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Information about ORM Services | Remove fake article from Search Engines

Published on January 23, 2020

Author: graymentechnologies

Source: authorstream.com

slide 1: How to remove your fake article post from Google Yahoo Bing Governing online reputation is important for a business to succeed on the internet. But no matter how carefully you take your steps online you can’t prevent the assembly of defamatory content against you. Although you cannot prevent the production of defamatory material against you you can try to remove fake articles from Google. However it’s tough to remove such content from search engines especially from Google. This article discusses Googles content removal policy and how can remove fake post on Google Yahoo Bing. Googles Content Removal Policy Removing someone else content on Google is difficult because of the following reasons. 1. Google is secured under Section 230c of the Communications Decency Act as an interactive computer service provider. 2. The first amendment protects allegedly defamatory content as a protected opinion. slide 2: A brief overview of defamatory content Defamatory contents are common and almost every company or business has to face it once in a while. However too much negative posts about you or your company tend to dominate the search rankings and when someone searches for your company those negative articles show up. The more such negative posts get accumulated the more they climb up in search rankings. This spread of negativity can adversely affect your reputation and might affect you on a personal and emotional level as well. However if you want to remove fake articles from Google and other search engines it will not be easy. Therefore here is how you can do so with ease. Get Court Order This part is not optional as the court order is mandatory if you want to remove fake articles from Google. You can visit the Google Legal Removal Requests page to begin with the removal process. On that page you can search for defamatory search results and then select "I have a legal issue." However this process needs to be done after obtaining the court order. Once you get the court order you can proceed with the process mentioned above. On the Google Legal Removal Requests page you will find a section that says "If you have a court order that declares that the content of a web page ranked by Google is illegal kindly follow the instructions on the court order form.” From there you will be asked to follow specific steps which will lead you to a solution. How to Get Court Order Another burdensome task if you want to remove Defamatory information on Google Bing Yahoo is to obtain a court order. Although the case is not significant you have to follow the standard legal procedure to get a court order. Therefore you need to file a defamation lawsuit against the poster. I know the identity of the defamer you can mention it in your complaint and if not you have to rely on the court procedures to track the website used for defamation and its IP address. After finding the IP address the statutory bodies can summon the internet service provider and ask the identity associated with the IP address. Once the identity is revealed you can formally name it in the lawsuit. After filing the lawsuit you will proceed either through a trial or a settlement and then come out of the court indicating and confirming that the content uploaded against you is defamatory and should be removed. Reputation Management Companies If you dont have time or you dont want to get involved in the loop of legal proceedings you can contact online reputation management ORM companies. These companies although will not be able to remove Fake information on Yahoo Bing will push it down in the search rankings. slide 3: Most of the internet users dont click after the first age results and pushing the negative content below the first page will significantly decrease its reach and exposure. On the contrary you can also contact an SEO company that can help you with pushing up the desired pages and pushing down the negative content. Conclusion Despite so much development in technology the law is not advanced and still trying to catch up. If someone has posted a series of defamatory articles against you that hinder your reputation and affect you on a mental emotional and a financial basis you should take the legal route. However if the scenario is not too severe you can get in touch with Online Reputation Management ORM and SEO companies. If you want to Hire a Reputed and Professional Online Reputation Repair and Maintenance Agency Call to Us: 888-606-1808. Visit: https://www.ripoffreportremovalhelp.com/

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