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Published on November 5, 2007

Author: Felipe

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Shipboard Organization & Military Duties of a Naval Officer:  Shipboard Organization & Military Duties of a Naval Officer Authority:  Authority U.S. Navy Regulations outlines the authority of a Naval Officer. Upon commissioning, an officer is granted the authority and responsibility to perform his or her duties Officer of the Deck :  Officer of the Deck Officer of the Deck (OOD) (underway ) Safe navigation of the ship . Avoid danger and keep station by issuing the necessary engine and rudder orders. Make all required reports to the CO. Supervise all personnel on watch. Officer of the Deck:  Officer of the Deck Be aware of the status of the engineering plant . Carry out the routine of the ship. Supervise and conducts OJT for the JOOD and JOOW. The ‘Deck’:  The ‘Deck’ To have the deck means to supervise all functions and maneuvers of the ship. Junior Officer of the Deck :  Junior Officer of the Deck OOD usually delegates the conn to the JOOD. The ‘Conn‘: Directs the movement of the ship with rudder and engine orders. Combat Systems Watch Officer (CICWO) :  Combat Systems Watch Officer (CICWO) Supervises CIC, makes recommendations to the OOD concerning safe navigation and station keeping. Tactical Action Officer (TAO):  Tactical Action Officer (TAO) Assigned during wartime steaming or higher threat. The TAO is responsible for tactical employment of the ship's weapons systems and defense of the ship. Engineering Officer of the Watch (EOOW) :  Engineering Officer of the Watch (EOOW) Ensures the safe operation of the ship's engineering plant. Command Duty Officer (CDO) :  Command Duty Officer (CDO) Direct representative of the CO. Larger ships may have a CDO underway, smaller ships only when in port. All persons, regardless of rank, are subordinate to the CDO. OOD In Port :  OOD In Port Supervises the quarterdeck, ensures security of the ship. Carries out the ship's routine. Standardized Organization onboard Navy Ships:  Standardized Organization onboard Navy Ships Minimize possibility of overlapping of responsibility. Minimize duplication of assigned personnel and tasks. Uniformity Personnel transferred from ship to ship will know basic organization of each command structure. Ship's Organization:  Ship's Organization Administrative Chain of Command - department heads report to CO through XO. Operational Chain of Command - department heads report directly to CO. Battle Organization:  Battle Organization Conditions of Readiness I - General Quarters - maximum state of readiness; entire crew at battle stations. IAS - Variation of Condition I to meet ASW threat. IE - Relaxed Condition I to feed crew. II - Special watch for gunfire support. III - Wartime Cruising - 1/3 of crew on watch. IV - Normal Peacetime Cruising. V - Peacetime Watch In Port - enough personnel onboard to cover emergencies and get underway. Personnel Organization:  Personnel Organization Commanding Officer (CO) Absolute responsibility - safety, well-being, and efficiency of his/her command. Safe navigation Preparation of ship for battle Direct ship to engage enemy to the best of its ability Morale, welfare, and living conditions of crew Personnel Organization:  Personnel Organization Commanding Officer May delegate authority, but not responsibility. Training and education delegated to XO. Must be a line officer aboard ship. Personnel Organization:  Personnel Organization Executive Officer (XO) Second in command, must be ready to assume command in the event CO is disabled. Coordinates all departments. Morale, welfare, discipline. Assignment of personnel and records. Personnel Organization:  Personnel Organization Executive Officer (XO) Preparation of ship's bills and orders. Supervises all education and training. Loading and berthing. Ship's correspondence. Approves liberty and leave. Personnel Organization:  Personnel Organization Department Heads Responsible for all aspects of their department. Examples Personnel Organization:  Personnel Organization Division Officer Acts as an assistant to the DH. Examples: Personnel Organization:  Personnel Organization Division Supervisors LCPO Leading Petty Officer Work Center Supervisor In-port Watch Organization:  In-port Watch Organization CDO Senior line officer on board; authorized to take ship to sea if required - designated in writing Quarterdeck OOD - may be CPO/JO POOW - OOD's primary assistant/armed for security Messenger In-port Watch Organization:  In-port Watch Organization Engineering Watches Damage Control Central (DC Central) Watch Sounding and Security Watch In-port Watch Organization:  In-port Watch Organization Weapons Rover When special weapons onboard. Armed Reports to OOD every 30 minutes Special Watch Routines:  Special Watch Routines General Quarters Sea and Anchor Detail Anchor watch Bills and Logs:  Bills and Logs Watch, Quarter and Station Bill Designates personnel by name, rank, and billet for each casualty situation. Fire, Flooding, Man Overboard, etc. Bills and Logs:  Bills and Logs Deck Log Navigator responsible for proper entries. Includes every occurrence of significance . Includes engine orders, courses, speeds, positions, weather, damage, accidents, changes in ship's personnel or passengers, records of meetings or courts, reports of inspections. Chronological record of all watches. Deck Log can be used as legal evidence! Bills and Logs:  Bills and Logs Engineering Log Daily record, by watches, of all aspects affecting the engineering department including operation of the ship's propulsion and auxiliary machinery systems Engineer's Bell Book Chronological record of all orders to the engine room(s) affecting ship's speed Slide34:  PLATFORM OF THE DAY: SH-60 B/F SEAHAWK Mission: ASW, ASuW, SAR Performance: Range: 450 nm Endurance: 4 hrs Max Speed: 160 kts Crew: 3 Sensors: Radar: FLIR , AN/APS-124 Sonar: B: Sonobuoys F: Dipping Sonar Magnetic Anomoly Detector (MAD) LAMPS Mk III -Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System WEAPONS: Mk 46 or Mk 50 Torpedoes (2) AGM 119 Penguin Missile (1) AGM 114 Hellfire Missile (4) 7.62 mm machine gun

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