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Published on December 13, 2007

Author: Laurie

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Arthritis: Alternative Therapies that Work (and some that don’t):  Arthritis: Alternative Therapies that Work (and some that don’t) Victor S. Sierpina, MD Associate Professor Family Medicine University of Texas Medical Branch The Short Course:  The Short Course Lose weight Move Glucosamine Slide5:  Weight control Movement Physical measures Supplements and Herbals Mind-Body Acupuncture Other Weight and Joint Stress:  Weight and Joint Stress Framingham Knee OA Cohort Study Reducing weight by 10 pounds in 10 years before study reduced risk of OA of knee by 50% Dietary approaches (solanine family) Slide12:  Aerobics, water aerobics Weight bearing vs non-weight bearing Strength building Tai chi Yoga Flexibility, strength, balance, pain control Fall prevention, confidence Slide18:  Heat/Ice Capsaicin Massage Osteopathy/chiropractic Physical therapy Will the supplements that work, please stand up?:  Will the supplements that work, please stand up? Glucosamine sulfate Chondroitin sulfate S-adenosyl methionine (S-AME) Vitamins B3, C, D, E, beta carotene Omega-3 fatty acids What about herbs?:  What about herbs? Boswellia Ginger Curcumin White willow Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbs Ayurvedic ?:  ? Cognitive-behavioral approaches Relaxation Hypnosis Deep breathing Mindfulness meditation Visualization NeedlingYour Way to Health:  NeedlingYour Way to Health Acupuncture Acupressure Moxibustion Other Stuff They Will Bring By:  Other Stuff They Will Bring By Magnets, magnets, magnets Aromatherapy Homeopathy Copper bracelets Chelation From the sea: Sharks and cucumbers References:  References Murray, M, Pizzorno, J. Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine. Rocklin, CA. Prima: 1998. Watkins, A. Mind-Body Medicine—A Clinician’s Guide to Psychoneuroimmunology, New York: Churchill Livingstone, 1997 References:  References Spencer, JW, Jacobs, JJ. Complementary/Alternative Medicine-An Evidence-Based Approach. St. Louis: Mosby, 1999 Wirth, S (ed) Integrative Medicine—A Balanced Account of the Data. Ukiah, CA: Biotumelo Publishing, Inc., 1999 Slide36:  http://atc.utmb.edu/altmed HealthNotes:  HealthNotes Database for Clinicians and Patients Integrative Health Care: Complementary and Alternative Therapies for the Whole Person Victor S. Sierpina,MD FA Davis Publishing Fall, 2000:  Integrative Health Care: Complementary and Alternative Therapies for the Whole Person Victor S. Sierpina,MD FA Davis Publishing Fall, 2000

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