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Published on September 17, 2007

Author: CoolDude26

Source: authorstream.com

Ostrich:  Ostrich By Sarah M. Introduction:  Introduction What bird has two toes, no teeth, no tongue and doesn’t fly? Ostriches! If you want to learn more about ostriches keep reading! What Does an Ostrich Look Like?:  What Does an Ostrich Look Like? An ostrich looks like a flamingo. But it is not. It is a bird that is the biggest bird ever! It has a long neck and hens (females) have brown feathers. The male ostrich has pink feathers. What Does An Ostrich Eat?:  What Does An Ostrich Eat? An ostrich eats lizards, grasses and seeds. An ostrich also eats fruits, worms, leaves, frogs and birds. Where Does An Ostrich Live?:  Where Does An Ostrich Live? An ostrich lives in Australia, New Zealand, Florda, Texas, Arizona and Oklahoma. Interesting Facts:  Interesting Facts An ostrich has two stomachs and no vocal chords. Do not ask me why. An ostrich has the largest egg of any living bird! Bibliography:  Bibliography Lepthien, Emilie U. Ostriches. Children’s Press, Chicago 1993.

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