OST-284 Emerging Technologies PowerPoint SlideShare Final Exam

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Published on May 7, 2014

Author: kathyrule

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OST-284 Emerging Technologies PowerPoint SlideShare Final Exam

OST-284 Emerging Technologies Final Exam

 1. Allows me to keep in contact with old friends  2. Allows me to share pictures and videos with friends and family that are far away  3. Keeps me up to date with what all of my contacts are up to

 1. Allows me to have my own little space on the Internet to post whatever I like  2. Allows me to add links to other Websites that I enjoy, so others can too  3. Allows me to add many different gadgets, widgets, badges, and other items that I like and want others to see

 1. Allows me to put together idea boards for projects, wish lists, or whatever I may want  2. Allows me share pins with others that I follow or who follow me, that way if I see something they might like I can make sure they see it too  3. I love all the amazing and creative things that can be found: art, photography, animals, crafts, and more

 1. Allows me to search quickly for things I may need, such as directions or to reference an e-mail  2. I always use Google for its maps, I think they are pretty reliable and street view is amazing  3. I like how you can use Google to login into different Web sites without having to create a new login for each site you visit

 1. I like Wikipedia because they are so many different articles, I get lost reading them sometimes  2. Since it’s a wiki, everyone can contribute so I like that it includes everyday people and people of great importance (both posting and being posted about)  3. I like that they give back to the community and have donated money on several occasions since I look at so many articles

 1. I don’t like Twitter because I feel that it is sometimes aimed toward a younger crowd  2. The interface has changed several times but I feel like it’s too cluttered or has too much going on at once  3. I also do not like Twitter because of the cyber bullying that I read about that takes place between teenagers. I don’t think that it gets monitored the way it should.

 1. I didn’t like Alltop because it seemed dull and didn’t really catch my attention  2. I also didn’t like it because there were not very many customization options  3. The other reason I didn’t like Alltop was because there was no option to easily delete the profile once I no longer needed it.

 1. As a long time user of Google, I don’t like the layout of Bing in general and it seems a like they copied Google in some aspects (like a daily image for example)  2. I feel like the information received after a search is never very accurate or not what I intended  3. Also, I do not like the way search results are displayed, I feel like it’s too much information and could be displayed in different tabs/links

 1. I don’t like podcasts because I would much rather receive information via reading rather than listening  2. I also don’t like them because I don’t feel as connected and tend to drift off and not pay attention to what is being said  3. Since I’m more of a hands on or visual learner, I feel at a disadvantage when using podcasts

 1. I don’t really like Delicious because I don’t feel the need to share my bookmarks. Especially since most of them are to the main pages of well known websites  2. I also didn’t like it because the interface was boring and didn’t draw me in  3. The other thing I didn’t like was all the sharing and tagging, but mainly I feel it just wasn’t for me

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