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Published on September 23, 2009

Author: energyliteracy

Source: slideshare.net


Webcast of energy literacy talk for O'Reilly media.

Two stories : one global, one personal.

Energy is measured in Joules (J) Lifting an apple from the ground to the table. ~ 1 Joule

Power is measured in Watts (W).1 Watt = 1 Joule / second Lifting one apple from the ground to the table each second. ~ 1 Watt.

40 apples per secondfrom the ground to thetable = 40 Watts.

Running this Apple laptop takes 40 Watts.

Power 100 W = You, sitting there, reading. 1000 W 1kW = Domestic kettle 1 kilowatt (kW) = 1000 W 1000000 W 1MW = Diesel locomotive / wind turbine. 1 megawatt (MW) = 1000 kW 1000000000 W 1GW = Hoover dam 1 gigawatt (GW) = 1000 MW 1000000000000 W 1TW = World power consumption, 1890 1 terawatt (TW) = 1000 GW


Why watts ?Allows you to compare activities on different timescales.Allows you to consider non-carbon effects of using so much power.If you do something yearly (like fly 105,000 miles), it contributes:168,207 kilometers 1 year 1.40 megajoules Joules 1 year � 31,536,000 seconds � 1 kilometer � 7,462 second = 7,462 WattsIf you do something monthly (like your electricity bill), it contributes:122 kilowatt ·hours 1 month 3.6 megajoules Joules 1 month � 2,952,000 seconds � 1 kilowatt · hour � 170 second = 170 WattsIf you do something daily (like drink 1 Energy drink), it contributes:1 energy drink 1 day 7.84 megajoules Joules 1 day � 86,400 seconds � 1 bottle � 90 second = 90 WattsYearly things + Monthly things + Daily things = your lifestyle in watts.

"Watts per always" - your life in light bulbs. 100W A 12,000 Watt lifestyle is 120 x 100 watt light bulbs burning permanently. ( Or 920 Compact Fluorescents )

FlightSaul Griffith in 2007: 112,000 Miles7,992 Watts equivalent. 18.500 kg CO2

Driving 4500 Mi/yr10,000 Miles Honda Insight1,500 Watts 55 mpg 2000 Mi/yr 81.82 gallons spent other (avg. rental) 9,900,000,000 J Seattle 16 mpg 313.71 Watts 125 gallons spent 15,125,000,000 J 479.28 Watts Boston 1000 Mi/yr Dune Buggy (VW) Chicago New York 25 mpg San Francisco 40 gallons spent 4,840,000,000 J 1200 Mi/yr 153.37 Watts Toyota Tacoma 18 mpg 66.67 gallons spent 8,066,666,667 J 255.62 Watts San Diego Tucson Atlanta Jacksonville 700 Mi/yr Toyota Hilux 17 mpg 600 Mi/yr Key West 41.18 gallons spent Sprinter Diesel 4,982,352,941 J 20 mpg 157.88 Watts 30 gallons spent 4,128,000,000 J 130.81 Watts

Domestic energy consumption2 person stand alone house, 2br, Mission District, SF. Home Gas and Electric breakdown625W1400 GAS shower GAS cooking GAS heat ELEC fridge1200 ELEC computer ELEC toothbrush ELEC phone chargers ELEC laptop11000 ELEC laptop2 ELEC stereo ELEC lights&other800600400200 0 JANUARY FEBRUARY NOVEMBER JULY DECEMBER AUGUST SEPTEMBER MAY JUNE MARCH OCTOBER APRIL

Work Power Consumption... 18,400² Foot Office, 40 People sharing1250 Gas : 201 Watts Electric : 411 Watts1000750500250 0 Jan feb mar apr may jun jul aug sep oct nov dec

My 2007 diet. 772 Watts Milk Cheese: 30 W Wine: 76 W Vegetables: 100 Farming: 100 WTransportation: 120 W Fertilizer: 125 W Meat & Fish: 221 W

Society - my 1/300 000 000th share of the US infrastructure...US Military: 94 WUS Nuclear protection: 50 WUS Government: 18 WNASA: 1.1 WUSPS: 5 W* Published fuel and electricity numbers. Does not include embodied energy in battle-ships, tanks, bullets, bridges, buildings & infrastructure...

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SFO TO LHR 41 W W W 60 LHR- 3W 4 SF 30 TS 29 SF O ER ATL HE 3 O-A H TH DS LIG ED SFO L-A -ATL 60 W O -SF A TL T NT O W W O EE 1 M R -CP A 4 OU S- 410 W O1 K- TR A 160 AT O E W 0W S AS H5 CC G IC 4 L- N G ST GY S -H W N-A W 10 JU ER W FO O 4 W 3 N N ER W 3 W NO -O 57 E H S A 1 S IR W OT S LE FA 0 SF K W 5 W 56 2 C F BO O- BO 0 HH A E HI S-A ICE W S V V S- S G V. AN R W SF 21 O ER -SE 0 OA O 21 0 W G T L 10 OA K DC -DC V E TA E K-O 0W 8W S NS RD -O 18 S PO FE -M ON AK 18 W 0 OD 40 W E -QU GO 3 D QU E-D E2 0W ITE ION TW 10 WH UCAT 60 W -SF W ED ANCE O2BUR-O SFO 10 W FIN AK 20 -JFK 80 W W OAK-BUR 200 RE 6 20 W JFK-SFO W HCA 200 W H EALT SFO-BO W BOS-ORD S 210 W TION 110 70 W RECREA ORD-SFO 14 0W HOUSE 260 W SFO-JFK 200 W JFK-SFO 200 W 230 W MISCSTU SJC-SJO FF1000 W 0W JC 23 SJO-S 0W BOO IJ 28 KS S JC-V W WA 130 80 STE W C2 BIK DIS -SJ NE ES PO TEXT VIJ WS 6 WW SA L 9 ILES EL 18 A EC 0 W TER 1 W T 90 W TR 60 RAN W ON W SPO 1 40 CO IC S2 RTT OM D1 M PU 50 E 4 SY W 0W O- TE SF RS BO W 70 0 AT 0 CA 31 W W S RS R 0 50 0W WO -D 31 56 W W O WO ERTI 28 FO SF

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