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Published on March 14, 2014

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Section 3 of AS coursework evaluation.Who might distribute our film and why? by Tom Mccrindle with help from Jonathan Casey

What Kind of Media Institution Might Distribute Your Film and Why? Tom Mccrindle

Backroom Productions The name suggests we are find up and coming talent and produce on a small scale. Our logo/title card suggest we are from a back room such as this. We take risks and find new opportunities to rise. What we do is find lesser known, or even first time, directors, writers, actors and other crew members to make low budget British films.

What Do We Do? • Handle Budgets and Schedules Making sure we have enough money for what we’re making, and are organised in what we’re doing, when, where and with who. • Supply and Organize Cast & Crew We go looking for people best suited to the job that haven’t worked on major motion pictures. This is important as it maintains our companies goal of supporting the up and coming. • Plan and Make the actual film We ensure all the post production of the film is ready for the shoot, we then ensure everything is being done correctly during the shoots as well as during the post-production. • Make Partnerships with Film Companies Arrange for larger companies to help fund the film for a section of the profit.

Who Might Distribute our Film? • Vertigo Films A British film company that distribute British films such as; It’s all gone Pete Tong, Shrooms, Bronson & more recently, the massive teen drama/comedy ‘Spring Breakers’ • Why they would be interested Distributing 4 British films a year, they would be both ensuring their film choices are unique from each other and well as supporting another British company • What we can offer them Through Bronson, which boosted Tom Hardy’s career, and Horrid Henry, starring unknown child actors in the lead roles, Vertigo has displayed an interest in rising stars which is exactly what our films provide them with. • What they would do for us As a distribution company, Vertigo can supply us with a cinematic release as well as a marketing campaign and DVD release. This would boost the film’s revenue.

Funding • Our own company Revenue from previous films that goes into the company can be put back in for the production of a future film, whilst this is our first production, it is possible that we could use this to partially fund our next project. • Producers Bringing other people into the project who will contribute and fund in return for some of the films profit. • Advertisement/Product Placement We can create deals with clothing companies or even food or car companies in which they will pay for there products, and more importantly logos, to feature within the film. Provided the companies are suitable to the film, this is our most likely way of raising money.

Jobs Displayed in our Opening Titles • Charlotte Nardecchia-Staines (Lead Actress) • Alice Galtrey (Supporting Actress) • Jack Wagman (Supporting Actor) • Bryan Mann (Actor) • Bill Davidson & Marion Crawford (Actors) • Casting by Gopesh Pathak – Considered less important, so early in • Music by Jonathan Casey – Small section of post • Edited by Joshua Jones – Post Production before production • Cinematography by Jono Casey – Works with the Director • Screenplay by Tom Mccrindle – Created the film • Produced by Tom Mccrindle – closer to director due to funding • Directed By Gopesh Pathak – Most associated with the film

What is our film similar to? • Juno A film that was closely considered an important part of our pre-production and was a key to finding our target audience • Submarine A darker toned teen drama set in Britain featuring up and coming actors as well as a directorial debut from Richard Ayoade. Despite being a fairly unknown book with a little known cast, the film was considered a success. • St. Trinian’s Whilst this film is a comedy and on a higher budget with a more famous cast, this film is very important to our film in how it represents social groups specifically of teenage girls.

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