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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: Electricpowermultiplier

Source: slideshare.net

What is Ortronic®? Ortronic® trade mark represents a new revolutionary technology (Ortronic® technology) and the products derived from it, both developed by the Spanish scientist Juan Ortigosa García and based on several new dimensions of the alternating electricity invented by the scientist Nikola Tesla. A revolutionary breakthrough in the knowledge of electricity that origins a new renewable electricity “Ortigosa Renewable Electricity (ORE)”. The origins of “ORE” are the following procedure patents: Country Number Type Situation Year Spain 555.077 Procedure Approved 1987 USA 4,717,995 Procedure Approved 1988 Canada 1,291,528 Procedure Approved 1991 Europe 0248754 Procedure Approved 1993 International 201030213/3 Procedure Registered 2010 These patents are based on the transformation and utilization of the reactive power, an achievement of the scientific Juan Ortigosa that originates two great inventions: the Ortigosa Renewable Electricity (ORE) and the Electric Power Multiplier (EPM). www.ortronic.com 2

The inventor: Juan Ortigosa García The Spanish scientist Juan Ortigosa García began his technical training as a student in the Armament and Construction Engineers area in the Spanish Army. His demonstrated talent in electronics, led him to get a job in the special electronics division of the militarized company Marconi Española, SA. where he won the incomes needed to pay his studies. Mr. Juan Ortigosa García Only one year and a half later he was transferred to USAF (United States Air Force) Electronics Laboratory, where he reached great achievements in the improvement of the electronic and telecommunication systems used by US Air Force (USAF). These achievements in the USAF Laboratory gave him a contract with the NASA to work in the technical department of the space station in Robledo de Chavela, specifically in the monitoring and control of the mission of the trip to Mars of the Mariner 4 spacecraft . The experience and knowledge achieved throughout his professional life, and his nonconformist character about the knowledge of traditional laws of electricity, have led his dedication to research for the past 25 years, reaching the discovery of multiple new dimensions of the Alternating Electricity invented by Tesla. www.ortronic.com 3

Ortronic® R&D&I Laboratory The Ortronic® R&D&I laboratory, headed by the scientist Juan Ortigosa as inventor and developer of Ortronic® technology, has all the required equipment and tools for research and development in the electricity and electronics area. The Ortronic® human team consists of Industrial Engineers, with extensive experience in digital electronics, power electronics, mechanical, automotive, microprocessors and telecommunications. This is a particularly gifted group for further developments of multiple Ortronic® technology applications, the biggest breakthrough of electric energy. www.ortronic.com 4

“ORE” scientific bases Ortigosa Renewable Electricity (ORE) and Electric Power Multiplier (EPM) have as only origin the reactive energy that exists in all inductive loads powered by Real Alternating Electricity, as Lenz's law says, with a reactive power, KVAR, proportional to the quality factor of the inductive loads (Q). Ortronic® technology can multiply the reactive power (KVAR) and transform it into active power (KW), obtaining a total active power defined by the following formula: Total power in watts = V x I x Q. High cost inductive loads, which are the only ones manufactured nowadays, try to decrease at maximum the Q quality factor of inductive loads, with the intention of reducing at maximum the reactive power, which is a free and inexhaustible energy which Ortronic® multiplies and transforms into useful energy, obtaining the biggest known source of renewable energy, Ortigosa Renewable Electricity (ORE). A new energy that only exists in nature after being invented by Ortigosa and represents a revolutionary breakthrough of the Alternating Electricity invented by Tesla. With the inductive loads manufactured today, energy savings produced by ORE are over 200%, and with low cost inductive loads, or what is the same, with low power factor, energy savings exceeds 500%. www.ortronic.com 5

“ORE” Practical Demonstration (1) The practical demonstration described below was carried out by the Spanish State company: Minas de Almadén y Arrayanes SA, and was proposed by its Commercial Director Mr. Angel Arredondo, PhD Industrial Engineer specializing in Electricity who attended to Mr. Julio Bordas, Corporate Director of the company. The demonstration compares a prestigious Merlin Gerin PWM inverter, whose efficiency was 88%, with the Ortronic® Electric Power Multiplier, demonstrating that Ortronic® technology multiplies the kilowatts-hour. Water pump The demonstration consisted in transferring water using only the energy contained in a set of batteries. In the first part of the demonstration, the Merlin Gerin inverter was connected to the batteries and Meter to the water transfer system, running until the batteries were discharged and continuously PWM inverter measuring the amount of water moved around. Secondly the batteries were recharged at the same ® Ortronic level and was made the same test but in this case using the Ortronic® Electric Power Batteries Multiplier, obtaining the following results: www.ortronic.com 6

