Oritentation session at Kyung Hee University for new students 2014

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Information about Oritentation session at Kyung Hee University for new students 2014

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: ShiningStar786

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Guidelines for new students in South Korea, General to more specific...Many useful Links

Korea and KHU – The Muslim Style Presenter : Umar Farooq

South Korea  Independence: August 15, 1945 (Division)  Area: 99,392 km2  Administration:       8 Provinces 6 Metropolitan cities Seoul (Special City) Jeju (Special self governing province) Sejong (Special self-governing city) Population: 50.95 million     Seoul: 10.2 million (20% population) Gyeonggi-do province: 25.6 million (over 50% population) Foreigners: 1.4 million Muslims (Foreigners + Local): 130,000

Islam in Korea  Muslim Presence  Since 9th century  First Masjid:    Seoul Central Mosque 1976 Largest in Korea  800 worshippers for Friday  Masajid:  ~13 (Seoul, Paju Masjid, Bupyeong, Anyang, Ansan, Gwangju, Jeonju, Busan, Macheon-geyeo, Suwon,Jeju, Daegu) RELIGIONS IN KOREA No Religion Budhism Protestant Christians Catholic Christians 6.7, 7% 21.4, 22% 45.6, 46% 24.4, 25% Ref: [2005 from www.adherents.com]

~Islam in Korea  Notable Institutions:      Korea Muslim Federation (KMF) Seoul Central Mosque Seoul Ashurkhana/Imambargah Islamic Center & Masjid of Daejeon Cheonju Masjid  Notable Events:  Eid, Ramadan, Ashura, Ijtima  Recommended links:  Join Korea Muslim Federation http://asiaenglish.visitkorea.or.kr/ena/CU/ CU_EN_8_1_6.jsp  http://www.crescentrating.com/southkorea-mosques-masaajid-listing.html

~Islam in Korea  Notable Student Organizations and Events:  MSA-KHU  Invited lecture on Islam as religion of peace  Our lives and Ramadan: Are we reaching the goal ?  Ramadan Iftar and weekly lectures; etc.. @ MSA-KAIST  MSA-KAIST  Workshop on Stress and Anxiety Management  Halal food festival  Trips  Islamic Art Exhibitions, etc.,  SNU Muslim Students Society  Friday night gatherings  Tajweed classes etc. @ SNU Muslim Students Society @ MSA-KAIST

MSA-KHU  Founded in Dec 2012  The main objective was to bring KHU Muslims together under one umbrella  Any Muslim student in KHU is by default a member

Our Vision… Unity Lifestyle Islam To create unity and brotherhood among Muslim students of different origins, nationalities and cultures To help Muslim students in adapting their life and environment at Kyung Hee University and to keep them in touch with people from their own faith To introduce Islamic culture and values to the KHU community

How MSA can help Muslim students in KHU MSA is a place of sanctuary for Muslim students, especially on a social level. MSA helps Muslim students live the campus environment. MSA can help Muslim students in fulfilling their mandatory religious obligations. MSA also acts as an advocacy group for all Muslim students.

How MSA can help Muslims in Korea List down Halal/ Haram food items/ Halal dining How to Pray in environments where there is no Mosque nearby. MSA helps Muslims to live Korea Muslims facing difficulty explaining religious problem

Aiming High !! Inter-faith and Muslim Gatherings Invited lectures Regular classes on Islamic Subjects Smartphone/pad application design for halal food identification Coordination and collaboration with other associations and universities Mosque

A pursuit of greater cause… Social Services Visiting Hospitals and Senior Citizens Homes Visiting schools Message of Peace Fundraising Events

Fruits of MSA, In sha Allah! Positive image of Islam and Muslims Brotherhood bond between different communities Facilities for Muslims on and off campus Friendship and Goodwill between Muslims and nonMuslims

But still a long way to go.. Funding Issues University policies related to religious organizations/activities

Daily Activities:  Prayer Room:     Room # 563, Electronics and Information Building, Prayer Timings on facebook group and also pasted on the door Daily study of Ahadith from Riyad us-Saliheen after Duhr prayer (1:15 pm) (in English) Daily study of Islamic Jurispundence after Asr Prayer (in English)    Starting Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Daily study of Ahadith from Muntakhib Ahadeeth after Asr Prayer (in Urdu) Quran recitation and translation (in Bengali) after Isha Prayer  Friday Prayer: Same building, 1st Floor, Room 103  Prayer Room outside campus:     Room # 105, Seochin Village, Seocheon Dong, Activities such as 5 daily prayers Weekly Halaqa (at the moment in Urdu Language) Quran and Hadith study program for females of Bangldeshi community every Friday at 8:00pm

