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Published on January 25, 2008

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Reduce Hazardous Mail Bloat & Ensure Regulatory Compliance:  Reduce Hazardous Mail Bloat & Ensure Regulatory Compliance Michael D. Osterman Osterman Research, Inc. http://www.ostermanresearch.com Greg Smith, Product Manager Messaging Architects www.messagingarchitects.com Moderator Susan Salgy, Editor Novell Cool Solutions About Osterman Research:  About Osterman Research Focused on market research, cost modeling and benchmarking for vendors of messaging, directory and related products and technologies Osterman Research clients include many of the leading messaging vendors, including leading vendors of archiving solutions Contact info: Osterman Research, Inc. Tel: +1 253 630 5839 Fax: +1 866 842 3274 info@ostermanresearch.com www.ostermanresearch.com Slide3:  Email is the primary corporate application for most organizations Growing proportion of “records” are contained in the email system 80% of enterprises use email for closing orders and conducting other business Message stores are growing 30+% annually The typical messaging user sends and receives nearly 25,000 emails annually Why is Email Archiving So Important? Slide4:  Current State of Archiving Deployment Source: Osterman Research, Inc. Based on 117 surveys Slide5:  You send one email to one person, BUT: You have a copy in your Sent Items folder and your company server may keep a copy The recipient has a copy in her Inbox and her server may keep a copy You may have BCC’d someone on the message and the recipient may have forwarded the message to someone Yours or the recipient’s email admin may have a backup copy Email never dies – you can delete your copy, but one or more copies could still exist and you may not know it for years Some messages must be saved Why Deletion Isn’t OK for Compliance Slide6:  It is difficult to recover data from backup tapes in a timely fashion Most organizations recycle backup tapes every 90 days or less – information is not preserved long term Backups are not indexed, but instead represent simple, raw messaging content It takes IT a significant amount of time to recover data from backups Backups don’t improve server performance – archiving does Why Backup is Not Archiving Slide7:  Improved Server Performance Faster backup times More rapid recovery in the event of a server crash Lower storage costs Better End-User Experience Two-thirds of organizations impose mailbox size quotas: an archival system makes users’ mailboxes appear to be unlimited in size Users can find old email much more easily Improved User Productivity The typical end user spends a median of 60 minutes per week cleaning out old messages, filing old messages and attachments, etc. An archival system automates most of this work Why Should You Archive? Slide8:  Disaster Recovery An archival system allows much faster restoration of a server in the event of major problem Migration An archival system can reduce the effort needed to migrate from one messaging system to another Policy Enforcement Relying on end users to save and discard records is risky: an archival system does this automatically based on corporate policy Knowledge Management Allows an enterprise to mine and gain advantage from its corporate knowledge Legal Discovery Reduces the risk of being surprised during a legal action Why Should You Archive? (cont.) Slide9:  I. Save Nothing Advantages: Cheaper in the near term Might protect an organization from charges that it deleted selected messages Reduces amount of ‘live’ storage Disadvantages: Probably violates the law Courts don’t like it Some users will save messages anyway Four Messaging Archiving Policies Slide10:  II. Selective Deletion Advantages: Requires less storage Some potentially incriminating messages removed Disadvantages: Does not necessarily comply with statutes Can expose a firm to significant liability Potentially higher discovery costs, loss of valuable content, same risks of non-compliance as saving nothing Other risks Four Messaging Archiving Policies Slide11:  III. Selective Retention Advantages: Avoids the risk of content-oriented deletion User benefits, such as assisting users with document organization Disadvantages: Potentially high discovery costs Difficult to determine in advance what should be saved No guarantee of compliance Expensive to train users, enforce policies and carry out audits Four Messaging Archiving Policies Slide12:  IV. Save More Advantages: This is the most compliant option No dependence on individual judgment of what to save Easy to align policy with practice Lower auditing & discovery costs, faster response to discovery requests Provides context of messages and helps an organization to determine fraud during discovery Aids knowledge management Disadvantages: Potentially harmful messages are retained Higher storage costs Litigation savings depend on demonstrating to a court that production from a central archive is sufficient Four Messaging Archiving Policies Slide13:  Financial services & Healthcare firms face the most stringent requirements for archiving and records management Key financial services requirements are imposed by: SEC NASD NYSE Requirements focus on maintenance schedules, supervision requirements, media SEC Rule 17(a) 3 & 17(a) 4 Amendments to Rules 31a-2 and 204-2 NASD 3010 & 3110 NASD 2860 (b) (17) and 2210 (b) (2) NTM 98-11 (Amendments to Rules 3010 and 