“ORE” Practical demonstration (2) Meter Meter PWM inverter PWM inverter Ortronic® Water pump Water pump Ortronic® Batteries Batteries Ortronic® EPM Working time: 3 hours 20 minutes Liters pumped: 3,364.00 liters % Differences 12 hours 32 minutes 276 % 9,844.00 liters PWM inverter 193% Assuming that the Ortronic® Electric Power Multiplier has a performance of 100%, the difference with the PWM inverter is 12%. Therefore the maximum amount of water that Ortronic® could pump is 12% higher, ie, could only have pumped 3,767.68, but pumped 9,844 liters, proving irrefutably that Ortronic® multiplied the available energy, or what is the same, multiplied the kilowatts-hour available, multiplying the work done. www.ortronic.com 7

Advantages and exclusive benefits of “ORE” (1) The economic savings of the kilowatts-hour produced by “ORE" with the current loads is over 200%. In the case of low cost inductive loads, the economic savings of the kilowatts-hour produced by ORE would be over 500%. A drastic reduction in the cost per kilowatt-hour. Low cost inductive loads are those having a maximum power factor of 0.5, ie: KW/KVA = 0.5 maximum. In electric vehicles equipped with AC motors of low power factor, the kilowatts-hour generated freely by “ORE" can multiply their autonomy by 5, which means that their autonomy can exceed to the combustion vehicles with a much lower cost and without increasing the batteries. With “ORE" the electric vehicles will overtake the mechanicals powered by fossil fuels, in comfort, autonomy, performance and price. www.ortronic.com 8

Advantages and exclusive benefits of “ORE” (2) With “ORE” the renewable energies can provide all the electricity required, in present and future, by our planet. The profitability increase of renewable energies using “ORE” permits that the subsidies for the energy production from them are not necessary. The main beneficiaries of “ORE" are the undeveloped and developing countries because they would not have to build power distribution grids. With “ORE" the cheapest electricity would be produced at the place of use, avoiding energy losses in the distribution lines. The Ortronic® Technology is the result of twenty-five years of research, based on searching new dimensions of the Alternating Electricity, resulting in revolutionary breakthroughs of the Alternating Electricity invented by Tesla. The current knowledge, due to its mistakes, inconsistencies and paradoxes, is a real impediment to progress in the utilization of Alternating Electricity, that currently is used in less than 10% of its possibilities. www.ortronic.com 9


Ortronic® Applications (1) S/Ortronic I: Off-grid installations or with blackouts. For those who wish to use Alternating Electricity and can not or do not want to be connected to electrical grids, or for those connected to electrical grids and suffer frequent blackouts. Use batteries to keep powering the installation during the time of the blackout. Ortronic I systems save energy during the blackout, over 50% compared to any other known system. And are also the only ones that save energy when there are no blackouts and can be powered by renewable energy. S/Ortronic II: Users connected to the grid. These systems are for those connected to the electrical grid, that do not suffer blackouts but want to reduce their electricity bill. Ortronic II systems do not use batteries and use the reactive energy to obtain savings. These systems do not use the Electric Power Multiplier (EPM), neither the Ortronic® cogeneration. S/Ortronic III: Electric power multiplier and Cogeneration. These systems are for industries, supermarkets, hotels or similar above 50 KW. They utilize the Ortronic® Electric Power Multiplier and the Ortronic® Cogeneration, using the reactive energy as the only residual energy source, to achieve energy savings over 300%. The energy cogenerated by the Ortronic® systems is the largest and cheapest source of renewable energy. www.ortronic.com 11

