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Published on November 17, 2016

Author: opencoffeegr

Source: slideshare.net

1. OCTOBER 2016

2. Distinctions M European FinTech Awards 2016 Amsterdam iFinance Origami talks about OSEVEN

3. The problem Driving Needs Changing >$1Tril p.a. to global economy 1.24M deaths & 20-50M serious injuries p.a. andMotor Insurance companies Buy the driving risk 80% CLR (Claims+Exp.)/Revenues Can’t motivate their customers to drive safe & eco Pay based on how we all drive Don’t know their weak points Drivers

4. A Pioneer Company For Insurance Telematics Τhe company Create safe & eco drivers Reduce business risk Redefine relationship with customers Driving Behaviour Analytics Smartphone only solution Machine Learning techniques Driving Behavioural modelling

5. Insurance profit increase (per annum) €180B €36B €60B €24B Premiums Current Gross Profit Estimated UBI Gross Profit (OSeven costs incl.) 65% Profit Increase CLR: 80% CLR: 60% Financial pitch to insurers UBI vs Non UBI in Europe Claim frequency reduction 30% Data: Ptolemus Based on 5M UBI subscribers in 2014 160M UBI subscribers by 2020 Global facts The impact and benefits of UBI are proven

6. Smartphone solution vs OBD The Solution Smartphone revolutionises the way we drive and we insure Fast Scale-up Mass appealing / Legal regulations -70% of OBD solution cost Million of euro savings Mobile use recognition Driver distraction causes 25% of traffic accidents Social Gamification / user friendly

7. A flexible platform The future Data transfer RATING SOCIAL GAMIFICATION Clearing House of APIs & Tech Aggregator 9.5years old in EU 11.5years old in USAvg. age of cars on the roads is rising The Future The Trojan Horse The Past 3G

8. Unique Value Proposition

9. challenges Development Backend • Big Data Analytics Engine • Advanced Analytics Mobile App • Auto Trip Start / Stop optimization algorithms • No Battery Drain • No data plan usage • Maximize user experience

10. challenges Machine Learning Harsh events detection Driver distraction Noise / in car activity Driver ID recognition Driver / Passenger recognition

11. challenges Driving Behavioral Modelling Driver distractionWeather conditions Harsh events frequency based on road type and speed Scoring Risky hours Speeding

12. challenge Change Driver’s philosophy Things are changing awareness perception education focus What we mean by “cool driving” Understanding of weak and strong points Distraction factors Importance of our actions

13. Mobile Use No1 Killer among young ages 18-29yrs old in EU & US M Accidents do not happen, they are caused. A texting driver is 23 times more likely to get involved into an accident In 26% of car accidents mobile use is involved A texting driver is basically blind for 4.6’’As long as it takes to cover the distance of a football field at 100km/h

14. Platform with benefits

15. Trip score according to mobile use, harsh events, driving speed, weather conditions and road type Weather during the trip Trips Pay How U Drive

16. 5star driver experience The Top 100 drivers according to our safe rating system Percentile of the driver Overall performance based on all trips’ score 7 badges and the Gold wheel earned when driver holds all 7 badges and 5 stars Scorecard Pay How U Drive

17. Usage Pay As U Drive Tailored made packages based on drivers’ needs

18. Social Gamification Strong motivation Compare with others

19. Create groups. Dare your friends! Compare with friends

20. Maximize customer engagement and improvement Personalised Bulk Messaging

21. Web Portal Behavior Stats Now you know how your fleet is actually driving

22. Web Portal Your Drivers Know your drivers’ ranking & create efficient gamification schemes

23. Benefits for All Direct Bridge Data transfer INSURERS DRIVER FEEDBACK Clearing House of APIs & Tech Aggregator LEASING & FLEETS AUTOMOTIVE 3G

24. Who rates you?

25. The team

26. Not just a marketing tool Νot just another App 1 of the 8 members of the Expert Panel of the Global initiative “Together for Safer Roads” founded by: Anheuser-Busch InBev, AIG, AT&T, Chevron, Ericsson, Facebook, IBM, iHeartMedia, PepsiCo and Walmart in the field of Road Safety, Driving Behavioural Analysis, Transportation Engineering, Machine Learning, Statistics & Risk Analysis >25yrs of international research €100M estimated research total budget

27. The tools we use MML DEV Cloud Computing Big data Sensor Fusion Mobile SDK Social Gamification DBM Data fusion algorithms Multivariate Event Detection algorithms Deep learning classifiers (Tensorflow & Python libraries) Driving Experiments in simulator lab Driving behaviour assessment from Certified Trainers Big data analytics Advanced statistical algorithms

28. OSEVEN Board of Directors Vassili Founder & CEO Leda Co-Founder Head of Design & Communication Fidel Partner @ Mojo.capital Loukas Director @ Yarrow Capital Marco Founder & CEO @ Upstream

29. OSEVEN Core Team Prof. Yannis Research Associate PHUD Modelling Prof. Vlahogianni Research Associate Machine Learning Peter Co- founder Head of Research Benjamin Head of Engineering

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