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Information about Orientation Week Slides - Global Mobility (GC)

Published on February 24, 2014

Author: GriffithInternational

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Orientation Week Slides for Global Mobility (Gold Coast campus) Semester 1 2014.


GLOBAL MOBILITY TEAM INBOUND • Rebecca Cozens • Julie Lambert – Global Mobility Advisor – (Gold Coast) • Truc Huynh – Global Mobility Advisor – (Nathan) – Global Mobility Coordinator – (Gold Coast) • Patricia Rodriguez – Global Mobility Advisor – (Nathan)

GLOBAL MOBILITY TEAM • What do we do – – – – Course and enrolment support In-person consultations Administrative and application support Offer guidance and referrals for personal or other issues • Contact – studyabroad@griffith.edu.au – G52 International Building, room 1.27 (10AM-4PM)

SESSION OVERVIEW 1. Safety and the law 2. Visa and finances 3. Griffith online environment 4. Academic life 5. Health and student services 6. Life in Australia • Guest presentations – – – – – Griffith Mates Gold Coast Suns Surf Lifesaving Australia Extreme Adventures Prize competition


ARRIVE WE’RE HERE TO HELP! • Airport collection service • Support new domestic & international students during Orientation Week • Information sessions & social events in Orientation Week

PARTICIPATE CREATE YOUR GLOBAL NETWORK OF FRIENDS • Ongoing social, cultural & social events run by students, for students • Amazing Race, international trivia competitions, games afternoons, social sport, community events & networking functions • Griffith Mates Buddy program matches first year international students with senior domestic students in weekly buddy sessions g riffith. e du. au/ m ate s

VOLUNTEER GIVE BACK TO YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY • Get involved in, and give back to, your local community • Develop your teamwork skills, learn about environmental conservation • Bush care – work with community groups to remove invasive vegetation & restore degraded waterways • Beach care – rotate between various Gold Coast beaches to participate in dune vegetation & clean beach action g riffith. e du. au/ m ate s

LEAD NOW IT’S YOUR TURN! • Now it’s your turn! Become a Griffith Mate to • Gain valuable industry experience • Enhance your cross-cultural communication skills • Be a part of a fun & diverse team • Develop teamwork, organisation & leadership skills • Help make Griffith a more enjoyable & inclusive place to study g riffith. e du. au/ m ate s


D st inat ion e KEEP ME! All the information covered today can be found in your International Student Guide: Destination Griffith



SUN AND BEACH SAFETY • Protect yourself from the sun by – Staying in the shade where possible – Wearing appropriate clothing (shirt with sleeves and a collar, hat and sunglasses) – Applying 30+ sunscreen every two hours • Stay safe at the beach by – Swimming between the red and yellow flags – Swim close to the shore where you can stand up – Never swim alone or at night

SAFETY AND SECURITY • Call 000 in an emergency (fire, police, ambulance) • If you ever feel unsafe on campus you can call our 24 hour security service – 7777 from on-campus security phones • When going out, look after your friends, drink responsibly and never drink and drive

LEGAL ISSUES • The legal drinking in Australia is 18 – It is illegal to purchase alcohol for people under 18 – You need to show proof of age to purchase alcohol or enter a licensed venue • • • • It is illegal to buy, sell or use illicit drugs It is illegal to carry weapons including knives Police can search you without reason or suspicion When riding a bicycle, motorbike or scooter you are required to ride a helmet

PROOF OF AGE (18+) CARD • Why do you need one? – Government-issued – Acceptable form of 18+ ID – Leave your passport at home • Cost - $58.05 • Where can I get one? – Southport Department of Transport • 265 Nerang Street, Southport – Bundall Department of Transport • 30 Upton Street, Bundall – Burleigh Waters Department of Transport • 1 Santa Moria Crescent, Burleigh Waters

STUDENT ID CARD • Available for free from the Student Centre (G33) • Have your passport and student ID number ready • Get discounted travel and event tickets • Not valid as proof of age (18+)


STUDENT VISA • Tourist visa – must change to student visa immediately • Working Holiday Visa (WHV) – must send us a copy if you haven’t already • Requirements – – – – Be enrolled in at least 30CP of on-campus courses Work a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight during semester Update your address and phone number, even if it’s temporary! See the Department of Immigration website for more information immi.gov.au

Griffith Portal > Student > Online Student Centre We cannot assist you until you have updated your address and contact details!

