Organisation Behaviour Presentation on Corporate Cultures

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Information about Organisation Behaviour Presentation on Corporate Cultures
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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: divyangshu



a case study solution to UPS and their managers training program enabling them to empathize with their employees.

initiated in 1907 as a phone message service by Jim Casey and his friend Claude Ryan. 1913, updated their service to parcel deliveries & changed their company’s name to Merchants Parcel Delivery. 1930, Company’s name was renamed United Parcel service which is still in use.

Talks about a specific situation faced by Colvard. The organization adheres to strict rules Community internship program CIP Started in 1968 by James Casey CIP a integral part of the company Participation in various community services Challenged manager’s comfort zone Continued with the program even in harsher times.

CARING INTEGRATIVE APATHETIC EXACTING Corporate cultures high low weak strong Concern for people Performance Expectations.

CARING represents high concern for people but relatively less demanding in terms of performance. INTEGRATIVE represents high concern for people and expectation of high performance from them. APATHETIC represents lack of concern for the people and indifference to their performance. EXACTING represents those who show little sensitivity to their workers but are extremely performance oriented. Corporate cultures

United Parcel Service (UPS) has always been very exacting. It knows precisely how many workers it needs to deliver its 14.8 million packages a day. CIP helped it move to a more integrative corporate culture.

CARING SYMPATHETIC SENSITIVE PERSONAL EXPERIENCE LOYALTY PERFORMANCE DRIVEN GOAL ORIENTED SINCERITY my goal was to make the no. and in some cases not looking at the individual but looking at the bottom line, AFTER THE ONE MONTH STAY MY OUTLOOK CHANGED boss is considerate enough to listen to me I must please him with more better performance.

Flexibility Empathy Enhance their problem-solving skills Develop a greater sensitivity towards their employees Personal experience Community involvement "I started to realize how small the world is by looking at the realities that others experience. It was not easy or joyful at the beginning, but very worth it at the end. I was able to cross my boundaries and expand my capacity to care and serve others.“ GARY WU AN INTERN OF UPS.

Self efficacy theory. Maslow’s theory of hierarchy of needs. Equity theory.

INTEGRATIVE MOTIVATION STRATEGIES ATTRACTION BY above average compensation and benefits, bonuses, profit sharing and stocks along with job security, job advancement opportunities and growth. EVALUATION BY group or team appraisals and failure is not generally punished quantitative and qualitative measures are employed. RETENTION BY skill- based pay, availability of advancement opportunities, tailor made, challenging and task based, two way feedback.


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