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Information about ~~ Orion ~~(from google.com ) & my say ~~

Published on March 6, 2014

Author: ronnie374

Source: slideshare.net

Orion ( From Google.com) Star Data Top-Astronomer ID 5983 Bayer pi4 Right Ascension 4h 51m 12.4s Declination +5° 36 18" Magnitude 3.69 MK Spectral Class B2III+B2IV Flamsteed 3 Henry Draper No. (HD) 30836 Smithsonian No. (SAO) 112142 Fifth Fundamental 179 (FK5)

Orion, the Hunter, is a constellation lying on the celestial equator. It is one of the brightest and best known constellations in the sky. It is also one of the few constellations known since ancient times. Early Greek writers such as Homer and Hesiod made references to Orion in theirworks. In Greek mythology, Orion was a hunter, son of the sea god Poseidon and the Cretan princess Euryale. It was said that Poseidon had given Orion the ability to walk on water. The constellation Orion is depicted as a man raising his club and shield, facing the charge of a bull, represented by the neighbouring constellation Taurus, and standing next to the river Eridanus. The tale that corresponds to this representation is not found in Greek mythology,however,but^^Sumerianone^^. The Sumerians believed that the constellation, which they called Uru An-na ("light of heaven"), represented their hero Gilgamesh fighting the bull of heaven, Gud An-na, which corresponds to the constellation Taurus. Even though the Greek equivalent for Gilgamesh is Heracles, who was once given the task to catch the Cretan bull, and Ptolemy described the constellation known as Orion as a man with a club and lion's pelt (not unlike Heracles), there is no solid evidence of a connection between the constellation:(Orion/and/Heracles). ( Please Theirs My Say (i.e. Mr. DeepakSS ) : In Year Probably in Year 1977 : 78 ( Its During Vacations For High School Going Time ) . At My Native Place Asrondi ; Via Kankavli ; State : Maharashtra ( India ) . ( Its During Vacations For High School Going Time ) . On returning From Bajans Puja Time .Their were on later very night mid time . One Bull tried to entered the Native place house ; on climbing steps of native place House. I had torch on with light towards Bull . Immediately the Bull stop ; with Big shout voice from me for my * Cousin granee parent to awake from sleep . Thats Alerted all family relatives & family members to be after the Bull . The Bull went in Forest in the Dark Night . ( Their could been Severe Injuries due to Night Time Ran on From Bull on us ; at our Sleeping posture on Floor at Native Place House with on Bed sheets Secondly very Important : ~ Domestic animals ^Ox^ pairs ~; they wooden grinder moving round at distance ; grind the *Rice seed for producing Food grains from crops related Rice seeds . . Its usually at in hall type arrangement in the native place house ( process in native place language is : ^^malnee ^^for Food Grains ) ]. [ My Say : Its wrote By Me Mr. Deepak S,Sawant ] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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