Ortronic® Applications (2) S/Ortronic IV: Telecommunication shelters. These systems are for telecommunication shelters without electrical grid connection, or connected to the grid but with frequent and prolonged blackouts. Can be used in telecom shelters with air conditioning systems that are not Inverter models. Ortronic IV systems work with batteries and/or renewable energies to supply the energy needed during the blackouts and save more than 50% of energy compared to any other solution in the market. S/Ortronic V: Renewable energies. Energy savings for users with Ortronic® systems with renewable energies, photovoltaic and wind. Can be used to sale energy to power grid companies using Ortronic® cogeneration with wind and photovoltaic renewable energies. The profitability of renewable energy increases using Ortronic® Electric Power Multiplier and the Ortronic® cogeneration. Then, subsidies are un-necessary. S/Ortronic VI: Electric vehicles. Ortronic® systems for electric vehicles can multiply the energy stored in the batteries, increasing the autonomy of the vehicle. With low power factor electric motors, the free energy generated by the kilowatthour multiplier can reach 500%, so the autonomy of the electric vehicles is multiplied by 5 with the same batteries capacity. With “ORE” the electric vehicles will overtake mechanical powered by fossil fuels in comfort, autonomy, performance and price. www.ortronic.com 12

Current manufactured and commercialized systems(1) Low power Ortronic® systems: Ortronic® single-phase of 500 W, 1500 W and 2000 W. Provide electricity to small houses in undeveloped countries where electrical grids are unstable and suffer frequent and prolonged blackouts. S/Ortronic 2KW They utilize batteries to keep powering the installation during the time of the blackout. Ortronic® standard systems: Single-phase and three-phase Ortronic® systems with output powers from 16 KW to 48 KW. Corresponds to S/Ortronic I group, that provides electricity to users who either can not or do not want to be connected to the electrical grid or that are connected but suffer frequent blackouts. S/Ortronic 16 KW S/Ortronic 24 KW Can also be used for group S/Ortronic IV applications, off-grid telecommunication shelters not connected to electrical grids or connected to unstable power grids. Can be used in combination with photovoltaic solar energy, increasing the profitability compared to any other system on the market. They utilize batteries to keep powering the installation during the time of the blackout and also have a battery charger on the same system. S/Ortronic 48 KW www.ortronic.com 13

Current manufactured and commercialized systems(2) Operating diagram of the current manufactured and commercialized systems: Ortronic® User Batteries The main beneficiaries of Ortronic® systems are undeveloped and developing countries, because they will not have to build power distribution grids. With S/Ortronic I systems the electricity would be cheaper and produced at the place of use. Then they also avoid energy losses of the distribution lines. www.ortronic.com 14

Climaterra® Climaterra ® is a new system invented and patented by Juan Ortigosa Garcia destined to the efficient climatization of buildings and all kind of construction. System efficiency is based on the use of ORE, in the electric pumps that the system needs. The heating or cooling uses water, heated or cooled, in a network of pipes installed in the subsoil, in which the water flows, pumped by one or more electric pumps. The figure on the left shows the collector pipes of the subsoil temperature, an electric pump that pumps the water and pipes that deliver the temperature in the edification. The drawing is intended only to visualize the system and its operation. In practice, the system is similar to an under floor heating system for heating and cooling. The advantage of Ortronic® systems compared to other systems is the use of ORE, which in this case is a free electrical energy that saves more than 90% of the electricity needed by all the equal or similar systems that do not use ORE. www.ortronic.com 15

Special developments Heating systems by induction Water decomposition by inverse resonance Electrical distribution with no wires Electric vehicle* Control of weather events Ortronic® Electric Power Multiplier (EPM) Climaterra® * The electric vehicle project is currently in the developing stage. www.ortronic.com 16

Global Expansion Plan The Global Expansion Plan involves partial sales of operating licenses, and the planned development is the following: • Create an Ortronic® subsidiaries commercial network with the participation of local partners. • The subsidiaries may participate in one or several Ortronic® applications and the territory may be one or several countries. • Ortronic® will calculate the license value and the interested may request other valuations to renowned specialists. • The subsidiaries may manufacture and/or assemble Ortronic® systems in its territory, provided that the local tax costs are equal or lower than in other countries. • The profitability of Ortronic® subsidiaries is the highest and safest known today, and only possible with the Ortigosa Renewable Electricity “ORE". www.ortronic.com 17

HEADQUARTERS ORTRONIC TECHNOLOGY, S.L. TWIN GOLF “B” BUILDING Peru Street, 6, 2nd Floor 28290 Las Rozas (Madrid) Tel.: (34) 91 630 80 80 For technical information visit: www.ortronic.com Contact: comercial@ortronic.com

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