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Published on January 13, 2008

Author: Paola

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Ranks and Rates:  Ranks and Rates Rating Definitions:  Rating Definitions Rating- Field calling for certain skills and aptitudes (BM, IS, MM, etc.) See pages 26-42 in Bluejackets’ Manual Rate - the level of rating (E-1, E-6, E-9, etc.) Paygrade - The serviceman’s classification for pay purposes (E-1, E-6, E-9, etc.) Petty Officer - Those in paygrades E-4 to E-6 Navy Enlisted Rates:  Navy Enlisted Rates Rating- Field calling for certain skills and aptitudes (BM, IS, MM, etc.) See pages 26-42 in Bluejackets’ Manual Rate - the level of rating (E-1, E-6, E-9, etc.) Paygrade - The serviceman’s classification for pay purposes (E-1, E-6, E-9, etc.) Seaman:  Seaman Seaman Recruit, E-1 Seaman Apprentice, E-2 Seaman, E-3 Deck, Admin, Medical BM, CT, DK, DM, DS, DT, ET, EW, FC, FT, GM, HM, IS, IT, JO, LI, LN, MA, MN, MS, MT, NU, NC, OS, OT, PC, PN, QM, RP, SH, SK, SM, ST, TM, WT, YN NONE Airman:  Airman Airman Recruit, E-1 Airman Apprentice, E-2 Airman, E-3 Aviation AB, AC, AD, AE, AG, AK, AM, AO, AS, AT, AW, AZ, PH, PR NONE Fireman:  Fireman Fireman Recruit, E-1 Fireman Apprentice, E-2 Fireman, E-3 Engineering, Hull BT, DC, EM, EN, GS, HT, IC, MA, ML, MM, MR, OM, PM NONE Constructionman:  Constructionman Constructionman Recruit, E-1 Constructionman Apprentice, E-2 Constructionman, E-3 SeaBees BU, CE, CM, EA, EO, SW, UT NONE Petty Officers:  Petty Officers Non Commissioned Officers All Ratings What are these ratings? Chief Petty Officers:  Chief Petty Officers CPO, E-7 SCPO, E-8 MCPO, E-9 What type of rating are these: Master, Senior and Chief? MCPON:  MCPON Senior Enlisted Sailor in the Navy MMCM(SW,AW,SS) Terry D. Scott What is the inverted star in the center for? USMC Enlisted Ranks:  USMC Enlisted Ranks Private, E-1 Private First Class, E-2 Lance Corporal, E-3 None USMC Enlisted Ranks:  USMC Enlisted Ranks Corporal, E-4 Sergeant, E-5 Staff Sergeant, E-6 USMC Enlisted Ranks:  USMC Enlisted Ranks Gunnery Sergeant, E-7 Master Sergeant, E-8 First Sergeant, E-8 USMC Enlisted Ranks:  USMC Enlisted Ranks Master Gunnery Sergeant, E-9 Sergeant Major, E-9 Schools for Enlisted Personnel:  Schools for Enlisted Personnel Class “A” School that provides basic, rate-specific training for in-rate duties (e.g. Intelligence Specialist “A” School). Schools for Enlisted Personnel:  Schools for Enlisted Personnel Class “C” School that provides advanced, rate-specific training for sailors who need to acquire special skills within their rating. Can impact reenlistment status! Eligibility for Advancement:  Eligibility for Advancement Time in rate (TIR) Pass Military Leadership Exam (MLE) Paygrade specific CO’s RECOMMENDATION!!! Officers:  Officers Line Officers Limited Duty Officers Staff Corps Unrestricted Line Officers:  Unrestricted Line Officers Unrestricted Line (URL) Officers are eligible for command-at-sea (ship, squadron, SEAL team, etc.). Surface Warfare Officers Aviators/Flight Officers Submarine Warfare Special Warfare and Special Operations Officers Restricted Line:  Restricted Line Restricted Line Officers are those in seagoing specialties who are eligible for command of shore installations within their specialty. Some examples include: Intelligence and Cryptology Officers Meteorology and Oceanography Officers Engineering Duty Officers (EDO’s) Staff Officers:  Staff Officers Staff Corps are specialists in career fields which are professions unto themselves, such as physicians, lawyers, civil engineers, etc. Staff Corps officers wear their specialty insignia on the sleeve of the dress blue uniforms. CWO and LDO:  CWO and LDO CWO’s and LDO’s are staff officers who have worked they way up from the enlisted ranks. They wear their specialty insignia on the sleeve where the line officer’s star would be located Decorations and Awards:  Decorations and Awards Types Unit and Personal How to wear Ribbons Full Size Medals Mini Medals Uniforms:  Uniforms Uniform Regulations: http://buperscd.technology.navy.mil/bup_updt/upd_CD/BUPERS/Unireg Uniform of the Day Travel Appearance Pressed, clean and correct Insignia Cap Sleeve Shoulder Collar Cover Grooming Standards:  Grooming Standards Hair: Men Neat, clean Above ears Hair on back of neck should not touch collar < 2 in. of length (USMC) 3 in. (USN) Coloring must look natural Mustache- not below the line of upper lip Wigs/Hair pieces Rings Grooming Standards:  Grooming Standards Women Neat, clean- no faddish Braids, long hair Hair on back of neck should not hang below collar Fingernails- ¼ in. and natural Ornaments- FOD/ 2 barretts Make-up Rings Earrings Uniform Appearance:  Uniform Appearance Clean, pressed, with all the parts Nothing sticking out of pockets Proper insignia and badges No hands in pockets No smoking, drinking or eating as a pedestrian Only purse and sea bag on shoulder. Black briefcase or backpack authorized Jackets - Close zipper at least 3/4 of the way. Con’t:  Con’t Covers in Autos – SAFETY FIRST!! Earrings for women are optional, 4-6 mm ball, only Only one bracelet, one wrist watch Ankle bracelets are not authorized When not to wear the uniform:  When not to wear the uniform At demonstrations which are sponsored by an organization that is totalitarian, fascist, communist, or subversive, or has a policy of advocating acts of violence. At political activities, private employment or commercial interest, that imply official sponsorship. During public speeches, interviews, picket lines, marches, rallies or any public demonstration which implies the service supports the principles of the demonstration or activity. When wearing of the uniform would discredit Armed Forces Slide45:  PLATFORM OF THE DAY: FFG-7 OLIVER HAZARD PERRY CLASS FRIGATE Sensors: AN/SPS 49 Radar AN/SPS 55 Radar Mk 92 FCS AN/SQS 56 Sonar AN/SQR 19 TACTAS Missions: ASW, ASuW, AAW WEAPONS: Mk 13 GMLS -SM-1 MR SAM -RGM-84 Harpoon Mk75 76mm Oto Melara 20mm Phalanx CIWS Mk 32 SVTT (6 tubes) SH-60B (2) www.designation-systems.net/usmilav/electronics.html

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