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Published on March 6, 2014

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Improve efficiencies, skills and your organization’s success with professional certification

Who are we? Formed in 1957 – Royal Charter granted in 1984 A professional body with over 75,000 members worldwide An international brand that stands for quality and progress The only awarding body dedicated solely to IT We set and maintain the standards in IT We work with global business, education and government Competence Professionalism Performance Efficiency Standards that create the outstanding 2

An international reach France UK Belgium Finland Spain China Japan Hong Kong United States Singapore Greece India Egypt Middle East Kenya Pakistan Mauritius Australia 3

Supporting professional development • Membership – For individuals & organizations • SFIAplus – Skills & Competency Framework • Professional Certification – Agile – Business Analysis – IT Service Management – Project Management – Information Security – Software Testing Over 700,000 professional certification exams delivered in the last 10 years 4

The IT profession A Professional is a practitioner who: has specific skills rooted in a broad base has appropriate certifications from a recognized body undergoes continuous development operates to a code of conduct Membership of a recognized professional body is Membership of a recognized professional body is an essential part of being a Professional an essential part of being a Professional 5

BCS professional certification • Supports individuals’ skills development resulting in improved efficiencies and performance for organizations • Today we will focus on two areas we feel can make a real difference to individuals and organizations • Agile • Business Analysis 6

Why Agile?

BCS Agile Certification Making Agile Work • Supports a holistic approach to embedding agile practices across an organization • Methodology agnostic providing the broadest set of tools and capabilities to manage change • Something for everyone - from developer to executive • Work-based learning enabling individuals to apply and analyse agile solutions that work for their market • Developed with our industry leading partners Radtac & Emergn 9

Foundation Certificate in Agile • Who is it for? – Organizational leaders, Managers, Business users, Product owners, Technical users, Agile enthusiasts • The Syllabus –The agile manifesto This course provided a This course provided a fantastic overview of Agile. II fantastic overview of Agile. would highly recommend would highly recommend this course to individuals this course to individuals who are new to agile practice who are new to agile practice and want an understanding and want an understanding of the agile landscape. of the agile landscape. Laurel W., Project Manager, NHS Laurel W., Project Manager, NHS –Rationale and benefits of agile –Individuals and their interactions over processes and tools –Working systems over comprehensive documentation –Customer collaboration over contract negotiations –Responding to change over following a plan –Common agile roles, technique, practices –Relevant methods and approaches for agile teams 10

The benefits • Share a common language with IT As a manager and someone As a manager and someone who has discovered Agile who has discovered Agile recently, the course is a recently, the course is a great introduction to Agile great introduction to Agile and its concepts. II definitely and its concepts. definitely recommend it. recommend it. enabling closer collaboration and management of projects João F., CEO, Portugal João F., CEO, Portugal For business professionals: • More effective change management through solid understanding of agile principles and methodologies • Understand the cultural aspect of implementing agile effectively For developers: • Methodology agnostic so you can select the right method for your organization • Start your development pathway and progress to Practitioner level The BCS Foundation The BCS Foundation Certificate in Agile offers a Certificate in Agile offers a great introduction. In or out great introduction. In or out of IT, II would recommend of IT, would recommend this course to anyone this course to anyone looking to deliver results in looking to deliver results in an incremental, structured an incremental, structured and creative/collaborative and creative/collaborative fashion. fashion. Rory C., Business Owner Rory C., Business Owner

Practitioner Certificate in Agile Introducing VFQ A comprehensive Agile and Lean education program focused on improving outcomes ‘It is the position of the board of the Agile Alliance that employers should have confidence only in certifications that are skillbased and difficult to achieve.’ VFQ – selected by BCS to certify professional Agile practitioners

Work-based learning VFQ is work-based learning that helps people apply skills and develop capabilities on the job Learning in the workplace It works! Learning from others Classroom training The 10 VFQ Modules behind the BCS Agile Practitioner Certificate Why Change?; Delivering Early and Often; Optimising Flow; Teams; Motivation; Feedback; Scrum; Kanban; Trade-Offs; Adapting Agile

