"Our favourite horror movie evil characters" by primary 6 b pupils

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Information about "Our favourite horror movie evil characters" by primary 6 b pupils

Published on February 13, 2014

Author: juanma.sartal

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Primary 6 B pupils at Intxaurrondo Hegoa School write about their favourite horror movie characters.

By Primary 6 B pupils

Killer man This name is “Killer man”. He has very long hair and hasn`t got a t-shirt, but he has pair of pants. He is very strong. He lives in the Bronx . (N.Y). He is scary, because he kills people. By Ander

WHAT IS HE LIKE? He has scars on his face, he has a knife. WHAT DOES HE WEAR? He wears blue dungarees and a striped shirt wilh bright colors. WHERE DOES HE LIVE? He lives in the U.S.A. WHAT DOES HE DO? He kills people. WHY IS HE SCARY? He`s scary because he has an evil face. By Ariana

She has long blond hair, green eyes and a little nose. She has a white dress, black shoes and a black necklace. She kills people and rapes young children. By Barbara

She lives in New York. She is scary because she is ugly and evil.

Freddy versus Jason Freddie is red and Jason has a mask. Freddie has claws and Jason has a sword. Freddie is strong and Jason too. Jason is tall and Freddie is of mediumheight . Freddie has a black hat,a striped black and red jumper and black trousers. By Diego He lives on Elms street. He kills people when they are sleeping. He's very scary.

FRANKENSTEIN What is he like? He has a square head and two bolts in the neck and other two in the forehead. He is a tall monster and he is green. He is 2.44 meters tall. He has black hair and a green face. What does he wear? He has a black jacket, black trousers and big black boots. Where does he live?He lives in a castle in Geneva. What does he do?He goes frightening people.

FRIDAY 13 ● ● ● ● ● He is tall, ugly and scary. He wears a suit with holes ,a sward ,old shoes and a white mask with holes. He lives in the woods ,on a site where people keep their paddle. He kills young people who go to that place to spend their holidays. He´s scary because he kills people in front of other people with the sword. By Ekain

FREDDY KRUGGER ● ● ● Freddie Krugger is medium-sized. He's got a burned face. He wears a black hat, a red and black striped t-shirt. He is scary, because he kills people. By Ekaitz

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● He has two big eyes. In the hand he has an American fist. In the other hand he has a laser sword. He has a body full of blood. He lives in the cemetery. He likes to suck people's blood. He's very small. He's scary because he By Eneko kills people.

saw ● ● ● ● ● By Iker He has a tricycle. He has a mask and short black hair. He lives in a box room, and he is very dangerous and scary. The mask of “ SAW “ is white. He wears a tuxedo, a bow – tie and red shoes. He kills people.

It is a very strange monster. He has four eyes, two black and two yellow orange eyes, but instead of eyelashes he has prickles. The mouth is in the middle of his face. He has two noses, one is on the left of the face and the other one is on the right of the face. The ears are on the forehead, his hair is spicky and it's very long. The hair is about 1 metre long. His neck is very very long, but his body is very very short (about 0.50 metres long), but the neck is about one metre long. All his body is about 1.50 metres long. He has one arm, but very long an the other is half the size the other arm. The legs are about 5 centimetres long. On the toes are prickles, but they aren't scary. But his face is. It's about one metre long and it's fat. He has painted Chucky on his face.

He wears shot trousers and a very very long T-shirt and a worn hat. He wears a scarf of a woman on the forehead. He has a very scary character. He lives in a castle in Malaga on a mountain, in a big wood and with two more friends, very scary boys. He kills girls, murders, he tells his two friends to murder and kill girls. They only kill girls, but not boys, because the monsters are boys and they feel pity. When someone goes to the castle in the mountain in the wood, he doesn't go back to his house and the monster and his two friends eat the girl. By Maialen

● ● ● ● It is like an alien. It is very sinister. The eyes are red and it is thin. It doesn´t wear anything. It lives in a house. It scares a girl. It is scary because, it is ugly. By Maider


HAHAHAHAHA... INFORMATION ABOUT SAW It's a robot controlled by an old man, who rides a trycicle. He has got a tuxedo with a bowtie. He lives in a box room. It isn't very big. He kidnaps two people and then puts them to very hard tests. One of those people (he or she), will die.

He's scary because one night he appears on his tricycle and kidnaps you. And that is why. By Markel

THE GRANDMOTHER She is a tall girl. She has three eyes, she hasn´t any ears. She has long hair and her name is The Granmather. She wears a purple dress, pink boots and has braids on the hair.She lives in a laundry. She is scary because she is ugly and she has a smile all the time. She kills people. By Nahia

MADDIE THE CRAZY She has got red hair. She is crazy and she has a pendulum in her hand to hypnotize people. She has got a torn skirt and a beautiful jacket. Normally she hypnotizes people, then she kills them with a knife and also carries meat hanging to frighten children.

MADDIE THE CRAZY She lives in an abandoned house. She hides and scares people on the streets. When someone passes by, she scares them and then she hypnotizes them. After that she tortures somebody and then kills him/her. That´s why she is so scary. By Nerea

·She is frightening. She is a killer, who has very large eyes and a very narrow mouth. She is thin and short. She has a lot of blood all over the body and sheds black tears .

By Saioa She has tousled hair. She has medium-length fair hair. She wears a torn ballet dress covered in blood. She carries a knife in her right hand and a gun in the left one. She also wears a ballet dancer´s shoes. She lives behind the garbage of the darkest alleys, along with street dogs. She is scares dogs, and, very important, she kills people.

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