not suitable for human being ? and why scientist go for kepler; all the reasons are here...

Our future living planet

Why we need another planet? – More than 6.5 billion people living on Earth. That number increasing all the time, our planet is quickly becoming overcrowded. – Increasing Earth Temperature – Decreasing Resources. Etc.

What we tried to select ? It is Mars

Why Mars? Because • • • • • It is close to Earth It is Warmth and light It’s Length of day It has seasons like Earth It has resources – atmosphere, water, metals

Why it’s not implement?

What is the reason ? Because Scientists say mars is not suitable for living

Why mars is not suitable for living? • Water • The scientist found underground water in mars. • They suspect is there any possibility of water cycle on mars. • There are only traces of water in mars.

• Gravitation • the surface gravity on mars is only 38% gravity of earth. • Because of this lack of magnetosphere or magnetic field surrounding the mars, it’s loss of core heat.

Temperature • Mars has got too cold. • Temperatures on mars can dip down to -150 degree C at night. • And really get above 0 degree C at the day time.

• Atmosphere • Mars has an atmosphere, but it’s not breathable. • 95% CO2 , 3% N2, 1.6% Ar and very less percentage of O2.

And also….. • Swirl wind always kicking up dust. • There aren’t O2, Ozone layer. So lots of harmful radiations are reached the mars. • Soil of mars is a poisonous and unknown dangerous chemical also there.

So it is not possible to live there. • So what is our choice? • So what we can do?

What is kepler 22b?

Kepler A search for habitable planets The mission of find terrestrial planets

How kepler find these type of planets planets?

Did you ever see this?

This is the reason To see this we need a powerful telescope

Kepler discoveries • • • • • • • Kepler 10b Kepler 10c Kepler 11 Kepler 16b Kepler 18b Kepler 20 Kepler 22b

Why Kepler 22b is so important? – NASA’s Kepler space telescope found it as first extra Solar habitable planet . It orbit around Kepler 22 G type star.

Habitable planets

Why habitable planets? • This types of planets can exist water on their surfaces. • NASA scientists expect it has oceans, clouds and a mostly transparent atmosphere .

About it in brief…….. It is 600 light years away from Earth. It is 2.4 times the size of Earth. It takes 290 days to orbit around the star. It has 22 °C average surface temperature.

Why kepler 22b? • If scientists manage to find water from kepler’s surface……. It is seen as a huge step towards finding Earth's twin. it’s gives us solutions for every problems that we early discussed.

Keep in touch with kepler 22b For more information :- kepler.nasa.gov


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