Oreos + Milk: 5 Reasons Content Strategy + Content Engineering Go Together

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Information about Oreos + Milk: 5 Reasons Content Strategy + Content Engineering Go Together
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Published on March 1, 2014

Author: leenjones

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Oreos are great. Milk is great. Together, however, they become something more--a memorable dunking-and-snacking experience. In a similar way, the discipline of content strategy is valuable, and the discipline of content engineering is valuable. When those disciplines work hand-in-hand, however, the result is a remarkable content experience. It's time to break down the silos between planning a strategy and engineering the implementation. Colleen Jones, principal of Content Science, and Phil Wisniewski, executive vice president of Kanban, will explain 5 reasons why these disciplines go together.

5 Reasons Content Strategy & Content Engineering Go Together -  LIKE MILK AND OREO COOKIES – ©2014 Content Science + Kanban

ABOUT US…(just a few words, we promise)


YOUR MAGICAL “OREO” MOMENT demands capabilities like these… •  Agility – Adapt and respond •  Scalability – Extend to other brands, products, audiences / customers, or purposes •  Repeatability – Replicate each day, week, month TO GET RESULTS LIKE THESE… •  Audience Engagement •  Efficiency •  Revenue / Conversion

MAGIC FEELS MAGICAL, but it’s an illusion that’s planned and engineered To Create Content Magic, You Need STRATEGY + ENGINEERING

Your 5 Opportunities to Create Magic 1. Personalization

1. Personalization STRATEGY ENGINEERING •  User Journey / Lifecycle •  Content Assets + Modeling •  Cost / Benefit •  Data Sources •  Transformation •  Enhancement •  Localization

1. Personalization •  Does personalization pay off for your users? •  Do you have the right content structure? •  Do you have content gaps?

A Customer Lifecycle for a Niche Retailer

Reuse Research Content for Nurture Phase

1. Personalization •  Which systems maintain the data that drives the experience? •  How is the user authenticated?

Technologies that Impact Content Personalization Ad Mgmt / DSP Campaign Mgmt Content Management System DAM / VMP Tag Mgmt Commerce User Mgmt CRM Web & Mobile Analytics Social Media Listening & Mgmt Content Sourcing DMP Browser / Presentation A/B or Multivariate Testing

1. Personalization •  It’s a big effort – start small! •  If it requires a user to work hard or feels intrusive, personalization usually fails. •  Consider the availability / uptime of your systems.

Your 5 Opportunities to Create Magic 1.  Personalization 2. Presentation

2. Presentation STRATEGY ENGINEERING •  Adaptation •  Prioritization •  Multi device •  SEO •  Page speed

2. Presentation •  Is your content easy for your systems to access and for search engines to find? •  Do you make the right content available to users? •  Do you have multiple versions of content to account for extreme screens?

•  11% of mobile users entered through photo pages. •  60% of users bounced. WHY?

•  Only a cryptic caption presented with photo. •  No orienting details presented.

2. Presentation •  The great “responsive/adaptive” debate •  Browser vs client side scripting •  SEO – still not fool proof. Which tricks will help you and which can hurt you? •  Caching presents both opportunities and challenges, depending on the technology.

Presentation Optimization •  Lazy load for images •  File cache handling + edge servers •  Enhanced deployment + syndication process •  HTML 5 + History API allows prefiltered search engine results based on query

2. Presentation •  It’s about much more than design. Plan for significant content work. •  Content metadata is your friend. •  Dream big, but balance against design and development effort. Be pragmatic.

Your 5 Opportunities to Create Magic 1.  Personalization 2. Presentation 3. Authoring Experience

3. Authoring Experience STRATEGY ENGINEERING •  •  •  •  •  Templates & Controls Editorial Process Content Lifecycle Standards Training •  Workflow •  Tools

3. Authoring Experience •  Does your process and content lifecycle drive your systems’ workflow? •  Do you have templates that help enforce your standards?

SME Syndrome!!

Define Process + Lifecycle First Appropriate SME Step

3. Authoring Experience •  Workflow is not just to create and publish content. What about enhancement? Transcreation? Syndication? Video? •  Don’t let UGC contributions go unchecked. •  Lock down presentation layer even if CMS tools provide greater flexibility.


3. Authoring Experience •  •  •  Better authoring experience = better content capability Train in more than tools. Train in process and connection of process to strategy. Be wary of OOB workflow – lack of in-context review/ approval capabilities impact your ability to componentize and reuse.

Your 5 Opportunities to Create Magic 1.  Personalization 2. Presentation 3. Authoring Experience 4. Reuse

4. Reuse STRATEGY Engineering •  Single Source •  Content Structure •  Reuse vs Repurpose vs Reimagine •  Enhancement •  Granularity •  Contextualization

4. Reuse •  Is reusing appropriate? Do you need to reimagine instead? •  Is your content structured at a granular enough level to support reuse?

Modeling Reuse Potential Revealed Need for One Description 35

4. Reuse •  Metadata / content attributes play a major role; many tools exist for metadata management. •  As you get more granular, your ability to review and approve content in context is compromised. •  As you define variations of modular content, DAMs become a key technology.

4. Reuse •  Reuse should align with your personalization, presentation, and authoring plans. •  Learn the science and art of content modeling. •  Reuse has some complications that can balance out efficiencies. Ensure you have the right technology foundation.

Your 5 Opportunities to Create Magic 1.  Personalization 2. Presentation 3. Authoring Experience 4. Reuse 5. Organization / Governance

5. Organization / Governance STRATEGY ENGINEERING •  Centralized vs Decentralized •  Evaluation •  Empowerment •  Roles + Responsibilities •  Technology Selection •  Scale

5. Organization / Governance •  Do you have the right mix of oversight and autonomy, with clear roles and responsibilities? •  Do you empower contributors and stakeholders with the right training and a collaborative culture? •  Are your content decisions informed by data from ongoing evaluation?

It’s rewarding to see our progress + to tell that story to our stakeholders. It’s a relief to set realistic expectations of content impact with executives. THE CONTENTWRX VISION I see opportunities for some “quick wins” + bigger changes. If we influence what users think, we also influence what they do. Vision: Informed Decisions

contentwrx.com 42

5. Organization / Governance •  How are business needs requiring IT support staffed? Prioritized? •  Can existing systems support? Is it the technology or the implementation? •  What is the process to select new technologies and integrate into the enterprise architecture? Who manages the vendor ecosystem?


5. Organization / Governance •  Think of your content people, process, and technology as one big system. •  Collaboration is oil to keep the system running smoothly. •  Campaigns can be an easy way to see some quick wins, but the enterprise lens is the holy grail.

The Opportunities for Content Magic ARE NEARLY ENDLESS Content Strategy + Content Engineering Will Help You PRIORITIZE, PLAN, AND PERFORM

START CREATING YOUR OWN MAGIC… •  Look at your content opportunities through the lenses of strategy and engineering. •  Consider the content maturity model in our joint white paper: www.kanbansolutions.com/content. •  Learn more from the article What Is Content Engineering? in Chief Content Officer or at contentmarketinginstitute.com. •  For ideas and examples, check out Clout and Does Your Content Work? at the book table.


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