3110) NYSE Rule 342 Universal Market Integrity Rules for Canadian Marketplaces Archiving Requirements – Financial Slide14:  Key healthcare requirements are imposed by: HIPAA Medicare Conditions of Participation Food and Drug Administration Requirements focus on maintenance schedules, how records are disposed, standards for data centers that house records. Archiving Requirements - Healthcare Slide15:  Government agencies: Electronic Signatures Act 36 CFR 1220.34 36 CFR 1220.38 44 USC 3101 44 USC 3106 US Department of Defense Directive 5015.2 NPG 1441.1C NARA General Records Schedule 20 Archiving Requirements - Government Slide16:  Automotive industry Auto Industry Action Group (QS-9000) Lumber industry American Lumber Standards Committee Archiving Requirements - Corporate Slide17:  Sarbanes-Oxley HIPAA Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Fair Labor Standards Act Americans with Disabilities Act Internal Revenue Service Occupational Safety and Health Act Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Other Reasons to Archive Slide18:  GWArchive – Intelligent Storage Management & Compliance Solution Overview An Anomalous GroupWise System:  An Anomalous GroupWise System Retention Issues:  Retention Issues GroupWise Message Bloat Increased Storage Costs & Capacity Issues Increased Backup & Disaster Recovery Times Increased Maintenance Costs Increased Potential for database corruption Maintenance routines cannot be run regularly Reducing Message Store:  Reducing Message Store Create new post office Increasing system complexity Increasing hardware costs Not a long term solution Reducing Message Store:  Reducing Message Store Auto-Deletion Requires retention policy May contravene retention obligations Users will always keep a copy Mailbox Quotas Requires deletion policy Can Impact user productivity There will always be exceptions Reducing Message Store:  Reducing Message Store GroupWise Archiving Seamless integration @ auto archiving GroupWise Format Messages can be recovered Many organizations already use it Reducing Message Store:  Reducing Message Store Email Retention & Discovery:  Email Retention & Discovery GWArchive: Email Archival & Compliance Records Retention process for GroupWise Providing auditability & accountability Records access for Public enquiry or Legal Discover Regulatory Compliance (HIPAA, SOx, SEC) Long term email records management solution Integrated storage solutions from NetApp & EMC Storing information in neutral format (XML) In the Morgan Stanley case, the firm was ordered to pay $1.45 billion to billionaire financier Ronald Perelman, largely because the firm failed to produce emails requested by the court Email Archival & Retention:  Email Archival & Retention GWArchive: Email Archival & Compliance Providing Corporate GroupWise Archiving Solution Distributed or centrally stored and managed archives Portable and Offline archives Fully indexed messages and attachments Multi-Platform Access through GroupWise WebAccess Full search, retrieval and forwarding capabilities GroupWise Server Message Store Reduction Reduce Message bloat on product servers Reduce disaster recovery & backup times Facilitate server consolidation/clustering Ferris Research ranked Email Archiving and Retention as the top issue or item that messaging managers would be faced with in 2006 Full Email Data Management:  Full Email Data Management Multi-Platform Neutral Format No Dependencies Pervasive Access Non-Obtrusive Full Capture Granular Policies Multi-Tier Storage HSM Support Unlimited Capacity GWArchive Data Storage:  GWArchive Data Storage Multi-Tiered Storage Dramatically Reducing the costs of long term storage GWArchive Data Storage:  GWArchive Data Storage Compliance Storage Providing SEC Compliant non-erasable storage of messages Message Discovery:  Message Discovery Standard content, subject, date & address search Enhanced Proximity, Soundex & Wordlist searches Search attachments Refined searches Search single or multiple mailboxes Data Repository Exported search results Email messages Appointments, Tasks, Notes, Phone Msgs, Attachments GWArchive Benefits:  GWArchive Benefits Accountable: Retains all critical data for exploration, preserves message information & validates message delivery Auditable: Tracks data access and all record activity Global accessibility: Provides mechanisms for quick and inexpensive search & access to corporate messaging data Affordable: Far more economical than time & effort to recover information from within GroupWise or from tape Standards-based: Stores information in industry recognized data format (XML) Long-term storage management: Information can be retained for long periods using sophisticated message migration technologies Scalable: Can be implemented from 10 to 100,000 users …many organizations will continue to gravitate to dedicated solutions that provide a better fit for compliance and corporate governance requirements - IDC Messaging Architects – Quick Intro:  Messaging Architects – Quick Intro Stability for the Future Over 5,000,000 passionate users Focused research and development No Down Time Direct access to Novell engineers Greater Employee Productivity Single source for your on-going issues Contact Info:  Call to schedule a personalized demo: 1-866-497-0101 Write to us: http://www.messagingarchitects.com/contactus Download a FREE evaluation: http://www.messagingarchitects.com/gwarchive/try Contact Info

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