Why Agile is much more than Scrum “ Rather than blindly aligning to a particular framework, brand, or interpretation of Agile; we are aligned with the outcomes that matter for Maersk Line. Ozlem Yuce ̈ ̈ Agile Transformation Lead ” 14

A different approach at Maersk • • • Rather than introducing some new tools or practices, we wanted to spend time understanding why change was needed and what had to change There was no ‘solution delivery’ – we helped them build, adopt and adapt the tools that they decided would work for their particular, unique context Education was at the heart of our work, helping them understand why it was important to prioritize, optimize flow, deliver early and often and gather feedback 8 KEY IMPERATIVES Get to initial prioritization faster Improve prioritization using economics Pull work from a dynamic prioritized list Reduce the size of requirements Get to the point of writing code quickly Actively manage the work in progress Enable a smooth sustainable flow of work Enable faster feedback cycles 15

Maersk and VFQ Education underpinned the changes that happened at Maersk Line and helped to bring them about. The most common means of delivering education – a short training course – is insufficient to make real and lasting change. They developed a hybrid style of learning a kick-off training self-study and work-based learning activities fortnightly review sessions (like a book club) BCS certification study sessions for Agile ‘champions’ 16

Maersk and their transformed IT results • Massively increased ROI • Time until benefits are realized reduced by half • Features delivered and released twice as quickly • Total costs reduced by 3.6% despite number of releases doubling and increased productivity from suppliers 50% 5-10x Reduction in time to market Throughput increased by 80% More enhancements delivered • Value delivered increased by • Success on business critical projects • Higher motivation, increased learning and improved relationships 22% Reduction in defects 17

GISEC – June 2013 18

The value Business Analysts bring to business • Why Business Analysis - video • Helping to look ahead, anticipate and manage business change: – Spotting opportunities – Improving experience – Maximizing efficiencies • Aligning business objectives with the right strategy and tactics – What an organization should: - start doing: to grow the business - stop doing: to stop waste - do better: to increase efficiency • Business Analysis = ensuring what’s delivered is what the organization actually needs

The value certification brings to BAs and business • Formalizes and up-skills business analysis through learning best practice tools and techniques • Certification demonstrates credibility and professionalism • Proof of a high standard of knowledge and capability • Valuable for career progression and salary increases • Builds credibility when pitching for business

What is BCS Business Analysis Certification? • Start now – whether you are new to BA or an experienced practitioner with our modular certificates – Foundation certificates for those just starting out. – Specialized certificates for more experienced analysts. – Diploma & Expert levels for those leading the field. • Career long development Join 70,000 other BAs worldwide who have taken a BCS BA certificate • Theory plus practical application • Experience based learning 21

What our customers say? “You can use the Business Analysis diploma to build an excellent business analysis team. We’ve had a lot of success; we have won Business Analyst of the Year Awards, both with BCS and the IIBA, and I think the diploma has helped actually set a benchmark and a standard through which people can excel to.” George Hancock, Head of Corporate BA Allianz “When I’m working on projects with a client, whether an internal or external client, I have the confidence now to challenge them on their opinions from the business analysis perspective. The result of that means I have saved departments money, I’ve made things more effective, I’ve improved things. “ Lynda Girvan – Senior Business Analyst, UK Government

Conclusion • Improve efficiencies, skills & your organization’s success with professional certification – A Professional is a practitioner who has appropriate certifications from a recognized body – The right training and certification formalises and up-skills individuals and demonstrates credibility and professionalism. • Agile – Education and certification were at the heart of Maersk’s agile transformation resulting in real tangible benefits for the organization. • Business Analysis – BA skills are critical to improving organizational effectiveness and performance – Organizations such as Deloitte and Allianz have used certification to build effective BA teams 23

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