Orcas of the Pacific Northwest Part 2

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Information about Orcas of the Pacific Northwest Part 2

Published on January 13, 2010

Author: WhaleMuseum

Source: authorstream.com

Orcas of the Pacific Northwest(part 2) : Orcas of the Pacific Northwest(part 2) www.whalemuseum.org Slide 2: The San Juan Islands in Washington State – one of the most beautiful places on earth. Slide 3: Home to one of the world’s most awe-inspiring beings ... Slide 4: ...unfortunately, one of the most toxic marine mammals on Earth. Slide 5: The Southern Resident orcas of the Pacific Northwest were listed as endangered in 2005. Blossom, a reproductive-age mother of three, has been missing since 2008 (pictured here with her son Blackberry). Slide 6: Their waters are polluted. Contaminants are found in high concentrations in these orcas, affecting their immune and reproductive systems. Everett and his mother Tahoma, pictured above, died within weeks of each other in 2000. Everett’s recovered body contained extremely high amounts of toxins. Slide 7: Mothers pass these toxins on to their calves when nursing. Young whales continue to accumulate contaminants throughout their lifetimes. Slide 8: Scientists have identified two additional main threats. Lummi, pictured above, is missing from her pod as of 2008 and is presumed dead. She was estimated to be 98 years old. Slide 9: 1. They are hungry! Chinook salmon, the preferred food of these whales, are depleted, leading to possible starvation. Salmon frequently hide in the kelp, so orcas are often found there looking for prey. Slide 10: 2. They live in a region with high vessel traffic. Vessel effects on orcas are largely unknown but may interfere with their ability to find prey. Many scientists are conducting research to find answers. Slide 11: With a recent decline of almost 20%, this genetically, socially, and culturally distinct population now has only 88 whales. (population number as of Jan. 2010) Slide 12: It’s not too late to recover this population! What can you do to help the Southern Resident orcas? Slide 13: Choose land-based whale watching or a tour operator who respects the “Be Whale Wise” guidelines & state regulations and employs professional naturalists. Slide 14: Consult the Seafood Watch card or call the “Fish Phone” when purchasing seafood. These help support sustainable fishery practices and provide information on healthy options. www.seafoodwatch.org www.blueocean.org/fishphone Slide 15: Support legislators and legislation that make positive changes for clean water, contaminant cleanup, and salmon restoration. Slide 16: Reduce-Reuse-Recycle! Go organic; join a carpool; walk or bike; use earth-friendly cleaning products; and share what you learn! Minimize your personal footprint on the planet: Slide 17: Support The Whale Museum whose mission is to promote stewardship of the whales and their ecosystem through education and research. Credits: Show produced by: Sam Buck Julie Corey Sharon Grace Cindy Hansen Edited by: Jenny L. Atkinson Nikki Ruggiero Val Veirs, Ph.D. Photos provided by: Sam Buck Julie Corey Sharon Grace Cindy Hansen Val Veirs Sound track from live recordings of the Southern Resident orcas made by Beam Reach. Available on www.OrcaSound.net ?2010 - www.WhaleMuseum.org

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