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Published on November 1, 2007

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William Shakespeare’s OTHELLO:  O William Shakespeare’s OTHELLO English 2 - World Literature Mr. Hrga WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE…:  WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE… Born in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1564 Died April, 23, 1616 and is buried in the Holy Trinity Church in Stratford Arrived in London in 1588 Ability first written about in 1592 Wrote 37 plays and 154 poems Invented the word ASSASSINATION plus roughly 1700 others SHAKESPEARE OTHELLO - The Moor of Venice:  OTHELLO - The Moor of Venice SHAKESPEARE A TRAGEDY…:  A TRAGEDY… Key Terms: HUBRIS - extreme pride, over-confidence ANAGNORISIS - the recognition HAMARTIA - the error or flaw KATHARSIS - the acceptance and healing SHAKESPEARE A SHAKESPEREAN TRAGEDY…:  A SHAKESPEREAN TRAGEDY… Tend to be victims of their own excesses or self-deception Lack of understanding prevents them from seeing the truth Suffer from inner-conflict Characters of high power or status No real dependence on FATE or GOD SHAKESPEARE WHERE OTHELLO TAKES PLACE…:  WHERE OTHELLO TAKES PLACE… VENICE - the setting for the beginning of the play CYPRUS - the setting for the major portion of the play Venice Cyprus VENICE…:  VENICE… Most powerful 16th century city-state Commercial centre of all Europe Protector of Christian faith against the Turkish infidels (Moors) CYPRUS…:  CYPRUS… Property of Venice for more than 100 years Turks attacked Cyrpus in 1570 Famous sea-battle of Lepanto in 1571 written in a poem by James I - England’s new king in 1604 Venice conceded Cyprus to Turks in 1572 SOURCES FOR OTHELLO…:  SOURCES FOR OTHELLO… Main source is a collection of works called Hecatommithi (1565) Written by Italian author Giovanni Battista - aka Cinthio Shakespeare borrowed most of the characters and plot from Cinthio Also borrowed from The General History of the Turks (1603) which provided historical context The 16th century conflict between Christian Europe and the Ottoman Empire provided the background SHAKESPEARE THE PRODUCTION OF OTHELLO…:  THE PRODUCTION OF OTHELLO… First performed in 1604 Published in 1622 One of most famous plays through the 17th century Othello is fifth most acclaimed and studied play (Hamlet is first). Laurence Fishburne - Othello Kenneth Branagh - Iago 1995 SHAKESPEARE THE END…!:  THE END…! SHAKESPEARE

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