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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: BigHistory

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Origin stories have been popular since the dawn of man. Takes these great stories and create a movie idea to pitch to Hollywood.

BIG HISTORY PROJECT / LESSON 1.4 ORIGIN STORY MOVIE PITCH It has been said that mythology is a way of making sense of the aspects of the world we don’t yet understand. Today, we look at some origin stories as fanciful, and almost playful, explanations of the origins of our world. Yet these stories are memorable and have had a powerful impact on our world, even today. Even though we have long understood the science behind something that was once mysterious, like lightning, we still hear about characters like Zeus and Thor. Mythology continues to play a key role in our popular culture, retold in books, films, and even games. Popular films such as The Avengers weave together characters and themes of Norse and Greek mythology, as well as a variety of others. In this activity, you will write a brief “treatment” for a film of your own. With The Avengers making millions of dollars, the “studio” (your teacher) is eager for a fantasy film to compete. You must come up with a single page that tells the story of the origin of the world and be ready to “pitch it” to the class. Your teacher will ask some of you to present your stories. Your classmates will decide whose film should “be funded” and get made. Review the notes in your journal and notebook about the discussion of origin stories your class had. Think about what you will need to make your origin story believable. Choose at least a few details from the world around us and incorporate them into your story. Note that something doesn’t have to be real to be believable. Think about “the force” in Star Wars. You merely need to include enough detail that the overall story makes sense.

BIG HISTORY PROJECT / LESSON 1.4 ORIGIN STORY MOVIE PITCH Your origin story should be no more than one page. The stories do not have to be unique, but like The Avengers, may blend different origin stories as well as combine modern, historical, and fantasy elements. The single requirement is that you must include details about how our world was formed; although to get funded, you will need to make it a great story. Once you have completed your story, your teacher may ask several students to pitch their story to the studio. DO NOT READ YOUR STORY OUT LOUD! Tell your story in your own words and make it compelling. After all of the pitches are complete, the class must decide which film to fund and make.

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