Some glimpses of the events organized by MSA-KHU

~ Some glimpses of the events organized by MSA-KHU

Some Practical Initial Advices  Be mindful of Korean Culture:  When in Rome, do the Halal as Romans do ………  Society and culture roots are based on respect     Koreans are very sensitive to seniority When they meet you, the first question normally they ask is your age (Respect is given to you and expected from you according to the seniority) Use of both hands Smoking  Bowing     Greetings Apologizing Showing gratitude Deep bows means deeply grateful or apologetic

~ Some Practical Initial Advices  Professor  Highly respectable and authoritative profession  Your guardian in S. Korea  Long term relationship  Lab  Your sanctuary  Lab leader: deserves the respect and holds much power  Lab is basic identification; if lab and work is good; everything is good and vice versa  Timings: depending on lab policies  Possible cultural shock: some labs have the timings from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm (Be ready with a smiling face; if you belong to that lab)

~Some Practical Initial Advices  Food  Feel no shame in sharing your limitations to your Professor and lab mates  Quite open to international environment  Try to develop and enjoy Halal Korean Food  Typical Korean Food:      Steamed rice (main dish) 3-12 side dishes Kimchi (fermented pickled vegetable) Soya sauce, sesame oil, hot pepper paste Lots of vegetables

~Some Practical Initial Advices  Food  Fast food shops  Shrimps, vegetable, fish  burgers, sandwiches  Pizza  Vegetable, shrimp, seafood  Home plus   Halal section Halal tag  Halal traditional food  Suwon and Itaewon  Near Campus  Two Halal restaurants (Indian) near homeplus  Order online  http://expatmart.co.kr/index.php/

~Some Practical Initial Advices  Food   원재료명 Ingredient Name          Biscuits, chocolates, ice-creams ..? 베이컨 bacon 라드 lard 젤라틴 (동물성) (animal) gelatin 쇼트닝 (동물성) (animal) shortening 레시틴 lecithin 레닛 rennet 수지(獸脂) tallow 돼지고기 pork and many more ….. Comprehensive food guide  http://www.scribd.com/fullscreen/36103754?access_key=key2fhn2ra23srvek4bqo48&allow_share=true&escape=false&view_mode=scroll

~Some Practical Initial Advices  Language   Highly recommended to take at least basic courses Life changes much with the know how of basics   Food contents, driving, general purchases, room management, etc., Dept. policy   TOPIC No requirement  안녕하세요 (Hello.) An nyung ha sae-yo.  고마워요 (Thank you.) 얼마에요? (How much is it?)  Go ma wuh-yo. Ul ma ae-yo?  배고파요 (I’m hungry.) 맛있어요 (It’s delicious.)  Bae go pa-yo. Ma shi ssuh-yo.

~Some Practical Initial Advices  Tools you should have:  Athan Software  http://www.islamicfinder.org/atha nDownload.php  Mobile App:  Athan or any other  Qibla Finder  Prayer  Be mindful of Washroom direction

KHU Map KHU Gate Library WooJungWon Dormitory Collage of Arts and design

Department offices  Found in each collage  Get information regarding departments like: - Causes, - Classes, - Researches, - Class room reservations - Etc.

Student center & International office  Student center - Get Student ID, Certificate of enrolment, scholarship, transcript etc. - Medical center: - Location in Seoul campus - Doctor comes to global campus every Tuesday & Thursday at 2PM,  International office - General information for international office

Library  Main Library - Read and borrow books, journals, newspapers etc. - Website: http://www.khu.ac.kr/eng/campus/central_library  Office of information services - Borrow Operating systems installation disks - Download various software from: - Website: http://ois.khu.ac.kr/

Visa office  Renew/ extend/ change Visa Suwon immigration Office  Get Alien ID  Get work permit  Etc.  Location: Near KHU  Website: Apply online www.immigration.go.kr/HP/IMM80/index.do KHU Gate

Websites  Main website: www.khu.ac.kr/  Student information service: khuis.khu.ac.kr  Library: www.khu.ac.kr/eng/campus/central_library  Office of information services: http://ois.khu.ac.kr/  KHU mail server: http://mail.khu.ac.kr/  Medical center: www.khmc.or.kr/eng/  Visa office: www.immigration.go.kr/HP/IMM80/index.do

Useful Web Links  Useful websites  http://traffic.visitkorea.or.kr/lang/en/Bus/index.as p?CID=1  http://english.visitkoreayear.com/english/benefit/b enefit_07_01_01.asp  http://www.hikorea.go.kr/pt/DownLoadTemplPop upR_en.pt  http://english.seoul.go.kr/  http://adventurekorea.com/  http://www.korea.net/main  http://map.naver.com/

Thanks a lot  Please feel free to contact us regarding any matter  Specifically, finding places for residence,  Food,  Immigration, etc…..

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