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Published on February 23, 2014

Author: doctoralnet



What to do with all the various notes, ideas, literature, and data to ensure the your dissertation and thesis doesn't suffer because you forgot something?

Organization for Dissertations and Theses We’ll start in just a moment.

Goal in all doctoral work: Internal consistency

Let’s tell our stories • How do you do it? What works? • What doesn’t work? • When do things get confusing?

Where do you keep your ideas? • Consistency helps • On the cloud whenever possible - Dropbox

EndNote or other bibliographic software Use the lower fields consistently so you can search and find ideas later •Use groups to sort into themes •

Mind Maps • But go one better and note where you have the ideas- add reference #s etc.


Step 1: Locate All Your “Stuff” Challenged by: •Pdfs everywhere •Previous writing – has some good stuff in it

Step 2: Layout your Headings & as many Sub-Headings as possible All on Document Map or Navigation pane Remember some of the sub headings come from the structure of the document (those you have) but others come from the things in your files Those develop with step 4

Raise your hand if you would like to take a short time to practice this last step together during the conference.

Step 3: Build Files for each Heading and File all Your Docs in Them Challenges: 1. Documents too big or complex may have to be broken down by cut and paste into several sub areas and then filed 2. Some docs belong in a couple of places – don’t worry for now just place them there.

Step 4: Open a file – open all the docs in it and proceed to read 1. 2. 3. Cut and paste the good parts where they belong Comments for yourself added to the edges notating where you need to add, change voice etc. Don’t worry at this point about plagiarism – just notate what is not yours and will have to be rewritten

Step 5: Making it work together Highlight everything and change font 1. Get your headings right in the document map – then make Word make your TOC ONLY AFTER ALL THIS IS DONE…. Begin to read and write it all out in your voice Read your models – write a section Read a different model – write that section Use comments to keep track of things you want to remember later

Goal in all doctoral work: Internal consistency

Q&A 1.Has it been helpful? 2.What else do you still wonder about?

Upcoming News/Events 1. Full Toolbox for Doc Students who want to “Stay on Track” … posted on control panel as you sign in – get it now as it changes the first week in March 2. Taking names of interested parties for possible writing group with professorial help starting in March – cost $40 month if we get 5 or more signed up.

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