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Published on July 1, 2009

Author: marcginsberg

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Othello Is it love or lust that drives the plot of Othello? In loving someone you must care more about their safety and happiness than your own. In Othello, love and lust are confused between several of the characters. Othello is the sole black man in an all white Venice. Here he falls in love with one of the most sought after women, Desdemona. They know that their love will not be accepted, because of their racial differences so they elope. After they are married, a jealous rank of Othello who wants his position, Iago, begins to ruin their marriage in lying and tricking Othello into believing his one and only love in the world, Desdemona, is cheating on him behind his back with her friend, Cassio. Othello is consumed by jealousy so much that he murders Desdemona out of passion. Othello is so easily convinced of Desdemona being unfaithful to him proving that he does not truly love her. Othello is a young male who believes that having the best woman on his arm makes him more of a man. Around him he sees other men who covet after Desdemona making him nervous about how she might act towards them. His distrust is merely a creation of his thoughts and the guidance of his “good friend”, Iago. Othello is doubtlessly persuaded by Iago, so much that he doesn’t try to simply talk to Desdemona about her promiscuous actions. Their love is so inferior that they are not even able to talk about something so straightforward. Instead he turns to violence, as a young adolescent might do. “Shall ne’er look back, ne’er ebb to humble love, till that a capable and wide revenge swallow them up.” (Othello, p. 54) His immaturity in believing that it is best to seek revenge confirms his unstable desire for Desdemona. Othello claims that he is so sure of Desdemona’s affair with Cassio that he could never even think about loving her

again. He is set on getting his revenge and won’t stop until he does. Othello does not truly love Desdemona since his youthful love for her crumbled so swiftly. When it first became known to Desdemona’s family that she has married Othello, they are livid, and plan to keep him from her by turning the senate against him. Her father claims that he must have used some kind of black magic to force her to marry him. Othello defends himself and wins the senate over. In this, Othello is proving himself so that he can be with Desdemona more than he is proving this for his own benefit in escaping condemnation. Othello wants what is best for his Desdemona and is unable to think of anything else at that moment. In a few short weeks all of this falls apart, and he is responsible for the death of the one who used to be so perfect in his eyes. Othello does not love Desdemona and is more in love with what he wants her to be. Desdemona is a smart, beautiful young woman who is madly in love with him. She will do just about anything Othello asks even till death. Having a woman by your side with these qualities that obeys you and respects you, without crossing the line is a great prize to have. Many men close to Othello also shared these needs in a woman. “She that was fair and never proud, had tongue at will and yet was never loud…..” (Iago, p. 25). Other men want a woman with these qualities that Desdemona has and Othello worries this may have lead her away from him. Having Desdemona makes him look worthy of respect. That a black man who could convince such a witty and young white woman to fall in love with him, must mean he is a very great man. He knows that Desdemona is a desired treasure to have, but he isn’t confident enough in himself to believe that he fulfills her needs in the same way. He is lead astray to believe he was in love with her when it was only these facts of lust that really made him want her.

Othello believes he is in love with Desdemona. His lust for her and the appeal of being with her seems to be more attractive to him though. Being the only black male in the community, he may want to be more like the white man and match his abilities. “Haply for I am black, and have not these soft parts of conversation….” (Othello, p. 48) Marrying a white woman who is of a decent family in government gives him more equality with the white males in their society. Othello believes that he must be very unconventional and that Desdemona might see these differences, such as his unique speech and culture, as faults. She may look to a white man to satisfy her needs because he is black and that means he would not understand. He has too much insecurity in society to really have the ability to love anyone. Othello is too confident in other areas of life such as his occupation to see that he has any uncertainty in other circumstances in his life, like love. This leaves him unable to uphold a firm foundation in a relationship that he is expecting himself to keep with Desdemona. Othello focuses on the intentional miscommunications caused by love and the idea of love. If someone is so naive to believe that they are in love, when they are acting on a temporary lust, such as Othello, their whole world becomes vulnerable to that one object of appeal. Othello is so madly infatuated with Desdemona that he has convinced himself it is love rather than lust. Iago takes advantage of his vulnerable character and causes him to believe that his love is untrustworthy. Othello is saying that young, inexperienced love is insecure and weak. It is misguided without much difficulty and can fall without much push. Iago could see this and used it to his benefit causing the whole marriage and happiness to collapse with hardly any effort.

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