STUDENT VISA • Work a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight during the semester Example A – not allowed Example B – allowed         Week 1 - 15 hours work Week 2 - 25 hours work Week 3 - 25 hours work Week 4 - 10 hours work 50 hours Week 1 - 15 hours work Week 2 - 25 hours work Week 3 - 15 hours work Week 4 - 25 hours work

TUITION FEES • Tuition fees are due by the end of Week 4 – Sunday 30th March • Check your account at the Online Student Centre – Griffith Portal > Online Student Centre • Please contact us if you are unsure if you owe any tuition fees

FINANCIAL AID OFFICE • Financial aid/student loan programs – – – – – – – Canada Denmark Germany Norway Sweden UK USA • Private student loans – Canada – India – USA intl-financialaid@griffith.edu.au

GRIFFITH WIRELESS • Wireless networks – Griffith University (login required) – Eduroam (login required) – Griffith Public WiFi • How do I access it? – Use your Griffith ID (S number) and your password – This is the same as your Griffith Portal login • Is it free? – Yes, but there is a quota, excess usage requires payment – Check your quota through the portal • Griffith Portal > Computing > Access > Internet Access

GRIFFITH APP • Devices – – – – Apple iOS Android Blackberry Web-based Smart Phones • Features – – – – – – Campus maps Contact directory Student email Learning@Griffith Class timetable Net quota check & more!

GRIFFITH PORTAL courses notifications contact details FAQs


COURSE PROFILES • • • • Convenor contact details Required textbooks Assessment schedule Weekly topics TIP: Plot all your assessment deadlines on a calendar. It will help you manage time appropriately.

STUDENT EMAIL Griffith Portal > Student > Student Email • Primary correspondence • Receive important notices and invitations to social events • NO EXCUSE for not checking • Forward to personal email if your prefer – Go to email settings


ENROLMENT • Minimum 30CP enrolment of on-campus courses – Check with your home university for their minimum requirements • Only enrol in approved courses – We will do an enrolment check • To see approval for additional courses, you must contact the Global Mobility Office – studyabroad@griffith.edu.au

TIMETABLE • Your timetable is available on the Griffith Portal • You will be able to see the – – – – Courses in which you are enrolled Weeks in which the classes take place Day, time and location of each class Type of class (eg workshop, tutorial, lab or lecture • Classes may change each week TIP: View your whole semester and weekly timetable to check for any issues and class changes.

CLASS STRUCTURES Lectures Tutorials • 100-400 students • Lecturer is the main speaker • Lecture slides are available at Learning@Griffith before class • 20-25 students • Group discussions based on previous week’s lecture • Opportunity to ask questions and do group work

CLASS STRUCTURES (cont) Workshops Laboratories • Often a mixture between a lecture and a tutorial • 20-25 students • Group or individual research • Discussions and group work based on lectures • Research for assessment

TEXTBOOKS • Refer to your course profiles to find the required text book(s) for your courses TIP: Discuss with • You can get your textbooks from Course Convenor – The Bookshop (on-campus G40) about how often you – Second hand textbook listings on campus noticeboards will use the text book – Textbook exchange service (online) go to Griffith Portal > Learning Support > Welfare & Student Liaison – On-campus library (short-term loans available)

GRADING SYSTEM • All your assessments will contribute to your Griffith GPA which will be published on your transcript at the end of the semester Grade Point Average High Distinction 7 Distinction 6 Credit 5 Pass 4 Fail 3 Fail 2 Fail 1 Withdraw Fail 0

IMPORTANT DATES • March 16 – Last date to add a course • March 30 – Last date to drop a course without academic penalty • April 30 – Last date to drop a course without a fail grade

EXAMINATIONS • June 14 to 28 – Final exam period – – – – Not all courses have final exams Exams may be held on Saturdays Schedule not released until May 10 You must remain here until the end of the examination period – NO EXCEPTIONS if you fly home early • July 23 to 26 – Deferred and Supplementary exam period – Deferred (DEF) exam – when you have been approved to sit exam at a later date for legitimate reasons (eg documented illness) – Supplementary (SUP) exam – when you have been approved for a ‘second chance’ to pass the course – You may fail these exams if you are no longer in Australia – Some courses may allow off-shore exams at your own cost

ASSESSMENTS • Check the Assessment Policy http://policies.griffith.edu.au – Griffith Portal > Student > Exams and assessment • Cannot re-do or re-submit an assessment • Your responsibility to submit assessments on time • Library offers preparation and support workshops throughout semester – Griffith Portal > Library > Workshops and training


VEGEMITE FACTS • Launched in 1923 – The same year as the Sydney Harbour Bridge • • • • Over 1.1 billion jars manufactured Over 40% of Aussies start their day with VEGEMITE In Australia, 8 out of 10 homes stock VEGEMITE Every second, 39 serves of VEGEMITE are being eaten around the world • If you lined all of the pieces of toast VEGEMITE is spread on each year, they could wrap around the world more than 3.5 times


OVERSEAS STUDENT HEALTH COVER (OSHC) • Download the app or go online to – – – – – Order your membership card Find your nearest OSHC representative Get information on how to claim Locate doctors Contact OSHC Important: OSHC is not travel insurance. Swedish and Norwegian students do not require OSHC. oshcallianzassistance.com.au

