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Published on April 26, 2014

Author: PamRogers

Source: authorstream.com

3D Printer: 3D Printer Never heard of it? 3D printing, which is also known as additive manufacturing, is quickly becoming mainstream . PowerPoint Presentation: 3D printers  work by following a computer's digital instructions to print a physical object using materials such as plastic, ceramics, concrete, wood, food, metal and human cells. The printing process involves building up an object one layer at a time until it's complete. Some 3D printers squirt out a stream of heated, semi-liquid plastic that solidifies as the printer's head moves around to create the outline of each layer within the object.     How It Works But what’s so exciting about a technology, which has the potential to be more important than the Internet?:  But what’s so exciting about a technology, which has the potential to be more important than the Internet? A person can design an object on their computer using 3D modeling software, hook the computer up to a 3D printer, and then watch the 3D printer build the object right before his or her eyes. This technology began in 1986 and has progressed rapidly.: This technology began in 1986 and has progressed rapidly. Princeton-A Bionic Ear Industrial Products http://3dprinter-x.com/orange-county-choppers-3d-printer-create-custom-motorcycle/ PowerPoint Presentation:   The makers of the latest Bond movie, Skyfall , got a German 3D printing company, Voxeljet, to print three scale models of 007′s Aston Martin DB5 for destruction during filming . One did survive, and was later sold by Christie’s for almost £100,000 . In The Medical Field 3D Printers and CAT scans?: In The Medical Field 3D Printers and CAT scans? 3D Printers  can be used in conjunction with CAT scans to print out a clone of a tumor before an operation, so that surgeons can see exactly what they’ll be operating on. PowerPoint Presentation: The medical equipment industry is one of the largest markets to have embraced 3D printing.  Want a hip? Print it out! The prosthetics market loves 3D. Biomedics specialists in Belgium recently implanted a 3D-printed titanium jawbone into an 83 year-old woman . 3D printed Titanium Jawbone PowerPoint Presentation: This story I saw on ABC News. Doctors at UMC Utrecht in the Netherlands replaced the top part of a woman's skull with a 3-D printed plastic skull. The woman suffered from severe headaches due to a thickening of her skull, and slowly lost her vision. H er motor coordination was suffering and it was only a matter of time before other essential brain functions would have been affected. PowerPoint Presentation: Scientists will be able to use human cells to create kidneys, lungs, livers and the possibilities are endless. Bioprinting works like this: Scientists harvest human cells from biopsies or stem cells, then allow them to multiply in a petri dish. The resulting mixture, a sort of biological ink, is fed into a 3-D printer, which is programmed to arrange different cell types, along with other materials, into a precise three-dimensional shape. Doctors hope that when placed in the body, these 3-D-printed cells will integrate with existing tissues. The process already is seeing some success. Last year a 2-year-old girl in Illinois, born without a trachea,  received a windpipe built with her own stem cells . The U.S. government has funded  a university-led "body on a chip" project  that prints tissue samples that mimic the functions of the heart, liver, lungs and other organs. The samples are placed on a microchip and connected with a blood substitute to keep the cells alive, allowing doctors to test specific treatments and monitor their effectiveness. I can envision a world in which a patient who would have had to wait to get an organ transplant, will no longer wait. If the patients own cells are used to create the organ, perhaps the anti-rejection drugs will not be necessary. It’s almost impossible to imagine, but it is happening now in our world. PowerPoint Presentation:   NASA and researchers at  Washington State University  are working on 3D printing using moon dust. Eventually an on-site fabrication of a moon-base, using all-local materials is possible. Meanwhile astronauts could use the tech to repair or replace broken equipment. 3D Printing Transforming What We Eat: The 3D printer will work in the similar way as a 2D printer except the cartridges are filled with liquified food, instead of ink. Each cartridge can be filled with different food, for example one for vegetables, one for meat and one for carbohydrates. With 48 nozzles in the printer head, the printer will print food layer by layer. A gelation agent, which is currently being developed, will be added to the liquid in the cartridges, so that the food sticks together. The 3D printed food is very soft and it melts in your mouth. This reconstructed food can be customized, adding different flavors, or even specific vitamins or nutrients, as needed depending upon the recipient such as residents in a nursing who need more nutrition. This special 3D food printer is expected to be completed in 2015. 3D Printing Transforming What We Eat 3D Food Printers: 3D Food Printers PowerPoint Presentation: Look Out McDonalds and Burger King

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