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Information about Orientation for POSTECH Toastmasters

Published on June 29, 2014

Author: jeonghoyeo

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What is Toastmasters?What is Toastmasters?

Outline Overview Educational Programs Value Meeting Roles Club Officers

OverviewOverview 1

Established in 1924 More than 292,000 members in over 14,350 clubs in 122 countries around the world Facts and Figures 2

Learn-by-doing workshops Weekly practice:  Filling meeting roles  Giving prepared or impromptu speeches  Volunteering for leadership roles No instructor How Toastmasters Works 3

The ToastmastersThe Toastmasters Educational ProgramEducational Program 4

Educational System 5

First two manuals when you join

Speech organization Eye contact Gestures Use of humor Delivery The Communication Track 6

Choose from 15 advanced communication manuals to learn skills specific to your interests. The Advanced Communication Series 7

Fulfill club meeting roles Serve in officer roles at the club level and beyond The Leadership Track 8

Developing a vision Goal setting and planning Developing plans and strategies Team building The Advanced Leadership Program 9

ValueValue 1 0

1 1 “Ours is the only organization I know dedicated to the individual.” – Dr. Ralph C. Smedley Founder of Toastmasters International

Practical presentation experience A safe place to make mistakes and learn Mentorship opportunities Toastmasters Advantages 1 2

A self-paced program Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly interactive meetings Impromptu speaking opportunities Peer evaluations Participation in leadership through meeting roles Personal attention in small group setting Affordable dues Opportunities to lead meetings Features 1 3

Develop critical-thinking skills Build listening skills Give and receive constructive feedback Become more confident in front of a group Learn time-management skills Benefit from a supportive environment Develop leadership skills Benefits 1 4

Unlimited personal growth Clear communication skills Self-confidence Positive mentoring relationships Improved leadership skills Relationship building Individual Value 1 5

– Debbi Fields Rose Founder, Mrs. Field’s Cookies 1 6 “The idea of getting in front of a group, not as Mrs. Fields but as Debbi, made my knees shake. But the Toastmasters group understood. Here’s a place where you can learn, grow, develop — and where other people are doing and feeling the same thing.”

 Chris Matthews, Author and journalist, host of MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews  Tim Allen, Actor, star of television series Home Improvement  Tom Peters, Management expert and author  K.C. Jones, Former NBA basketball coach for Boston Celtics  Linda Lingle, Former governor of Hawaii  James Lovell, Former NASA astronaut; missions include Apollo 13  Debbi Fields Rose, Founder, Mrs. Fields Cookies  Leonard Nimoy, Actor, Spock from T.V. series Star Trek Well-known Toastmasters Alumni 1 7

– Linda Lingle Former governor of Hawaii 1 8 “Toastmasters is the best and least expensive personal improvement class you can go to.”

22,000 KRW: New member fee ($20) 39,000 KRW: Six months’ membership dues ($36) 6,000 KRW: Six months’ club fee Total = 67,000 KRW at the first Club Charter Fee: $125 Costs 1 9

 Membership period (4-9, 10-3)  At this point, 22,000 KRW: New member fee ($20) 19,500 KRW: 3 months’ membership dues 3,000 KRW: 3 months’ club fee 6,500 KRW: Club Charter Fee Total: 51,000 KRW (3 months: July to September) Costs 1 9

Low-cost communication and leadership training Practical experience Confidence building Networking Constructive evaluations Why is Toastmasters for You? 2 0

Meeting RolesMeeting Roles 1 0

Meeting Roles  Presiding Officer - Usually the Club President, or next highest officer available, opens and closes the meeting and presides over the business meeting.  Toastmaster - The emcee or host of the meeting, runs the main meeting and introduces the Prepared Speakers.  Word Master/Grammarian - Presents the 'word of the day', provides a definition and use of the word in a sentence, Counts grammatical Errors and keeps a record of who uses the Word of the Day, correctly.

Meeting Roles  Timer - Times prepared speeches, table topics and evaluators  Ah Counter - Counts verbal pauses, such as: ah, um, so, er, you know, well, and but.  Table Topics Master - Leads the impromptu portion of the meeting. Selects members to participate and provides them a topic.  Table Topics Speaker – Speaks on an impromptu topic given by the Table Topics Master, 1-2 minutes.

Meeting Roles  Prepared Speaker - Gives a speech using one of the manual projects. Usually 5-7 minutes, varies based on the project requirements.  General Evaluator - Leads the evaluation portion of the meeting.  Speech Evaluator - Evaluates a prepared speech. Provides a written evaluation using the speaker’s manual evaluation page. Provides corrective feedback to the Speaker in a 2-3 minute verbal evaluation.

Regular Meeting Agenda  Invocation Sergent-at-Arms opens meeting, introduce President  President Opening Any announcement, introduce guests  Toastmasters introduction Word Master/Grammarian Ah-Counter Timer General Evaluator (GE)  Prepared Speakers: 3 speeches (5-7 min. per each speech)  Table Topic Master Creates stimulating questions for 1-2 min. answer

Regular Meeting Agenda  Evaluation Session by GE Evaluators (2-3 min per each evaluation) Timer Report Word Master/Grammarian Report Ah-Counter Report GE to evaluate the meeting in general  Award Presentation: Best Speaker, Evaluator, Table Topic  President Closing Announcement, guest comments, and role sign-up for the next meeting

Club OfficersClub Officers 1 0

Club Officers:Club Officers: President (PRES)  Assures that all officers are handling their duties for each meeting and for the club future.  Opens and closes each meeting.  Set a positive tone for every meeting.  Introduce guest at the beginning of the meeting.  Coordinate with the district officers on items related to the club.  Guide the Club officers in setting and tracing Distinguished Club Program Goals.

Club Officers:Club Officers: Vice-President Education (VPE)  Schedule all meeting roles.  Plan any special meetings.  Track individual member communication and leadership progress.  Oversee the Club Mentor Program.  Orient new members.  Handle all of the President’s duties when necessary.

Club Officers:Club Officers: Vice-President Membership (VPM)  Greet all guests at the meeting.  Talk to guests about the benefits of Toastmasters.  Talk to them about the meeting structure and introduce them to the presiding officer.  Follow up with guests and assist new members in completing the Membership Application.

Club Officers:Club Officers: Vice-President Public Relations (VPPR)  Promote the club in various ways to attract new club members. Work with VPM to sign-up new members.  Maintain the clubs website and provide a monthly newsletter to keep members informed of all appropriate information

Club Officers:Club Officers: Secretary (SEC)  Maintain a roster of current club members.  Handle all club correspondence with Toastmasters International.  Inputs the Club Officers list or any changes on-line to Toastmasters International.  Take the minutes of each meeting and distribute them to the club members.  Take and distribute the minutes of the Executive Officers meeting.  Remind the presiding officer of any pending club business.

Club Officers:Club Officers: Treasurer (TRES)  Collect club dues and new member fees and pay them to Toastmasters International immediately.  Prepare and monitor a club yearly budget.  Arrange for a yearly audit.  File yearly E-postcard (Form 990-N) with the IRS.  Provide a monthly Treasurer’s report to the Executive officers board. Order supplies as required.

Club Officers:Club Officers: Sergeant-At-Arms (SAA)  Arrange meeting room reservations, assure that the room is available for the upcoming meeting.  Assure that club supplies are present at all club meetings.  Set up the meeting room prior to each meeting.  Notify Treasurer when any club supplies need to be ordered.  Greet guests.  Open each meeting, introduce the presiding officer.

2 2 Contact Us Visit http://postech.toastmastersclubs.org

www.toastmasters.orgwww.toastmasters.org 2 2

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