OSHC REPRESENTATIVE • G33 Counter 8 – Tuesdays 10am to 4pm – Thursdays 10am to 4pm • G52 Level 4 – Wednesdays 10am to 1pm

ILLNESS • Emergencies – Dial “000” for ambulance – Contact our office when safe to do so • Other medical incidents – Visit the doctor (G33) or see OSHC webpage for a list of clinics in your local area – Take your OSHC card (Swedish & Norwegians take passport) – Get a medical certificate if necessary – must includes dates – Contact the Global Mobility team and your Course Convenor within one day

LIBRARY WORKSHOPS Griffith Home Page > Library > Workshops and Training • Library research – Understanding referencing – Researching for your assignment IMPORTANT: Incorrect referencing can lead to: • Losing marks • Failing an assessment • Exclusion from the University Individual assessments must be your own work and ideas! Group work must contain all names of the group.

LIBRARY WORKSHOPS (cont) • Computing skills – Basic computing survival – Intro to Griffith’s online environment – Excel essentials – Excel: formulas and organising data – PowerPoint essentials – Social media essentials

LIBRARY WORKSHOPS (cont) • Academic skills – Editing and proofreading assignments – Exam strategies – Getting started on your assignment – Managing your study – Oral presentations – Reading a journal article – Structuring and writing an academic assignment – Time management – Writing a reflective assignment – Writing introductions and conclusions – Writing paragraphs – Writing reports

LIBRARY & IT SELF-HELP Griffith Home Page > Library > Workshops and Training > Self-help Resources • Self-help guides are available 24/7 for you to access when you need! – You should get into the habit of checking this page for help with all of you assessments.

ENGLISH HELP griffith.edu.au/englishhelp • English language support for students from non-English speaking background – Book one-to-one 45 minute consultation by phone or online TIP: For consultations, come – Tutors can assist with English prepared. Have your questions written down and language for assessments bring any documents you may need. – Provide group workshops

STUDENT SERVICES Griffith Portal > Community, Welfare, Recreation • Health Service – Make an appointment with a doctor, nurse or psychiatrist • Chaplaincy – Discussion about spirituality and faith, find your local place of worship • Counselling – Free and confidential counselling sessions with qualified staff • Welfare and Student Liaison – Interest-free student loans, tenancy issues, grievances and appeals • Student Equity and Disabilities – Support for students with disabilities or from equity groups

• Social and competitive sports – Including basketball, cricket, hockey, netball, rugby, rowing, soccer, tennis, touc h football, ultimate frisbee, volleyball & more • Cultural and recreational clubs – Including language, choir, law, medicine, que er, United Nations, charities & more • UniFitness Gym

STUDENT GUILD (G07) unisport.com.au/studentguild • Unibar – Foreign drivers license may not be accepted as proof of ID. Check with the Student Guild to confirm • Accommodation – Free mini-bus service to assist you find accommodation. See the Student Guild webpage for advertised accommodation listings • Other services – Including Go Cards, events and movie tickets, sports equipment, sports bookings & more



WORKING IN AUSTRALIA • Services – – – – – – Careerboard job search Finding part-time work Resume help Preparing for job interviews Career development Consultations (20 mins) • Information – – – – Wages Taxation Workplace rights Responsible Serivce of Alcohol (RSA) permit 1:OOPM today!

O-WEEK EVENT PLANNER griffith.edu.au/orientation • • • • • • • • • • • • • Campus tours Finding a job Rent Smarter Money Smart Giant games International trivia Friendships & networking Beach party Amazing race Barefoot bowls ‘Wish I’d Known’ – tips for new students Library & IT workshops & much more! Tip: See orientation handout for recommended plan!

TRANSPORT translink.com.au • All Gold Coast and Brisbane public transport systems are managed by TransLink – – – – – Plan your journey Find a travel route Get info about Go Cards Tickets and fares News and updates • Download the TransLink app!

GO CARDS • Where can I buy one? – – – – Student Guild (G07) 7-eleven Selected newsagencies Online • Where can I add money? – – – – Online Give money to the bus driver Use train station machine 7-eleven Tip: Make sure you show your Griffith student ID and get the green concession card!

OTHER GUIDES • Global Mobility Quick Guide – Specific to Study Abroad & Exchange students – Emailed to you last week – Contains key contacts, useful links, and other important information • Destination Griffith – Targeted to full-degree international students – Also available online griffith.edu.au/international – Contains more detailed information about University and Australian life

CULTURE SHOCK AND HOMESICKNESS • • • • Call home Talk to other students Get involved in O-Week social activities Visit our office

QUESTIONS? • General Questions – Griffith Portal > Student > Ask Us • Office – International Building (G52) room 1.27 • Email – studyabroad@griffith.edu.au • Phone – 555 29263 (Rebecca) or 555 29032 (Julie)

NOW WHAT? • Hand in your completed attendance slip • Go to the “Welcome Sausage Sizzle” outside • Plan your O-Week with the Orientation Event Planner


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