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Published on September 14, 2013

Author: rainjitananda



A presentation on the various items to look for when doing organic farming. Based on the experience of Dada Gananathananda farming in the high desert in California.

Organic FarmingOrganic Farming by Dada Gananathanandaby Dada Gananathananda

The BasicsThe Basics Soil Water Climate Market

Soil TypeSoil Type Sand Clay Loam PH (N, P, K) Soil test

Water SourceWater Source Rain River Lake, pond Well Aqueduct City water

Weather ConditionWeather Condition Season : raining , dry ; hot , cold Temperature : max. / min. Humidity : high , low Hurricane, Flood Wind, Twister Drought, Forest Fire Frost, Hail

Seed SelectionSeed Selection Heirloom or Hybrid Treated or Untreated Early or late variety Fast or slow growing

Preparing SeedlingPreparing Seedling Germination rate Temperature requirement Soil humidity

Field preparationField preparation Cover crop Plowing Composting Laying T-tapes

TransplantingTransplanting Late Afternoon Early Morning Planting depth Planting distance

IrrigationIrrigation Drip irrigation for crops. Mini sprayers for trees. Water volume and pressure (psi)

FertilizingFertilizing Composting Foliar Feeding – Brix mix Fertigation – Fish meal Compost tea EM Bokashi

Pest ManagementPest Management  Ants – Tanglefoot or Stickem  Rodents – Rodenator, traps, snakes, terrier  Birds – Canon, hanging CDs or reflective ribbons, chicken wire  Flies and small insects – chicken  Deer, rabbits, coyotes, bears and mountain lions – (electric) fence  Rattle snakes – To be respected.

Disease PreventionDisease Prevention Companion plants Crop rotation Neem spray Pruning

Weed ControlWeed Control Weed fabric Mulching Manual weeding Machine Animal grazing

MaintenanceMaintenance Plumbing Electrical & Mechanical

Harvest & StorageHarvest & Storage Hygiene Cooling

Season ExtenderSeason Extender Hoop House Economic, Flexible Not good in high wind area

Post HarvestPost Harvest Pruning Field cleaning Food processing Greenhouse Cover crop

ChallengesChallenges Soil erosion due to wind and rain Nutrients leaching Alternative energy Farming population

NeedsNeeds Vision Careful planning Good timing and proper tools Dirt loving Excellent health Genuine interest Lot of sacrifice Faith

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